A Matticast Update

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. Due to a variety of circumstances, we had to temporarily stop recording. But I have a Professor Putricide style good news, everyone!

We’ll be back in January! All the raiding discussion, healing discussion and … whatever cutesy related stuff that Kat randomly decides to throw in will be ready soon. Now why January you ask? Largely due to the fact that it’s the earliest we can start putting stuff together. We can’t guarantee a quality, regular production if we started now.

Will there be any chances? Nope! You’ll still experience Brian’s sharp personality, Chase’s quality jibes, Borsk’s infinite wit, Kat’s numerous mentions of cupcakes and most importantly… me!

8 thoughts on “A Matticast Update”

  1. Good to hear you are coming back!

    Any chance of seeing a little more coverage of druid info? I recall specifically that in the run-up to 4.2 you hardly discussed druid changes at all.

    I love the cast, and am waiting excitedly for when you return in the new year!

  2. Great news, I was just starting to wonder whether it was dead dead and whether I should remove the subs from iTunes. Glad I didn’t

    Now if only CoH would come back too I’d be a very happy priest.


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