Heroic Yor’sahj as Discipline Priest


This post assumes you know the general basics of the encounter. Yor’sahj is generally attempted after Mor’chok. If your raid has taken down Hagara, then Yor’sahj is within reach.

  • During purple phase, stick to Greater Heal and Penance. Binding Heal in an emergency or Prayer of Healing your own group if you know no player is going to detonate during purple slime.
  • Do not Smite for the purposes of Atonement healing until you’re safely out of a purple phase.
  • Power Word: Barrier is effective during a purple slime.
  • Save Divine Hymn for any combinations where purple isn’t active.
  • Use your Shadowfiend during the first mana void. You can use Mana Hymn as well.
  • If you need the extra mana boost during a blue, don’t forget to activate Evangelism for the mana return.

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