3.5 Hours from 85 – 86

That’s a disappointing time.

I finished preparing my Priest for the leveling blitz halfway through the week. I’ve got my Swiftness Potions, Healing Potions, Drums of Forgotten Kings, assorted Flasks, and other consumables.

Decided to transfer my Priest over to the beta and clock my time. There were a couple of factors affecting my levelling speed.

  • No rested XP
  • No guild experience boost
  • Watched all the cut scenes
  • No pre-completed quests/dailies to turn in

During the Cataclysm grind, I had the Argent Tournament dailies all finished and ready for turn in. Added a decent amount of XP to it and I’ll have some other dailies ready by the time Mists opens up. I can’t remember if we had rested XP available during the 80 – 81 grind when Cataclysm opened. I goofed up on a few of the quest turn ins and pickups. If I factor in all of that stuff, I should be able to knock out 1.5 hours off that time. The new Jade Forest isn’t as super cut scene heavy as Uldum was, but there’s enough to make you go “Whoa.”

I think I’m also going to switch in Reflective Shield as a glyph.

Tonight I’ll clock my time from 86 – 87, enjoy the scenery, and (more importantly) get an idea of where all the Innkeepers are to set my hearthstone.

Thank goodness there’s no conch shell we have to all click on to be able to breathe and swim faster underwater, right guys?

If convenience store owners were savvy, they’d raise the prices of energy drinks for the weekend/Monday as people stock up. I should go pick up some Red Bull or Nos. I like the grape flavour.

Do you plan on racing to level 90 or are you going to take the time to enjoy the sights and scenery?

Tip: Remember this. If you ever get to a situation where you need to interact with a friendly NPC and they’re not on the map, log out and log back in. You’ll thank me for this. This happened to me a few times as I was leveling. I hope it’ll get resolved when it’s live, but just in case!

11 thoughts on “3.5 Hours from 85 – 86”

  1. Hey Matticus – I’ll be leveling my priest too, I wondered, did you do this as Shadow?This might sound slightly mental, given we have dual specs, but I was contemplating carrying on leveling as Disc, do you think it would be prohibitively slow? 

    • BadgerRustler Yeah, I did it as Shadow. I leveled in Burning Crusade and Wrath as Disc/Holy. Shadow gives me more options when it comes to killing stuff. Especially with the glyph where I can keep Prayer of Mending/Renew on myself without shifting forms? Total quality of life improvement there for shadow leveling.

    • BadgerRustler In early beta, I found disc really slow once I got to the 2nd zone. I’m planning on shadow, even though it’s not my forte

  2. 3.5 hours to complete 1/5 of the leveling content and you’re disappointed?Its interesting how we both play WoW, but in reality we play very, very different games.

  3. I plan to take my time and enjoy the story. I’m not even going to be levelling my dungeon/raider character, but my solo alt first. Cataclysm was ruined for me not by the content, but trying to rush to max level. I’m not doing that again. I *like* questing, I like the story, and I want to see it with the character I most enjoy questing with. 

  4. Matticus, just some quick math here. Blizzard says that you will need 13,000,000.00 xp to reach level 86, but at 85 you already have 6,546,500.00 points of xp. So, you will just need to raise more 6,453,500.00 xp to get from 85 to 86.So, correct if I am wrong, you did 30,730.95 xp points per minute. Is that correct? If so, we can assume that you should take ~684 minutes, or 11:40 hours.

  5. I’m leveling my Monk, so I have 5 extra levels (thanks for RAF, Blizz) to go than everyone else.  Should be ok, I’m not sweating it.


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