So You Think You Can Blog? Looking for a 3rd Writer!


Week 2

Matt and Wyn’s Week 2 Critique

Crutch: 12 (or More!) Songs for a Musical Karazhan
Veleda: The Humble Checklist
Jen: 10 Silly Timewasters
Sydera: How to Recruit a New Healer in 10 Easy Steps
Joveta: 10 Reasons Horde is Better

Tulani withdrawn
Crutch eliminated

Week 1

Matt and Wyn’s Week 1 Critique

Joveta: Dear Azeroth, I Hate You
Sydera: An Open Letter to the Badge of Justice
Jen: WTB 2m leetsauce DPS 4 MrT, lf uber CC, kkthx!
Veleda: WoW is not a Zero Sum Game
Crutch: The Last Piece of Loot
Tulani: The Dark Side – Expansion Syndrome
Rusco: It’s not you, it’s me. Yeah, no. Really.

Rusco Eliminated


August 22: Contest Closed – More Details Will be Coming Up

Original Post

I want to get straight to the point. I’m looking to add a 3rd blogger to the World of Matticus crew.

Originally, I was envisioning a contest or a competition where participants would write a weekly post and I’d let my readers vote who would stay or go. Of course, I’d have a panel of “expert blogging judges” to provide their thoughtful opinions and critique. Each week, they would have to create a post for a particular theme or in a certain style. For example, one week would be a list, another week would be an RP post or I could get them to generate their own Cosmo-ish post.

But I’m not sure if I have the interest from readers to pull off a project like this. Maybe a duel to the death on one of those floating rocks in Netherstorm would work. Who knows? Maybe I will get enough interest. I know I’d definitely I’d definitely ask Kestrel, Anna, and Phaelia to guest judge ;).

The Underdog Blogger

  • You are a motivated writer at heart
  • Ideas come to you but you’re unsure about them
  • You don’t have the technological know how or time to establish a blog
  • You’re not comfortable/confident with promoting or marketing your blog even if you had one
  • You want to be heard but don’t feel loud enough

Does the above sound familiar?


What I’m offering

I am offering you a chance at the microphone here on my blog. You have the opportunity to bypass problems that early blog startups face. You won’t have to worry about security, maintenance, promotion or any of that stuff. All you’d have to do is simply write. I have no expectations for you to write daily. For example, Wyn volunteers to write a post or 2 every week. She chips in whenever work and real life allow, and I still shoulder the majority of the posts. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use an extra set of hands.

You can even view this as an opportunity to learn more about blogging in more detail. The experience gained writing here could be used to help springboard your own projects down the road.

I could really use some help.

What I’m looking for and how to apply

If you’re considering this position, just understand and recognize the fact that it’s not a paid position.

This will be an exercise in creativity. In 500 words (plus/minus 50) or less, can you tell me what you are looking forward to the most in Wrath of the Lich King? Whether you are a tester or not has no relevance. Even if you want to try it for fun, by all means. Feel free to leave a comment here or contact me directly using the form (it gets my attention quicker, and that’s a big hint).

EDIT: August 18th. World of Matticus turns 1.

24 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Blog? Looking for a 3rd Writer!”

  1. What do we want on WotLK? Well, i don’t really know what i want. I don’t even know what i don’t want.
    Let me see, in Wrath the engineers will get a motorcycle and i’m a engy. Shadow Priests will get a AoE-damage, and i’m one. Engineers can do lots of stuff now to their own itens, like enchants, but with other stuff. Well… now i know what i want!
    A inscription glyph who make my shadow form in orange form or something like that. Or holy form to healing, that would be great :]
    Matt and Wyn, if you need someone to help, i’m here. I live in Brazil and don’t have much to do on work, soo that’s it. I can post for random stuff i know, about my character and bla bla bla, or just stuff you, big bosses, want :].
    Send me a tell if need it.

    Much love, Q.

  2. So, I’m not a healer. Don’t play one, don’t really want to. My main is a Rogue. My alt that sees more playtime than the raiding main of late is a prot specced paladin. Interested? Or are you looking to keep things in the priestie/healy family?

  3. I’m not looking for the job, I’m looking forward to the changes in the paladin class come Wrath. Blizzard has brought Judgment back into the game for holy paladins, and has done a lot to help us put out more heals faster, which is going to help us on mobile fights. Not only that, with Beacon of Light, a lot of holy paladins are going to have the AoE heal they always wanted. This is on top of the implicit buff to all heals by incorporating the BoL effect into them, which frees up paladins to use that blessing slot for something else on a lot of tanks, like Sanctuary for mitigation or Might for extra aggro. This on top of our cross-healing being stronger, and Holy Shock being a more viable heal in the lineup besides some little “Oh $^!+” heal. All in all, assuming the +healing to SP scales to approximately 1 to 1 like Blizzard promised, the only real nerf I can see is the Forebearance debuff, which isn’t really that big of a deal for us anyways.


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