I seem to be a curse on teams I join

It seems as if the various Guilds and organizations I’ve joined in WoW seem to fold every time I leave. Micro split after I stopped PvP’ing on Twisting Nether. Illuminati had already broken up by the time I switched servers from Demon Soul to Ner’zuhl. Angelic Advocates was dying to begin with. I left that, and they fell weeks later. The same night I left Aurora (yesterday), it too crumbled and is now in the process of being reformed.

I cannot possibly imagine how so much real life and personal life BS makes it’s way into the game. WoW is just that: a game. Yet for some reason, people seem inclined to bring their own baggage. Regardless, I left Aurora because I felt like it’s time for me to embrace a new challenge. I helped recruit new players both on and off server into the guild and helped mold it to what it is now. The guild will survive but I won’t be involved. I’m looking to join Carnage. They’ve gotten Gruul down two weeks ago and have completely cleared Karazhan. For comparison, Aurora got Gruul down to about 40% and Karazhan was 7/9 (Netherspite and Nightbane were left).


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