13 Tips to be a Naxx Immortal (and Undying)


This is a guest post by Ulkesshern, a Holy Paladin from the EU!

Undying and Immortal two achievements that are on paper really easy to get, but in practice seem to be fiendishly difficult.

Below are some random tips to hopefully help you all get some of the coolest titles in the game.

  • Do Razuvious first – Until you kill a boss you aren’t saved and thus have no raid ID to be marked as “Contains Dead People” should the mind controllers mess up and get someone killed, simply wipe the fight, disband the group and reform it with someone else as the leader and try again!
  • Use scrolls – Lucky you scribes, you finally serve a purpose! Especially in 10 man you aren’t going to have every buff, for example I’m frequently mage-less, a quick scroll of Intellect later and I’m a happy man, Scrolls of Fortitude are also a life saved!
  • Buff up properly – It really is serious business, don’t skimp on consumables!
  • Die on trash, lots – Its fun and doesn’t endanger the achievement!
  • Use Divine Intervention during trash – If you are a Paladin the last thing you want to do is somehow DI someone during a boss fight, keep it permanently on cool down (Stupid as it sounds I have heard of this happening)
  • Take it steady – its not a DPS race.
  • Take three(normal) or seven(heroic) healers – its much better to have bored healers than stressed healers.
  • Don’t try and do all the other achievements on the same run!
  • Don’t be afraid to sit someone out for a while – the achievement is granted to all players who take part in the Kel Thuzad kill on a clean raid ID. If you have someone who really can’t dance for example then get them to sit the fight out!
  • Health Potions and Health Stones are your friends – DPSers, use them!
  • If a DK dies while under the effect of Shadow of Death then its okay! He’s not dead yet!
  • Having Undead in your raid doesn’t make the achievement impossible, despite the contradictory nature of their bios, Forsaken aren’t dead! (or are they and when ever you resurrect one you are killing it :/ )
  • Relax and have fun!

There’s also one extra tip that I have not been able to personally verify, there seems to be some strong evidence kicking around that only deaths from Baron Rivendare count…. I don’t know for sure, but my advice is if someone doesn’t die to him but does to one of other horsemen don’t give up and keep going, you might still get it!

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22 thoughts on “13 Tips to be a Naxx Immortal (and Undying)”

  1. also thought worth mentioning there are some rumors out there that if someone is in the raid group but not in groups 1-5 and they die (outside the instance), you won’t get the achievement. not sure if that’s true or not but something to keep in mind.

    the most important of the tips, though, is definitely: “Don’t be afraid to sit someone out for a while.” I think I would modify this and say “If someone has screwed up your immortal run before, take someone else who won’t fail.” We have been trying to get this for the last 3 weeks and have had 2 locks, 1 rogue, and one uber fail hunter grab the pine for various reasons. the dc monster is bad enough. don’t take scrubs.

    i believe in second chances (although luckyly my gm doesn’t), but if you have to choose between someone who has screwed up before and someone who hasn’t, it’s a no-brainer. the one deserves to be in the run much more than the other not to mention he has a better record.

    *this comment brought to you courtesy of someone who is sick of seeing his undying vanish before his eyes for idiotic reasons*

  2. I was in Kimbo’s group. We weren’t even trying to get anything–it just kind of happened! It was a good group, though, all guild, and no alts. That was one more tense KT kill though.

  3. So you only have to have the same raid ID as the group that cleared it without dying? So if your guild gets to Kel without dying we can save everybody to the raid ID in hopes that they get the job done and then everyone gets it?

    hmmm…. I like this idea.

    1. because you can sit out the bad dancers
    2. because there is definitely a way to profit from this. “Trade: Selling Immortal title. Get saved to our raid ID for 5000g.

  4. Nope, I think you’ve misunderstood me.

    “the achievement is granted to all players who take part in the Kel Thuzad kill on a clean raid ID”

    You have to kill KT yourself to get the achievement, you can sit the rest out and come in for that, you cant come in for Patch leave and get it while stood in dalaran.

    The Max people that will ever get it from one run is 10 or 25, as to get the actual achievement you have to personally kill KT on a Clean ID

  5. I think only the Undying is currently in my reach because not all of the heroic raiders in my guild that want the Immortal title have what it takes to get it done, sadly enough.

    I mean, we had a melee dps (I won’t say what class) raid for at least 2 raid nights in unenchanted or ungemmed gear doing 2k dps and damage barely above the tanks -.- He also died alot, but I guess my guild is sort of more casual than hardcore so it’s hard for the leadership not to bring someone who has had perfect attendance so far since implementing an epgp system.

    I just wish that sometimes my guild would use 1 of your tips and sit some people out >.< Especially for Heigan but we still have alot of casual 1 night a week raiders that need loot.

