20 Characteristics of a Mature Guild Member

Our beloved WoW is full of many different types of players. The people behind them are people of all ages and all maturity levels. I’ve met my share of intelligent 16 year olds who have shown signs of wisdom and humility. I’ve also met 23 year olds who wonder why they’re shunned by other players. In my past guild, we would always debate amongst the officers if we should impose age restrictions. Eventually we did but it was solely because of the content and nature of our guild discussions at times and not because of maturity levels.

What exactly is a mature guildmate then? There are 20 characteristics that I can think of:

  1. Exhibiting patience and calm after wipes.
  2. Knowing that bosses do not go down right away after 1 attempt.
  3. Looks at the bright side of a wipe and learning from the mistakes that were made instead of trying to assign blame.
  4. Able to control their own temper.
  5. Is empathetic and is able to keep the feelings of other players under consideration before taking any actions.
  6. Is aware that being prepared for raids on time and always showing up is better then being skilled and talented.
  7. Willing to listen to negative feedback in order to become a better player.
  8. Has a high sense of self esteem and confidence.
  9. Knows that WoW can be a communication barrier as in game text does not fully communicate the emotion or feelings of the other person and does not hesitate to ask for clarification.
  10. Willing to ask questions until understanding is achieved.
  11. Willing to answer questions until understanding is achieved.
  12. Knows the difference between needing an epic and wanting an epic.
  13. Aware that World of Warcraft is like computer technology and that whatever you have now will be outdated later.
  14. Accepts responsibility for their own actions and mistakes.
  15. Knows the difference between confidence and arrogance.
  16. Realizes that there are real people behind the characters and treats them as such.
  17. Understands that gear is earned and not freely given.
  18. Behaves gracefully under pressure.
  19. Gives 110% effort in everything they do.
  20. Has an open mind and is willing to try anything.

Most importantly, mature guildmates will not object when they are asked to do something. They are aware of their own capabilities and limitations and they are downright dependable.

19 thoughts on “20 Characteristics of a Mature Guild Member”

  1. Hard to say, we have our share of mature players and immature ones. Some folks who are solid and mature players the majority of the time can lose their tempers… and some of the more immature folks can have their mature moments as well. I find some of the list to very situation dependent but overall its good stuff.

  2. Sonderful post. Sent the link to one my guild leaders and hope that all of them read it, evaluate themselves and (most importantly since I have faith in my GMs) they evaluate everybody in the guild. and I can’t stress #6 strongly enough for me to enjoy a run. tyvm

  3. I might consider defecting to alliance for a good guild 🙂 What server are you on? What’s your guild name? I just hit 70 with my Mage. Will probably take a month or two to get to 85. So I have no raid experience, but I spend a large part of my time in instances, and learn quickly. Would you consider me for your guild if I transferred my character?

    • You can find us on Ner’zhul, the guild name is Conquest. You’re welcome to come by and just hang out for a bit if you’re looking for a chance of pace. No raid experience hurts. While you may very well be too late to join us in our expeditions for Cataclysm, you’d be in a good position for Mists of Pandaria when that expansion is released.

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