Admit It: You Get High From Being Clutch


Ever wonder what it’s like to feel “high” in this game?

This is one of those methods.

I’d wager that Holy Priests get a bigger kick out of it then the other healers. Unlike the other clutch healing abilities, Guardian Spirit has two key effects: It offers both increased healing received on the target and the ability to grant a second chance in case the target dies.

Usually, when Holy Priests burn Guardian Spirit, it’s meant for the extra healing because of some massive amount of incoming damage.

But if tank health, your global cooldown, your lag and your reflexes all line up, then you just made a great save. The rest of the raid might not be aware of your efforts. But who cares? Deep down inside, you are the one that made that save and salvaged a possible kill from a definitive wipe.

It’s one of the best feelings in the World of Warcraft. I’ve never been able to score that feeling of satisfaction playing other healers. Sadly, whenever you do pull off the save, it ends up being a wipe. Seems rare whenever such a tank save results in a kill.

In any case, a new year means new responsibilities for people. Players have new priorities in their lives (or other games). My guild’s looking for 2 healers. I’m not picky on any classes. Yes, we’ll even consider Priests even though we have 3 right now. I would genuinely like the services of a Holy Paladin and a Resto Druid.

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  1. rebirth is something like that but I really wish I had some tool to save a tank before he dies. With Nature’s Swiftness I can pick up a tank between boss swings AND bring him back with 100% health. Similar to your guardian spirit problem these saves rarely save a wipe. once folks see a tank go dark they stop trying. Still feels good though

  2. I whole-heartedly agree, Matt, the high you get as a healer after making a great save is second to none.

    Paladins also get to share that feeling as well with Lay on Hands, or as I like to call it, The Reset Button. Tank getting too low? Bam! Instant full health, plus I get mana back! It is the single most thrilling feeling in the game to get a perfectly timed LoH.

  3. I agree with Fannon. A well-timed Lay on Hands is exhilirating! My first-ever Vashj kill, back in BC, one tank was dead, we tried to rez him, he rezzed into poison, he died again, so we were all healing the other tank and then he got the shock debuff and I just slammed on LOH.

    And it crit. (Back then, it could crit, though it no longer can.)

    And it healed him for over 15000 health (a lot, back in the day!) and only had a 7% overheal, when I checked the logs later.

    About 15 seconds later, Lady Vashj was dead for the first time by our hands.

    THAT is what it’s all about. 😀

  4. Ive saved people with lifegrip a few times (pulled the tank out of squall lines on Al’Akir for instance), and one time I saved our mage with levitate when her blink failed going into a magma trap on Rags. Lifegrip is very obvious when you use it, so the raid tends to notice, which increases the hero feeling.
    Theres a lifegrip save video on PLusHeal right now thats pretty cool.

  5. Sigh, I wish I could have something cool like that. My guild’s holy priest that I heal with often yells out how happy he was he’s saved someone with wings but as a druid I don’t feel that so much. Only really in arena do I have that feeling, but I do know that feeling nonetheless. I liked this post so much Matticus I have to link it 😛

  6. Hey, that’s me in the picture. Talk about Sexy….

    To the point, true story, our first Ultraxion kill happened because I swapped holy, healed my ass off, and GS’d the tank at the last minute. In the end, only the tank I’d saved and one shaman were left standing, but it bought enough time for dots to tick.

    Similarly, I’m pretty sure we got some Chimeron kills because of lifegrips kiting him around for extra dot ticks.

    Sadly, we can only be clutch when the group as a whole isn’t going smoothly.


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