Bloggers: How to Deal with Gold Sellers

I’m not going to name any names or companies here. It would seem that gold farmers have taken an unorthodox tactic to commenting on popular WoW blogs in order to attract potential customers. World of Matticus has been hit by them several times in the past week and I’m usually diligent about it.

I do not want to call them out.
I do not want to name their companies.
I do not want to link to their “blogs”.
I do not want to give them any kind of publicity or attention whatsoever.

I’ve taken a marketing class or 2 and I understand how these guys operate. Blizzard crackdowns and the increased countermeasures that they have given to their players have helped stifle the economy. The thing to understand most is that they don’t care whether the feedback or reaction around them is positive or negative. The point is that they are getting attention in the first place.

If you really want to do something about it, then delete the comment. Don’t blog about it and don’t talk about it (Totally hypocritical, I know, but it still needs to be said). The less exposure they receive then they less they can exploit.

For the Reader

Think carefully before clicking on any link left in the comments. Read it and scrutinize the URL. Remember there has been a recent sting of accounts being broken into (particularly to BRK’s crew). It might be a gold seller today but it could be an account hacker tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Bloggers: How to Deal with Gold Sellers”

  1. I always have anonymous comments enabled because to me that’s the point of blogging; to get discussion even from people who may not necessarily have some sort of “account” with which to post. However, it has gotten me the occasional gold-spam comment.

    My rule on gold-seller comments and similar spam: they are deleted as soon as I realize they are there. Conversation is good, any possible flaming and arguing, fine, but spam, no. It goes bye-bye.

  2. I’ve had nothing but win, personally.

    The night after my kneecap post, I had two comments from him on the two previous posts, and none on the kneecap post.

    And he hasn’t been back since.

    I turn on comment moderation before I goto bed, adn turn it off when I get up, but so far he’s going after others.

    And Matticus… I enjoyed ripping on him. It was fun. There are so few targets I can rip on in the world without feeling guilty afterward… don’t take away my bashing goldspammers, please!


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