The Spirit Kings Healing Tips

The Spirit Kings is the fourth encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. It’s a series of 4 bosses with different abilities that appear one by one. Each time you take down a Spirit King, another one will replace it. Defeated Kings become incorporeal but will continue to use one of their abilities. It looks like the order of  each Spirit King’s appearance will vary.


Qiang the Merciless
  • Move out of the way of Flanking Orders. So many players get caught by this in LFR. It’s really obvious to spot and avoid. Flanking Orders is retained after Qiang is defeated. (Video at 0:40)
  • The raid needs to stay close to mitigate Massive Attacks. It deals 1300000 damage split among enemies hit. (Video at 1:03)
  • At the same time, don’t stand in front of him. Annihilate will crush anyone in front of him for 250000. (Video at 0:55)
Meng the Demented (Video at 2:15)
  • Meng periodically casts Maddening Shout making players go mad. It’ll deal ~30000 damage every 3 seconds and cause players to be able to inflict damage to each other. Players will regain their sanity after taking 40000 damage from another player. Assign certain DPS players to do this. It’s possible to wipe the whole raid if everyone AoE’s and not everyone is at full health. Healers, stay focused and be prepared to use a raid cooldown to buy extra time. Maddening Shout is retained after Meng is defeated. (Video at 5:03)
  • Meng will alternate between Crazed and Cowardice. When he’s Crazed, his physical damage dealt increases by a percentage equal to twice the current insanity (If insanity is 50, he deals 100% more damage). Tank cooldown may be required as insanity level gets close to 100. Once insanity reaches 100, he switches to Cowardice causing Meng to reflect damage equal to 50% of his current insanity.
Subetai the Swift
  • Add Pillage to your debuff list. A random player is going to get charged and their possessions stolen resulting in additional physical damage taken by 50%. Pillage is retained after Subetai is deafeated. (Video at 3:25)
  • Like Qiang, try to avoid his conical Volley. He’ll use three of this in a row. Each cone is narrower and hits harder than the one before it. (Video at 3:43)
  • Keep your heads up. Rain of Arrows will target a random player’s location. Anyone caught near it will be pinned with a Pinning Arrow and will continue to take damage every second until the arrow is removed. (Video at 4:15)
Zian of the Endless Shadow
  • Zian will create an Undying Shadow at a random player’s position. Try to avoid these. Players within 10 yards take ~20000 damage until it’s destroyed. Keep affected players alive until they can destroy it. After Shadows are destroyed, it’ll slowly reform itself by turning into a Coalescing Shadow before transforming into an Undying Shadow. Undying Shadow is retained after Zian is defeated. (Video at 9:35, look at the left) — This reminds me of Defile.
  • Heal through Shadow Blast. Players within 8 yards of the location take ~150000 damage.
  • Remind your players to stay spread out. A random player will be hit with Charged Shadows that does ~60000 damage before jumping to targets within 8 yards of each other. (Video at 9:12 of 6 people including me chaining it)

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Body and Soul
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Power Infusion
  6. Cascade



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