Crusader’s Coliseum: Heroic Hard Mode Details (Updated 10:30 AM)

Updated with more details, 10:30 AM.

These details come as a courtesy of my officer, KimboSlice and is obtained from the TankSpot forums (which is reposted on MMO Champion). Figured I’d share it (summarized) with everyone who is waiting for maintenance to expire (and who don’t actively check MMO Champion or Tankspot).

Northrend Beasts Encounter

Gormok the Impaler

  • Impale does 150% weapon damage instead of 100%.
  • DoT ticks for 80% more damage and lasts 5 seconds longer. Tanks must switch at 2 stacks.
  • Yes, you will need 3 tanks to handle the DoT rotation. All 3 will need heals.
  • Each Snobold that is out there increases his damage by 15%.
  • The direct damage from Impale will hit for ~35000.
  • Stomp on melee from 9k to 12k

Acidmaw and Dreadscale

  • Imperative for players to spread out.
  • Acid hits for 5000 every 2 seconds.
  • Burning bile is 9000 damage every 2 seconds to players within 10 yards.
  • It is expected that if one enrages, it will be a wipe. Therefore, both snakes may have to be taken down together. Not sure of this, but keep it in mind.
  • Whatever happened to that third snake?


  • Arctic breath does 30000 damage over 5 seconds. I suggest assigning healers to the left or right of Icehowl to help reduce increase survivability.
  • Random whirlwind on melee from 10k to 14k

Lord Jaraxxus

  • Touch of Jaraxxus inflicts ~4000 damage over 12 seconds which causes players to be affected by Curse of the Nether (AoE dot). Possible decurse?
  • Mistress’ Kiss: Next spell with a cast time gets that school interrupted for 8 seconds and causes 8000+ damage.
  • Incinerate Flesh needs 85000 healing instead of 60000 to remove it.
  • Burning Inferno (Incinerate Flesh after it’s not removed) ticks for 8000 damage a second for 5 seconds (Yeah, that’s a wipe)
  • Pain Spike from the Mistress does 100% of a target’s health over time
  • Legion Flame now ticks for 12000
  • Fel Lightning from 10k to 12k

Faction Champions

  • Spells and abilities are more potent.
  • Shaman LHW from 20k to 60k
  • Paladin Holy Light from 50k to 80k
  • Warlock Corruptionf rom 18k to 24k
  • Expect the trend to continue with the other class abilities.

Val’kyr Twins

  • Touch of Light (or Dark): Inflicts 4000 damage to players of the opposite essence every second. For example, Touch of Light will do ~4000+ damage to players under the effect of dark Essence every second. Light touched players will not take any damage.
  • Surge of Light (or Dark): Inflicts 1500 damage every 2 seconds to enemies of the opposite essence. For example, Surge of Light deals 1500 damage every 2 seconds to Dark essence
  • Shield health increased from 700k to 1.2 million (Ouch)
  • Power of the Twins: +20% damage and hit, 10% attack speed if Twins are too close.
  • Unleashed Light/Dark orb hits increased from 9000 to 15000.


  • Leeching swarm ticks for 20% health instead of 10%
  • Extra add: Nerubian Ice Darter (No other details)

There might be some more surprises tonight as we head into the Coliseum. If there’s anything else you or your raid group notices, I encourage you to post comments to reflect that. As I experience the encounters myself, I’ll do a follow up post later on with more healing specific tips on getting through them.

Good luck and good hunting!

18 thoughts on “Crusader’s Coliseum: Heroic Hard Mode Details (Updated 10:30 AM)”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the info.

    I hope this isn’t it and the fights are a bit more tuned; this doesn’t look like particularly interesting modifications of the hardmodes, and I was hoping that with having the normal and heroics separated that they’d get to do a lot more mechanical changes (similar to Mimiron/Freya/XT fights, instead of Hodir or Thorim). Instead it just looks like making things a bit more challenging on all levels, but otherwise making them the same.
    .-= Kal´s last blog ..[Druid] What pieces of T8 to keep for cats? =-.

  2. no, highly doubtful you’ll need three tanks in ten man, prob still two healable but I suspect for hardmodes you’ll want three healers in the ten to offset the increase in damage.

    Knowing us we’ll probably two tank gormok and heal through it in 25’s :X with a dps dk or our feral kitty stepping in if things get too heavy, but meh… we’ll prob heal through it. I’ll post if and when that fails.

  3. I tend to agree that you’ll need 3 heals in 10 – mostly because of those g-darn snobolds. One of those on your heals can ruin your whole day.

    I am assuming that each boss hits harder too, otherwise the Twins encounter still looks quite manageable.
    .-= Silk´s last blog ..Guild drama =-.

  4. @Timothy Burgher

    Killing the snobolds isn’t supposed to remove the stacking Enrage buff, only the temporary 15% per snobold. Ours were clearing last night no problem.

