Wind Lord down and Scholomance Gold

This is the most mentally drained I’ve felt in such a long time. The fast resets on Wind Lord helped us pick up the fight fairly quickly. Once we got into the rhythm of the whole encounter between AoEing the ads and bursting Wind Lord, the rest of it just fell into place. I experienced an FPS lag spike just as a Wind Bomb was thrown at my feet triggering a detonation which plastered five people in the raid. But he was already at 6% left with his damage debuff still active.

It was actually really fun and not at all what I expected.

Right after the raid, the challenge mode team set their sights back on Scholomance. We came really close before but this time we put it away for good despite an early death on my part by standing in a ring of frost from that first boss.

Two sloppy mistakes. I can feel the pressure slowly getting to me and affecting my game. I don’t normally make errors like that. Maybe I need another week off in Vegas to recuperate.

Temple of the Jade Serpent is next on the challenge mode list while the raid team heads back into Mogushan for the first time in a week. Many Sha Touched weapons were picked up tonight so the need to farm for those won’t be as high.

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