Heroic Yor’sahj as Holy Priest


This post assumes you know the general basics of the encounter. Yor’sahj is usually attempted after taking down Morchok and Hagara in heroic mode.

  • During purple phase, stick to Greater Heal and Holy Word: Serenity. Binding Heal in an emergency or Prayer of Healing your own group if you know no player is going to detonate during purple slime.
  • Save Divine Hymn for any combinations where purple isn’t active.
  • Use your Shadowfiend during the first mana void. You can use Hymn of Hope as well.
  • Exercise caution with Circle of Healing during a purple phase.
  • Prayer of Mending tanks during purple phase as it does not trigger Deep Corruption.
  • Be careful with Lightwell as ticks can affect Deep Corruption.

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