AddOn: Dispel Announcer for Raiding and PvP


I finally found me a mod that I think will benefit all Priests regardless of their purpose or style of healing. Actually, it doesn’t have anything to do with healing at all. What it does is it announces Dispels in a chat channel of your preference. It’s fairly flexible in the the settings (see below screenshots). I do believe it works with Mass Dispel as it announced me taking off a Paladin’s bubble and it works on offensive and defensive dispels. The Ace 2 framework is required for you to modify any settings.

More importantly,This addon has been fully tested on a Hunter dispelling enemy buffs with Arcane Shot and with a Druid dispelling poisons but it should also work perfectly when dispelling with any other skill.

Get Dispel Announcer from Curse.

It also announces when debuffs on yourself fall off such as Shouts and such.

Works in:

  • Say chat
  • Party chat
  • Raid warning
  • UI error frame
  • Default frame


  • Outside
  • 5-man
  • Raid
  • Battleground
  • Arena

Anyway,  have a gander at the shots below and you’ll get a rough idea.





9 thoughts on “AddOn: Dispel Announcer for Raiding and PvP”

  1. Interesting addon, thanks for sharing, Matt. I think I’ll be letting the guildies know about this one.
    Can it also announce when a dispell is resisted, say, on the Karazhan R&J fight?

  2. I see the use of it, but im against this kind of addons mostly because of the people that likes to put this kind of info in raidchat. It 10 times worse than any goldspammer.

  3. I feel you have to defend your raid chat if you want it clean. We try to maintain a relatively business-like ventrilo but anything goes in raid chat on trash. However, announcements like this should be in an appropriate channel where it matters, if it should even be announced. I don’t feel that announcing your dispels in/during a raid is worth anything unless you are trying to gauge your healing corp’s reaction times- but it would be fantastic in an arena setting.

  4. OMG, this will help so much! I keep getting yelled at to dispell stuff in Kara. My first reaction is “what the heck are you talking about, I’m a tank!”. Then I remember I’m on my priest. It takes several seconds just to find the icon for Dispell Magic because I never use it. WTH, I have to heal, shackle AND dispell stuff?! LOL.

    Tankettes last blog post..Ho Hum

  5. While I agree wholeheartedly with a reduction in macro-generated raid-spam, I find this addon useful less for public spam and more for personal info. When I am PvPing, I’d like to see what my Mass Dispel just got rid of, but I don’t want to have to watch the endless scroll in the Combat Log to do so. This addon puts it right where I need to see it — set it to the error frame and forget about it.


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