    Some observations from a fellow priest:
    About 2 minutes into the fight, 2 snobolds up simultaneously will have Impale killing a tank (even through Guardian Spirit :X ). There were a few times when 1 Snobold had 5% left, as the next one spawned.

    The same idea goes for the Stomp Damage. Once the fight is well underway, Stomp+ 2 snobolds will kill some lower HP Melee.

    We had the person who got Snobolled’ (ha-ha) run underneath Gormock. All ranged on the Snobolds, and Melee were able to assist by Cleaving (Heart Strike..etc..)

    The healing this way, was also much more manageable. The Snobolled person would receive Chain Heal bounces (an other ancillary heals), and only really needed a PW:S before Stomp to ensure survival

    Regular Twin Valk’s also had a standard AOE damage effect added to it (and I think the opposite orbs were hitting harder).

    Thanks for the write up Matt!

    @NickDang (twitter)

  5. Would like to add an additional information for the Lord Jaraxxus fight. On hard mode the portals and volcanos that spawn adds will have health bars. If not killed adds will continously spawn. For this reason all dps must switch to the portal or volcano and kill it as fast as possible.

  6. update on beasts. yes you want three tanks, not so much for the debuff which sucks, we had three swapping at two stacks, (once on a goofed taunt we had one up to 5 stacks and healed him np) the key to the number of tanks is rotating the cooldowns. we had one get gibbed for 50k because shield wall dropped for a split second.


  7. @Canes
    What do you mean with “Killing the snobolds isn’t supposed to remove the stacking Enrage buff, only the temporary 15% per snobold”.

    I’ve only noticed the stacking Rising Anger +15% buff that Gormok receives from the Snobolds that seems to stay even after a Snobold has been killed. Is there a separate temporary buff that goes away when a Snobold is killed?

  8. @Kermie

    I think I goofed as well. Killed in 10 man last night, and yea, the Rising Anger”enrage” buff doesn’t disappear. And I didn’t notice a second “Snobold Enrage” or something to that effect.

    Maybe I had some wishful thinking that there were 2 separate buffs. It definitely seemed like the tanks were getting hit less hard when there were no Snobolds up, but again, it could all be in my mind.

    Update on Champions

    The Warlock’s Hellfire and the Warrior’s Retaliation can kill unsuspecting raiders. Be sure that people are on the lookout to interrupt Hellfire and save us healers a lot of trouble.
    .-= Canes´s last blog ..FreyaX3 =-.

  9. On the hard-mode version of 10s … we went in on Tuesday with 2 tanks (DK + druid) and 2.5 heals (resto druid, disc priest, and myself, and ele/resto shaman). Our other 10s went in with 2 tanks plus a holy pally, resto druid and holy/shadow priest. Some tips:

    – Beasts / Jar: lean towards 3 heals at this point because of the interrupts and distribution of damage. Icehowl is a joke so long as your raid is spread out 360 degrees around him (limiting breath damage to 2-3 ppl each time.) It did seem that you could outrange the breath if you were max distance away from him, but other circumstances might have contributed to that happening. It’s imperative that snobolds and portals/volcanoes are killed immediately upon spawn.
    – Faction champs: with good cc, 2 heals should be plenty as damage becomes very limited. A dk can chain taunt /chains kite any of the melee dps with a good amount of success, thus isolating those pesky killers like divine storm, FoK, and WW. (All of the champs are tauntable, they just won’t stick on you for very long.) Interrupts + cc = win, on this one.
    – Twins: if players manage to avoid the opposite color orbs, this is almost solo-healable. Tanking them closer together (abt 15 yards or so) means that more players can benefit from the power-up buffs and can quickly switch between light/dark as needed.
    – Anub: you will probably want to go with 2heals as the extra damage to burst him down in phase 3 and limit his and the adds’ submerges is incredibly valuable. You only get 6 frost orbs for the duration of the fight, so keeping him to one spike phase is important. Limit your healing in phase 3 to the tanks and to the “Penetrating Cold” targets–the more health your raid has the more he’s healing for. ~20% seemed to be the sweet spot for raid members not tanking or debuffed.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    * The disclaimer on this is that we are a U25 hardmode-geared guild. So 3 pure heals might be the way to start for other groups.

  10. ^^ Yupp 6 Orbs Only

    My observations are from a similar gear/experience as Vixsin as well. We ran with 3 healers for Beasts, and Jarraxxus. FC is easily done with 2.
    .-= Canes´s last blog ..FreyaX3 =-.

  11. Looking for suggestions on how to combat Gormok’s tank insta-gibbs that we’re running into. We’re getting upwards of 60k incoming damage on a tank with 2 melee swings and an impale (for 35k) in 1/2 a second. A healing strategy / tank gear check would be awesome. Thanks!


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