Protectors of the Vale Healing Tips


The Protectors (or what’s left of them) will be waiting for you after you’re through with Immerseus. They’ll be outside in the remnants of the vales. When you bring one of the Protectors to 66% or 33%, they will undergo a Desperate Measures phase.


  • DPS Order is Rook, Sun, and He. Bring them to 66% first, then 33% before finishing them all off at the same time.
  • During Rook’s Desperate Measures phase, stand within the Inferno Blast to help reduce and mitigate the damage going out.
  • Ensure Rook always faces away from the raid even during Desperate Measures.
  • During Sun’s Desperate Measures phase, stand within the Meditative Field (It looks like a corrupted Power Word: Barrier). Every player must stay within it as anyone greater than 40 yards out takes increased damage.
  • Shadow Word: Bane should be removed immediately before it jumps out. If it gets too overwhelming, use a Mass Dispel to remove them all at once.
  • Have Garrote showing on raid frames. Those players must be healed immediately until the debuff wears off.

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Power Infusion
  6. Halo



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