Will of the Emperor Healing Tips


Will of the Emperor is the final encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. It’s more of a healing marathon. This fight will hinge on your raid’s abilities to control the assorted mobs that will be coming in.


  • Titan Gas: This gas buffs both the constructs and players with increased melee damage. However, the gas inflicts 17000 damage every second to all players while it’s active. Can be handled with one set of raidcooldowns if players are low entering this phase (video at 2:13).
  • Emperor’s Rage units will routine apply Focused Assault and fixate on a random player. You can recognize this based on the red line emanating from the Emperor’s Rage to the player (Video at 0:24). Priests, Leap of Faith players as needed if they are caught too close. These mobs are vulnerable to all forms of crowd control as they are unarmored.
  • Emperor’s Courage will focus on a tank via Focused Defense. They wear near-impervious armor that protects the front of their bodies. That Half Plate will block or deflect damage dealt by players who are standing in front of Emperor’s Courage. Attack them from behind. Vulnerable to movement impairing effects. (Video at 1:37, top part)
  • Emperor’s Strength wield a strong two-handed hammer which deals 100000 damage to players within 10 yards. Each successive blow increases the radius of the effect by 1 yard. Emperor’s Strength wears Full Plate and cannot be CC’d. (Video at 1:55)
  • Jian-xi and Qin-xi are the primary bosses which activate after 90 seconds. They share a health pool.
  • Tanks must avoid attacks in a Devastatic Arc. A Devastating Combo consists of 5 such attacks in succession. If the tank is able to avoid all of the attacks, they gain Opportunistic Strike for 3 seconds which can inflict 1000000 damage. Stay within their hitbox to maximize how fast you can avoid their attacks. (Video at 6:50 shows their attacks, but you can see them throughout the entire video)
  • Do not Leap of Faith tanks to avoid Devastating Arc. Jan-xi and Qian-xi will magnetize their current tank targets and pull them back if the tanks are more than 16 yards away.

Suggested Priest talents

  1. Void Tendrils
  2. Angelic Feather (Place the feather stack near tanks)
  3. Mindbender
  4. Desperate Prayer
  5. Twist of Fate
  6. Cascade

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