Back from Laguna Seca

What an exhausting and fun trip. Will have a full write-up later on this week. I’m not publishing it until I select my pictures and upload them accordingly.


  • 85 SPF sunscreen isn’t enough for me. I still got cooked pretty good. I’m red, and it ain’t from the alcohol.
  • Speaking of alcohol, 1.75 L of Bacardi for 18 bucks. What the hell? (I will need some help finishing it)
  • Chatting with bike enthusiasts. I’m terrible at sales but apparently good at raising awareness, talking with potential customers and directing them to the right staff. This must be what the world was like before Twitter.
  • I was amazed at how fast overcast gets cut through. In the morning, its all foggy and slightly chilly, but I’m standing there in shorts and a T shirt. Reminded me of typical Canadian weather.
  • No merging lanes. What is up with the lack of merging lanes on US roads?
  • I mentioned U Turn lanes before, but they deserve another nod.
  • Rush hour traffic in Portland or Seattle sucks. I will never complain about rush hour traffic in Vancouver again.
  • Monterey (did I spell that right?) seems like a cool city. I wish I could have explored the place more. Downtown was surreal with all the bikers and their bikes lined up. I’m not talking about Hell’s Angels or Harleys or anything. I wish I had pictures of it to demonstrate.
  • Chili’s. I ordered their ribs. Felt it was a bit dry though.
  • Do not chain pot Monster, Red Bull, or the 5 hour energy drink upon consumption. Chain potting Starbucks double shots seem to be okay with no noticeable ill side effects (at least, for me).
  • It takes 20 hours to drive from Monterey back to Vancouver. We stopped once for a 5 hour nap. I’m going to bed.

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