  6. Razuvius? I can’t remember the last time someone dies on Razuvius. My raid group has 3 major times people die:
    1. Dancing on Heigan.
    2. Charges on Thaddius.
    3. Something about the 4 horsemen that insta-kills five or six people when we’re halfway done for some reason.

    But Razuvius? He’s one of the less dangerous bosses.

    Oh, and rather than using DI during trash, just take it off your bars! I know tanks unbind their “sit” keybinding so they don’t accidentally sit down during a boss fight and get hit with a crit, you can do the same with anything else that might cause you to die during a boss fight in Naxx, including DI.

  7. We actually failed Undying tonight at 13% on Kel’Thuzad when a shaman got Frost Blasted out of my range. 😐 We had no deaths at all except for me dying on frogger xD Next week the title will be mine!

    One thing we did was to have a shaman who was at risk of disconnecting stay outside of Heigans room and not participate in the dance. We also had a DK not jump down on thaddius because he hadn’t done the fight before. Of course on thaddius you need the rest of the raid to be able to make up the dps loss.

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  9. “But Razuvius? He’s one of the less dangerous bosses.”

    That hasn’t been my experience, but even so you have to admit he’s the most dangerous of the *early* bosses. Anub’renkan, that guy who teleports around and has all the adds, Patchwerk – if you can kill Razovious without any deaths, you can definitely do the same with those three.

  10. About the third healer (undying):

    We did that one night (we failed because heigan bugged >_<, believe it or not). Anyway. We all agreed that it felt alot slower and to be honest it isn’t very healing intensive anywhere with the current 10man gear we have, and I imagine even less if you have heroic gear. We all agreed (healers as well) that is was a better option for us to go with that extra dps instead. Then we reduce the time on important bosses such as:

    heigan (we actually got one less dancing round)
    maexxna (1-0 websprays during enrage)
    KZ (obviously faster and less risk for addstank to be frost blasted (still healable though))
    Sapphiron (can’t say for sure, but I believe we skipped an air phase or two thanks to this)

    and maybe other bosses as well. But the general feeling the healers had was that it was really reaelly boring. When I am bored, I tend to lose some focus and I believe this is the case for alot of other healers as well. So when you need to be on your toes on KZ/sapphiron/younameit you might not be…

    If you really want a third healer as safety, then go with a hybrid. If you feel insecure abot KZ frostblast, assign an elemental shaman with a stopcasting macro on his healing waves to help on frost blasted targets. Just to name an example

  11. Oh how our worlds will change when dual specs are available. I know part of why people look at this right now is that we want to get to meta acheivements which will be much harder when dual specs land, but if you have a warlock and a lot of extra glyphs, and a person who is very dedicated who you will all show approprate amounts of love for… switch specs. Need three healers (as a Paladin for example), pop your hearth and spec into holy. Need three dps again, pop your ring of Kiren tor and bam you are a retadin. Easier if you have a mage too or even with the ports that shaman and druids get.

  12. While I would agree that Raz is the hardest boss of the four beginning bosses, we have always found doing Abom first (to deal with people who mess up/DC on Grob, and Thadd) then Plague (for dancing) gets all of the truly risky bosses out of the way early. Then you can relax through death knight and spider before stressing on KT.

    As mentioned, the best thing you can do for this achievement is not think too much about it. The first time we got Immortal was by accident. The second was on purpose and it was way more stressful.

    KT is a truly awful fight for this achievement. On 25 man we had KT at 1% when he Ice Blocked the tank, dropped aggro, and hit a DPS warrior. Luckily the DPS warrior was fast: got his shield out and popped wall right before the blast hit. As KT died, the warrior had ~100 hp left. Talk about nerve racking.

    Oh, and don’t SW:D on Gluth… yeah…

  13. As a resto shaman, I’ve done both fights with and without the extra healer and I would say it’s only worth it on KT. You can sometimes get a healer ice tombed and only have one left for alot of action, including keeping the other healer alive through the tomb. So a third healer is nice for that fight.

    Expect more Immortal and Undying achievements in the upcoming Ulduar patch. It is already been planned. But this time, you only have to stay alive on a boss-to-boss basis and not for only one lockout period I think. So, a TON easier than what we have to do in Naxx.

  14. We haven’t completed this yet. Oh how I hate KT!!! Are we the only people who hardly ever have deaths on Ras? DK wing is the easiest for us to have no deaths on. We take the plague wing first, to get the dance done early before we get tired. It’s our most likely fight to have a death, until KT. As we have been trying for this on 10 man with valorous geared players, we have been bringing an off-healer as 3rd heals (ele sham usually). I can just about solo heal the first two wings on 10 man, so he usually has to help the two other healers on 4hm, sapp, and KT.

  15. Just completed Undying again for the 5-6th time for different guildies/alts. We had a pally healer dc on 4h and die to a void zone AFTER front 2 bosses were down and still got undying. Randomness ftw. GL.


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