Norushen Healing Tips

You don’t actually end up fighting Norushen. You’ll be challenging a mob called the Amalgam of Corruption. There’s a normal realm and a phased realm that players can dip into and much of this encounter revolves around Corruption management. As a healer, when you purify yourself and remove the Corruption, you’ll end up with increased healing.


  • During the healing test, put on any DoTs and DPS you can spare on the Greater Corruption. The faster it goes down, the faster you can get out. Dispel Lingering Corruption and keep an eye on your feet for Void Zones.
  • If the tanks can’t eat the Void Zones in the normal realm, you need to. That Void Zone deals significant Shadow damage raid wide every few seconds it’s up. You have to have under 75 Corruption in order to take it.
  • Assign a specific portal side for healers to take so that there’s no confusion.
  • Can’t heal through Cutter Beams, but you can speed up people with Body and Soul or simply Leap of Faith them away (or just let them die so that they learn).
  • Cooldowns will need to be coordinated after 50% to help handle the Manifestations of Corruption (and Void Zones they leave behind) as they appear more frequently.

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Body and Soul (Used to help evade Blind Hatred)
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Power Infusion
  6. Halo


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