5 thoughts on “Yes You Can Multi-Box with Battle Net Account Merging”

  1. Yes, this will make it easier for keyloggers to get into your account.

    The purpose of putting multiple accounts into one is so blizzard can stop the sale of blizzard accounts.

    Unless they offer a battle.net to battle.net transfer option for $25, But then its about making more money, because $15 a month per account is not enough.

  2. i only heard of this today (22nd, May, 2009), after i couldn’t log into my WOW account normally, seems that they randomly select some people and merge them with out notice. Also, i find that i still can’t log in, and i’ve used every e-mail and password i have. Also when i looked on the main WOW community site armory, i find my new priest, still the same as i left her the night before, my warlock missing everything but a t-shirt, and my lvl 80 Death knight missing. Now either it takes a while for everything to merge, or im being hacked, only problem is who would want to hack me, i have pretty lame characters with nothing worthwhile equipped.

  3. Its that mergengin in battle.net hacking? first i answered in some questions there and then appears: ur wow accounts name and password, then i think…that can be hack!, i dont merge my account i think, i dont want my account be stole 😛 ps: sry that my wrong english, i hope u understand it 😉


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