A movie list for Matticus

So, this isn’t a sweeping post about movies Matt is in or can quote. This is favor I’m asking you, our readers.

It has come to light that there may be a series (read a lot)  of movies from the 80’s and 90’s that Matt has not seen.  So Here is a quick question for you. If you were to make a list of MUST SEE movies from the 80’s and 90’s what would you suggest to someone? Help me make a list of movies that Matticus MUST see 🙂

Thanks for your help!


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  1. thank goodness you’ve seen Princess Bride.
    Just watch all the Jon Hughes films That will help catch you up. 🙂
    and The Goonies you will <3 😀

  2. hrm…hard if we don’t know what you have/haven’t seen…

    Clerks, donny darko, a few good men, groundhog day, office space, Rushmore, babe, fight club, boyz ‘n tha hood, malcom X, forrest gump, top gun, schindler’s list, shawshank redemption.

    you know…to get started.

  3. Time Bandits/ Brazil/ The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – Gotta love Terry Gilliam.

    Blade Runner – I prefer the theatrical release, but I also like the noir-esque voice overs (they were cut from the Directors Cut)


    Event Horizon

    Mad Max and The Road Warrior

    The first 3 Indiana Jones Movies

    American Beauty

    … And I’m sure I’m missing a ton, but hopefully others will fill in gaps.

  4. Big Trouble in Little China. Full of cheesy lines, over the top action, and terrible (hilarous!) acting, this movie deserves to be a cult classic. Also, neon-green vegas weddings. 🙂

  5. Planes Trains and Automobiles. I saw that recently, and the technology shock was something. Stranded in a rental car lot? Whip out your cell… oooooh.

    UHF. Weird Al. Nuff said.

    Blade Runner.

    Menace 2 Society.

    Memento. (technically 2000.)

    I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

    The Hunt for Red October

    Real Genius

    Tombstone (hitting tthe two Val Kilmer flicks in a row)

    Escape from New York and Escape from LA


    The Big Lebowski


    Actually, anything done by the Coen Brothers. Hudsucker Proxy. Blood Simple. Miller’s Crossing. Raising Arizona.
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  6. TRON
    (As Jannines said,) Everything John Hughes did
    Forrest Gump
    The Negotiator
    Hunt for Red October
    Crimson Tide

    Crap…I could go on forever…
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  7. 1) Red Dawn
    2) Top Gun
    3) The Last Starfighter
    4) Karate Kid
    5) Dune
    6) Breakfast Club
    7) St. Elmo’s Fire
    8) Ferris Bueler’s Day Off
    9) WarGames
    10) Iron Eagle

    It’s sad how quick I thought those up.

  8. Rofl!!! There’s already a list for him on our guild board… I guess he hasn’t been following up on it lately which caused Lodur to write this post. <3 Lodur

    We finally got him to at least watch Monty Python…

  9. I heartily agree with all the comedies mentioned so far! I would add Big Trouble in Little China to the comedies.

    For action movies:
    Repo Man
    Mad Max/The Road Warrior/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

  10. Labyrinth
    Dark Crystal
    Ferris Buller’s Day Off
    Weekend at Bernies
    Weird Science
    Secret of my Success

    Oh, and I approve of all the films already mentioned. 🙂

  11. Don’t tell Mum the Babysitter’s Dead

    Jurassic Park

    Titanic :>

    American Pie


    Home Alone


    The Sixth Sense

    Forrest Gump

    Austin Powers

    God there’s some memorable films right there lol

  12. Trying to only pick things not mentioned so far. No one mentioned the original Star Wars Trilogy? Was that just a given?

    Lawn Mower Man
    Terminator I – how awesome was it for 1980
    Good Morning Vietnam
    Godfather Triology

    TV shows from that era:
    Yes Minister/Prime Minister – not sure if Americans will get this. Completely defined the rest of the english speaking worlds opinion/jokes on government.
    Baywatch – only need to see one episode as a anthropological study. Remember this was the most watched show in the world for several years.

  13. Someone already mentioned Reservoir Dogs (one of my all time favourites), but a little reinforcement never hurts.


    Full Metal Jacket
    Starship Troopers
    American History X
    The Castle (BEST. Aussie. Film. Ever. Anyone says Priscilla is better, I’ll stab them with a spork).

    (you can tell I am generally more into the heavy stuff, but some of that fluff is awesome fun)
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  14. I will never, ever watch Titanic. Matticus doesn’t do chick flicks.




    The Notebook didn’t count.

    I did see Star Wars, Home Alone and the Matrix.

  15. Porky’s


    Silence of the Lambs

    The Shining

    Full Metal Jacket


    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

    that should keep you occupied for a bit.

