Feng the Accursed Healing Tips

Feng the Accursed is the second encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. Feng 3 phases that trigger based on how much health he has left. He gains different abilities as you progress throughout the fight.


He’ll periodically cast Spirit Bolt until 8 players (3 on 10). Can’t really avoid them but do your best to heal through it.
95% – Spirit of the Fist
  • Tank Feng on one side of the platform.
  • Don’t stand within melee range as you may be caught by Lightning Fists (@ 1:11).
  • Epicenter (@ 0:31) deals more damage the closer you are to it. Don’t stand on top of it.
66% – Spirit of the Spear
  • Remember Archimonde? He must’ve taken lessons. Wildfire Sparks will hit a random player before exploding after 5 seconds and spawning a Wildfire at their location which will begin to spread and hit any players standing within it for ~100000+ damage. (@ 4:11)
  • He’ll then use Draw Flame to absorb all the Wildfire on the platform and cause his melee swing to deal additional fire damage to everyone. Consider using a raid cooldown during this part to get through it. (@ 4:31)
 33% – Spirit of the Staff
  • This phase is going to need everyone to pay attention and cohesively move.
  • Move Feng to the middle and tank him there to give the raid more places to run to.
  • If Feng starts channeling Arcane Velocity, each bolt will do more damage the further the player is away from Feng. (@ 7:25)
  • Random players will be affected by Arcane Resonance. They’ll take 1000 damage and other players nearby will take 1000 damage. Each affected player increases the damage done to all of them by an additional 1000.  (@ 7:21)
  • If there’s an Arcane Velocity present and you’re affected by Arcane Resonance, you run out. If you run in, you wipe the raid.

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Twist of Fate
  6. Cascade



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