Competitive Arena? Yessir!

I’ve always loved competition. When Starcraft first came out, I rode the ladder to an above 500 placing. Counterstrike saw me peak at CAL-M. Me and the rest of the guys played Guild Wars hard until we got the damned guild sigil. In WoW it was just doing various battlegrounds to get honor for gear for fun. Now with organizations like WSVG and CGS offering serious cash prizes, gaming just became that much more lucrative. Heck, the Championship Gaming Series is an actual league with six regional teams around the United States. Each franchise has it’s own general manager. Each player is then drafted and then paid a salary between $30000 – $100000 per year. That’s just the base salary. It does not include the winnings which they receive from tournaments (and can be very high). The WSVG picked up WoW’s arena format and CGS is expected to follow suit. I don’t feel any loyalty to my current guild. It does not appear to be very active in terms of PvE content after the departure of three active and important players. Heck, last week I missed Karazhan (but to be fair, I did have a midterm exam today and most of my time was spent preparing for that).

It seems what I will do eventually is bench my overpowered priest in favour of my underpowered shaman. I want to bring additional versatility to the table instead of outright heals. A shaman can offer heals, damage, and interrupts if necessary. Unfortunately, it doesn’t possess a whole lot of CC. What am I going to do, earthbind + frostshock and run? You’re pretty damn isolated in Arena, I found out. I played a few Arena 2v2’s with a friend and after going 12 straight losses (he’s a FRESH 70 without any gear), we finally earned our first victory. Yes, I died, but it’s still a team effort. I took the fall so my partner could kick ass :D! Warlocks are truly OP.

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