Dealing With Raid Hangover in 3 Easy Steps

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

Does this sound familiar to you? You spend some time cutting through progression content. After a couple of extra shots, those bosses are considered farm content. But here’s the kicker and I guarantee you that it’s happened to every guild at one point or another.

One week, you find yourself wiping on a farm boss repeatedly.

Dealing with raid hangover is crucial because if it is not dealt with, the confidence your Guild has in it’s own ability is going to waiver. If it continues, it’s going to lead to Guild members questioning the Guild itself. The worse case scenario would be those same members leaving the Guild altogether.

And no one wants to lose players because of something that could’ve been prevented.

Step 1: Go back to the basics

Some players take shortcuts during the encounter. They do things that they would not have done if it was a progression boss. On Netherspite, for instance, we’d find ourselves wiping after a couple of phase 2’s because of badly timed netherbreaths. They would wreck our raid and we would give up after 2 attempts and move on to Chess and Prince. Keep in mind that this is just an alt Karazhan run supported by a few T6 players. Naturally most of us were upset because this was a boss that we should not have any trouble with in terms of execution. We eventually changed up our play by running to the far side of the room during phase 2 instead of staying in for his breaths because it was clear that we could not handle it for whatever reason.

We fell back to a strategy that we used the first time we learned the fight many months ago. Even though it took longer to kill Netherspite, we still got the job done.

Step 2: Reassurance and motivation

Supportive words can go a long way in a raid that’s pushing the limit. Your raid leader should be emotionally in tune with the raid to be able to detect the frustration they have and the words to say in order to help encourage the raid to keep going. Simple words like:

  • We did this once, we can do it again
  • Keep your chin up
  • Remember all the phat loot that drops off this guy *links random loot*

On the other hand, I tend to rely on other methods of motivation. If you can push the right buttons, you never know what kind of results you get. In my case, I get super annoyed when my healing ability is called into question. But that’s when I curse loudly and shut up the rest of the raid by being clutch. Coaches use this all the time to stir up their team in order to get them going. The same can be said true of raids. But you can only berate a couple of players so far before they get outright annoyed and leave the raid saying that it’s not worth their time to wipe AND get criticized. I suggest using that sparingly and even then only on players you’ve known for a while.

Step 3: Be like Nike and just do it

You know what you have to do on this boss. You’ve gone over your roles a dozen times with other players and leaders. You’ve killed the boss already and you know it’s no fluke. You have the tools to get through the encounter successfully. Whether or not the boss dies in style is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if the raid is down to 15 players or 5 players. The perception of a raiding Guild lies in their ability to kill bosses. No one’s going to care that it took three healers, a main tank, and that geared Shadow Priest who doesn’t speak an ounce of English to kill Kael. The only thing other players will remember is the fact that you downed a boss.

So what are you waiting for?

7 thoughts on “Dealing With Raid Hangover in 3 Easy Steps”

  1. I like the first Quote by MJ.

    So true it is. Some people though have low stamina to persevere. I fail but always look at it as a chance to learn something from things that don’t go well. I guess as a Tank you have to learn tone a bit tough looking at things from that view.

    Yet just about all the things you mentioned I’ve seen it happen in our Kara raid. Fortunately I learn something from every failure, don’t know if anyone else do on the run but I study every failure and learn something.

    Yeah “Just Do It” but give it your best shot every time. That’s how I see it.

  2. Netherspite seems to get every guild, no matter how good you are.

    [quote]Your raid leader should be emotionally in tune with the raid to be able to detect the frustration they have and the words to say in order to help encourage the raid to keep going[/quote]

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The guild leader is that one person who can turn a group around. Great post!

  3. I remembered this article last night as we wiped repeated on some farm content bosses. I didn’t give the article much thought at the time, but I came back to read it today and it’s really helpful.

    I linked the article from my guild website and I hope my Raid Leaders take the time to come read it.

  4. Ya, I am in the same guild as Honorshammer and, lately, the Kara I co-run has been having issues with things I know we are better than. I hope the rest of my group reads this, as well.


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