Matt’s Secret for WoW Blogging Inspiration: Cosmo

A number of bloggers (RE: YOU GUYS IN THE BLOG AZEROTH CHATROOM) seem to have hit a wall recently in blogging. I count myself extremely lucky that I’m able to come up with stuff that’s fresh, relevant, and original as much as I possibly can. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hit a patch of ice once in a while and go skidding. WoW bloggers want to get that kick ass post out and attract attention but nothing seems to be working and they’re stuck with almost no good ideas!
In school, we are taught to write our thesis statement first as it helps direct the focus of our paper. Blogging is no different other then the fact that we don’t really have a thesis.

But we have a headline.

And the heading is the first thing that everyone reads whether they go to your blog or read from a reader.

One method that could work for you (and has worked for me) comes from a little well known women’s magazine called Cosmopolitan. Like a thesis, it can be difficult to write a headline first before your actual post. The premise here is that your headline looks intriguing enough to attract attention. Anyway, by looking at headlines of other publications you might be able to take those headlines and apply it to your area.

Obviously, any other magazine can work as well. THe next time you’re at the check out counter at your local super market, instead of staring ahead at the guy in front of you or contemplating all those chocolate bars on the side, direct your eyes to the magazine stands instead and see what jumps out at you and catches your attention.

So just for kicks and giggles, I’m going to take the page of the April 2007 edition of Cosmopolitan and “encourage” WoW bloggers to see if they can come up with the corresponding post. It’ll be fun to see if I actually get taken up on my offer =).

Cosmo’s Headline: 50 Things Guys Wish You Knew

Siha, I’m looking right at you as you’re one of the few GM’ing bloggers I know.

“50 Things Guildmasters Wish You Knew”

By all means, the number there is arbitrary. Use whatever value you like, although I have a sneaking suspicion that you can come up with 50 in no time.

Cosmo’s Headline: The “Friendly” Health Advice You Should Never Take

I know Megan’s a big time PvP enthusiast. You willing to try your hand on this one?

“The ‘Friendly’ Arena Advice You Should Never Take”

I know I’ve heard all manners of bad arena tips that were made with good intentions.

Cosmo’s Headline: The Silent Way He Shows He’s Whipped

Okay, Kestrel. I know you’re also a GM with your own flock of geese. How’s this?

“The Silent Way Guildies Show They’re Whipped”

We want raiders to be whipped, don’t we? Who wants a bunch of uncontrollable DPSing players anyway? Surely there must be some obvious signs.

Cosmo’s Headline: Be a Sex Genius!

Oh Anna, this one has your name written all over it.

“Be A Shamanistic Genius”

Surely there must be some tips, tricks, and techniques that you might know of that new, budding Shamans might not. I only found out the other day that Ghost Wolf Shamans can’t be sapped. Or perhaps some quick thoughts on attributes to push for gearwise in Elemental, Enhancement, and Resto as a part of the ingenuity?

Cosmo’s Headline: 16 New and Sexy Hairstyles

Big Bear Butt, I think we could all benefit from your thoughts on this.

16 New and Sexy Additions in 2.4

This is the last patch before Wrath, supposedly. There’s obviously a ton of good things coming out. Let’s narrow it down some and make it interesting, shall we?

Challenge Yourself

What about the rest of you WoW bloggers? Can you borrow one of these headlines courtesy of Cosmo and use them for your own blog? If you can, post it here and I’ll see if I can do a follow up post with links later on in the month.

26 thoughts on “Matt’s Secret for WoW Blogging Inspiration: Cosmo”

  1. I’d reply with “fatso, fatso, fatso!” or something, but I fear this would make me appear childish. I’ll resort to the classical TJ “Up Yours!” instead.

  2. Introducing the latest breakthrough in bear-slimming technology: the Gnomish Buzzinator!

    *buzzzzz* Powered by Nexus Crystals and mana drawn directly from our portable, interdimensional rift generator, this revolutionary new product uses Khorium-tipped blades and a patented lift-and-cut head to shear away those extra pounds. Is your bear getting a little too fluffy? Not enough fur lost to swinging war-axes and bolts of molten fury? Two minutes under the Gnomish Buzzinator is guaranteed to get him furless, furious, and fitting back into his leather armor.

    *buzzzz* Good sir, why don’t you come up here and let us demonstrate? You’ll never be called ‘fat’ again once we’re done with you.

    (ZOMG, nekkid bear tank?!)
    ~Rhoelyn 🙂

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