  16. Hackers
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    The Big Lebowski
    Goodwill Hunting
    12 Monkeys
    Jerry Maguire
    Rain Man
    Die Hard Series


  17. Okay, no chick-flicks, 1980-1999, and not already mentioned:

    Altered States
    The Thing
    Sid & Nancy
    Stand by Me
    The Fly
    The Silence of the Lambs
    Drugstore Cowboy
    Sex, Lies, and Videotape
    Wild at Heart
    Leaving Las Vegas
    Romy and Michelle’s High-School Reunion (not a chick flick trust me)
    The Wedding Singer

  18. Okay.. here we go… apologies if these have already been mentioned.

    The Dark Crystal
    The Labyrinth
    The Never Ending Story
    The Lost Boys
    Bram Stoker’s Dracula
    Back to the Future series
    Short Circuit
    Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness
    Frank Herbert’s Dune (mm spice!)
    Merlin (the one with Sam Neill)
    High Fidelity (This is maybe from 2000 but close enough)

    Sigh.. making me want to go rifle through my VHS collection. Happy watching!

  19. I’m going to second TRON and Dracula, because they’re absolutely awesome.


    Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and anything else Tim Burton

    Blues Brothers

    The Boondock Saints

    Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away (Only if you can stand animated films)


    Good Will Hunting

    Interview with the Vampire


    Schindler’s List


    White Fang
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  20. The Notebook didn’t count?! It sure does count as a chick flick…. And that now opened the door for you to watch Titanic. If for no other reason then it’s historical value. 😉

  21. Some great choices so far…. but some quite noteworthy movies I think have yet to be mentioned (sorry if I repeat a couple.. I read through the list so I’m trying not to):

    Tommy Boy – the quintessential Chris Farley movie.. gives you quotable lines for the rest of your life (“that HAS to be you”)
    Big – great Tom Hanks movie
    Field of Dreams – If you build it, they will come.
    Dead Poet’s Society – Carpe Diem!
    Raging Bull – Scorcese.. nuff said
    Risky Business – Tom Cruise runs a “house of ill repute” for his high school buddies while his parents are away.
    Mask – First real big movie for Carrey and Diaz
    Glory – Matthew Broderick and Denzel are awesome.
    Dirty Dancing – If I’m going to put one chick flick in my list, this is it. Sorry Matt.
    Can’t Buy Me Love – The classic nerd (Patrick Dempsey aka “McDreamy”) goes for the hottest girl in school.
    Adventures in Babysitting – Anyone else have a thing for Elisabeth Shue back then?
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High – You almost have to watch this just to see how many notable stars were in it… plus it’s funny.
    Toy Story
    The Truman Show
    Dances with Wolves
    Saving Private Ryan
    Almost Famous (ok it’s 2000, but I love the movie)

    Also, it’s “The Usual Suspects”, not “The Unusual Suspects”, and it’s one of my favorite movies ever.

  22. Movies you HAVE to see:

    Red Dawn
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Nothing But Trouble
    Spies Like Us
    Wierd Science (ABOVE ALL OTHERS!!! – Kelly Labrock was HOTT!)
    House 3…(I think it was 3…. was more funny than scary)
    Last Star-fighter
    The first 3 Alien movies
    Leathal Weapon Series
    ONLY the first 2 Predator movies
    Better Off Dead
    Breakfast Club
    License to Drive (LONG LIVE THE COREYS!)
    Don’t Tell Mom the Baby Sitter’s Dead
    Can’t Buy Me Love
    Adventures in Baby Sitting
    The Night Before
    Sixteen Candles

  23. @ Dranok

    Wait, that is not the correct order. The correct order to watch Star Wars is
    4 ->5 ->1 ->2 ->3 ->6

    Seriously, this was a 3 hour drunken conversation back in college. The argument is that you start out normally, maintain the “surprise” that Vader is Lukes father, and then flash to the fall of Anikin, then come back in Return of the Jedi and end with Vader’s redemption. If you watch old triliogy then the new one it ends on such a down note.

  24. If The Notebook isn’t a chick flick I will buy a hat and eat it. CHICK. FLICK.

    Maximum Overdrive
    Also seconding the Back to the Future Trilogy. Matt hasn’t seen those? FOR SHAME. SHAME. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

  25. have to agree with the Dark Crystal. Although I still get nightmares of Aughara to this day from that flick.
    The Outsiders (let’s do if for Johnny)
    Valley Girl (gag me with a spoon)
    Conan – still get nightmares from that one
    Nightmare on Elm Street – still get nightmares too
    Changing Places – Eddie Murphy is sooo funny in this
    Weird Science
    Spaceballs (use the Schwartz)
    Top Gun
    Who Framed Harry Crumb? – huge John Candy Fan
    Revenge of the Nerds – my absolute fave, it still makes me laugh out loud
    Clash of the Titans – the cheesy old version witht he mechanical owl before you see the new 3D version coming out soon
    Full Metal Jacket – if you are a fan of this check out Viva the Nam -Holmes goes to training on Youtube its a Robotchickenesque version that is sooooo funny.
    Night at the Roxbury

  26. I’m suprised no one mentioned “The Pest”- John Leguizamo getting hunted like an animal? And who could forget the “Hogan’s Hero’s” references…classic!

