Chamber of Guilds – Mar 29: How To Get Players to Turn Down the Suck

It’s that time again! The Chamber of Guilds has undergone a recently management shuffle and this will be the inaugural meeting of a new moderator by the name of Gertrudis. Here’s a quick overview of one of their meetings that I have done in the past on cliques.
For those that might not be aware, the Chamber of Guilds is a gathering of some of the top minds in Guild leaders and officers exchanging ideas. This conference takes place both live on ventrilo and in game so that everyone has a chance to participate. Typically, these conferences last no more than 3 hours.

Roundtable is a cross-server, cross-faction guild that allows past, present, and future guild leaders/officers get together and discuss any issues that they may be experiencing and see how other guilds deal with it. Everything from guild involvement and events to instances and loot is discussed. This is more a “Chamber of Commerce” type situation where we exist to provide information and discussion. How you apply that to your guild, is completely up to you.

Date and time: March 29, 11 AM PST (1 PM CST, 2 PM EST)
Location: You’ll need to make an account there first, I believe. But it takes place on a WoW

There’s been several topics that have been posed for discussion for everyone involved.

  • Sharing the load: Creating meaningful officer roles and delegating responsibility
  • What makes a great guild website?
  • Marketing your guild: How to attract the “right” recruits
  • How do I get them to turn down the suck? Encouraging player improvement in the casual raiding guild

All of those are excellent topics and could serve as a future foundation for blog posts for me. I highly encourage you whether or not you are in a position of power to attend the Chamber of Guilds. Meet people and exchange ideas.

For those that might not be able to attend, I’ll be there liveblogging the entire event mostly taking down notes and thoughts from contributors.

EDIT: If you’re interested, you’ll want to look at this thread on their forums for information on how to join.

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  1. I remember you did the last post covering the last meeting. I know I’m a Officer in my guild and I rather no have my guild sucking if I can help it while I’m still there. However how do I get an invite to listen in on that meeting the next time its hosted. Assuming my schedule is cleared to listen in?


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