Druids Love Conquest!


Just a quick one this lovely Friday morning. I’m showcasing a piece of commissioned art by Paint whiz Lagniappe. I requested a new Conquest logo with fuzzy kittehs and bunnehs, and boy did he deliver. I like to think the Broccoli is me, accompanied by my non-combat pet, Pookybuttons the tabby cat. I also love how the Moonkin is petting the bunny. All is peaceful in the animal kingdom–double Vanquisher must have dropped on every boss this week.


Here’s the full masterpiece. I have my fingers crossed that Matt will pick this as our new logo…or at least print it up on a T-shirt. A broccoli stalk can dream, I suppose?

Do broccoli dream of electric ranch dressing?

Who knows? What I do know is that I have a definite love for all things silly.

12 thoughts on “Druids Love Conquest!”

  1. Ehr?!

    Where’s the blood? Where’s the gore?
    Where’s the carnage far greater than any war?
    Or is it just me, with infinite glee, that will slaughter the world?

  2. “Do broccoli dream of electric ranch dressing”

    Wow, obscure reference much? I doubt there are many in the WoW playing generation who’ve read that book. But hey, now you can be assured there is at least one.

  3. Hey, it’s not so obscure. I teach Philip K. Dick in my freshman writing class. As long as people like me are around, people will get it. Besides, a lot of people have read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” specifically because they loved Blade Runner.

  4. Oh, for shame, Pookies! You hit me at my weak point. No, I havent. But yes, I will!

    I’m a modern languages professor. Occasionally all of us–especially those of us in the humanities–take turns teaching the composition requirements, which can be about anything and everything (as long as we make sure the kiddos can write a research paper by the end of the course). These are actually my favorite courses. Not everyone likes getting the required classes for freshmen, but I like the freedom that I have with a composition class. Just watch me, at some point I’ll teach one on video games :0) Unfortunately another prof at my school already beat me to it!


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