    And “Billy Madison”- Adam Sandler..lol..the bath tub seen…. “Shampoo’s better, I go on first and clean the hair. No, conditioners’ better, I keep the hair silky and strong……stop looking at me, swan!”

  27. Uhm Die Hard . . . Only one other person put that on their list, seriously?

    Lethal weapon (NO ONE ELSE ?! really?)

    Tango and Cash

    Terminator, T2

    Alien, Aliens

    HMMMMMmmmmmm Batman 2

    OH, and Tremors

    and Short circuit

  28. Grosse Point Blank (John Cusack and Minnie Driver) (Comedy)

    Martin Blank is a hitman with some emotional problems. He goes to a shrink who doesn’t want him, and has had recurring dreams about his long lost love for 10 years since he stood her up on Prom night. When Blank gets an invitation to go to his High School reunion, he is originally dead against the idea, but when he is hired for a job in his home town – he is forced to return home, and to face some old truths.

    .-= Dracomage´s last blog ..Very very interesting read and analysis =-.

  29. Another one I forgot:

    Empire of the Sun – Spielberg film with a very young actor you just might recognize (hint: these days he’s best known for playing a super hero)

  30. Seconding spaceballs but i think you should check out all the mel brooks movies.
    history of the world part 1
    robin hood men in tights
    blazing saddles
    did i miss any?

    edit: I actually had been hoping to find a list like this for myself. I’ve seen a lot of them but I’ve run out of good old movies i could think of.

  31. “I will never, ever watch Titanic. Matticus doesn’t do chick flicks.”

    Ha ha…. agreed.

    All the good ones have been listed.

    “I’m your huckleberry”… I love Val Kilmer, even in the Saint

  32. Hmm..they’ve covered most of the ones that readily come to mind so here a few from the 90’s “sleeper” section” all of which are action movies:

    Romeo is Bleeding
    The Professional
    La Femme Nikita

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned The Crow yet

  33. Where to begin… In no particular order (except the first one, see that first)

    The Fisher King
    Lost Boys
    Never Ending Story
    A Few Good Men
    Crimson Tide
    Highlander (the first one, 2nd was awful)
    Dead Poet Society
    Princess Bride
    High Fidelity
    13th Warrior
    Uncle Buck
    Great Outdoors
    Ghostbusters 1 & 2

    Ok, need to stop now or I will just keep going.
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  34. Took a while, but Rilandune mentioned the one movie I had been looking for and hadn’t previously seen while scrolling down: Highlander (although that movie is like the Matrix for me – in my world, it’s a good thing they never made any sequels to them, because any sequel they made could only be a terrible letdown).

    Lots of very cool movies mentioned though 🙂

  35. Ronin (1998)

    @Nimizar, sorry… they did make a few more. The first 3 are mainly with Connor MacLeod, but 4 has Connor and Duncan (TV) and 5 is Duncan.

    1 Highlander
    2 Highlander II: The Quickening
    3 Highlander: The Final Dimension
    4 Highlander: Endgame
    5 Highlander: The Source

  36. One of the most popular movies as stated above is ‘Back to the Future’… but nobody has mentioned the movie that spawned it, and also had much of its material stolen from.

    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!!

    Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum, and Christopher Lloyd (even stole him). If you like ScyFi at all, it’s a must see for it’s 1984 cheese, creative tech, as well as understated humor. You will be shocked at how much has been stolen from this movie.

  37. Some excellent, movies! Some comments regarding a couple.

    If you watch Highlander, watch the director’s cut (aka the version the entire world except the US has always had). It explains a couple of points in the film that I always had to guess about (and was way wrong). And forget any sequel ever existed.

    Leon – The Professional… again go with Leon (director/international cut) and not with the US only release titled The Professional. A lot more story fill in.

    Can’t say enough good things about The Usual Suspects. Is one of my favorite movies ever.

    And one I don’t think anybody mentioned these:
    Trading Place and Coming to America – Being able to do comedy like this is why Eddie Murphy became a star and it’s been way too easy to forget as time has gone on.

  38. Howard the duck…
    Batteries not included..
    coming to america
    the jerk
    farris bullers day off
    karate kid part 1
    my demon lover
    the last star fighter
    and the burbs…

    There is a few mote that should be mentioned, but I just wanted to list 10 great ones… !!!

  39. Oh dear lord, please tell me Howard the Duck was not suggested o.0

    If you are really inclined to watch that film, please go to Frogpants.com and check out the podcast Film Sack, they have an episode on Howard the Duck.

    And frankly, if you’ve never heard of Frogpants (as in Scott Johnson, as in The instance) your living under a rock and Netflix doesn’t deliver there anyway.

    The Last Starfighter is brilliant, and the Burbs was HILARIOUS!

    To add to the list:

    .-= Rilandune´s last blog ..Random Thought Of The Day: Misconceptions Of Power =-.


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