Contest Closed – Details to Come

Just as an FYI, thanks to everyone that’s sent in their submissions! Wyn and I will be sorting through them. The underbloggers that have impressed us will get an email early in the weekend with some instructions for round 2.

Oh come on, you don’t honestly think I can judge a potential writer by one blog post, eh? 😀

After all, I need to somehow weed out the ones that’re submitting just for fun and the ones that’re deadly serious and committed.

All I can say is that there’s a lot of you that are neck and neck just from me reading them. This is a lot tougher than I thought.

I have to admit, it makes me wonder why some of you don’t already have your own blogs with some of these stunning pieces. I know Wyn’s been blown away by several of these as well.

Not accepting any more submissions for the time being, sorry!

2 thoughts on “Contest Closed – Details to Come”

  1. You know, after this is all done, I’d be really interested in a post about what made certain entries stunning and what made some others meh, etc. When it comes to blog writing, I find that I have a hard time conceptualizing what makes a certain writer or post really appeal. This contest is a great way to demonstrate that (given permission from the original writers, I suppose). 🙂

    Consider it a request?


    Rhoelyns last blog post..Titans and Demiurges 05: The WoW Sketch Meme


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