7/9 Mythic Amirdrassil Recap

We did it! On exactly 100 pulls, we managed to smash Smolderon back into the ground. Progress on Smolderon started in earnest during the first weekend of 2024. We still had a few players who were away and missing some key pieces. Much of our work on the first night was getting accustomed to handling orbs and both the Weak Aura and the macro. For us, we’ve been using the Northern Sky ones for Amirdrassil with the below macro for orb handling:

/run WeakAuras.ScanEvents(“NS_PA_MACRO”, true)

I had a really rough Friday night this past week with a lot of deaths. Nothing seemed to go right (or left) for me when they needed to. I was asked to pick up a speed enchant for my boots, but with natural 7% speed (My Pips trinket has a speed bonus on it), I felt the extra stamina enchant on my boots remained the better choice to help buy me extra time to live against the various ticking damage throughout the fight.

Spatial Paradox from Evokers are amazing here. Being able to move around while channelling Divine Hymn with tornados flying in my direction was a big bonus. We had to incorporate Paradox into the cooldown setup.

Here’s the video below! I had two deaths in there. One was from a tornado that caught me off guard, and I just lost track of it. The last one was a gate back that I completely forgot about. Both were just mental lapses. Ultimately, we were able to secure the win, and now we move on to a post-nerf Tindral.

By the way, we’re still recruiting for our final push into the last bosses of Amirdrassil! What we’re looking for:

  • Rogue
  • Disc Priest
  • Demon Hunter
  • Any amazing DPS

Come check us out!