Defending Your Faction Leaders with Guardian Spirit

Aylii pointed this out to me the other day. I thought it was hilarious. It was located in the Bug Report forum.

We were trying to kill the faction leaders tonight, even though they are level 83 and we are 70 we managed to fight are way threw it.

Anyway we were on the bloodelf faction leader and many horde priest were in the room non-flagged.
When we got the boss low they would cast Guardian Spirit on the boss and pretty much he would get healed to full or half health. We brought his health down to 1% at least 4 times only having him be healed to full. It only takes 1 hit and trying to get 40 people to stop damage that quickly is tough. So after about 1hr 30min doing that we wiped out all the rest of the flagged horde left in the room and left.

This should not be allowed to work on faction leaders. It is way overpowered and it’s impossible to kill them if the other faction’s priest cast this spell on the boss.

I’m looking for a nurf to this spell on faction leaders only. Any blue want to comment?

Source: Bug Report Forum (World of Warcraft)

9 thoughts on “Defending Your Faction Leaders with Guardian Spirit”

  1. Matt,

    I was just wondering if there was going to be something similar to “Gearing Your Fresh 70 Holy Priest” for level 80 with the new expansion coming out. I followed the 70 one all this past gear and have everything you recommended for my priest. It’s been a big help with raiding invites and even guild invites. I frequently log on and receive invites to come heal for things within 5 minutes of logging on.

    I just want to add I really like how this site has grown over the past year and look forward to reading your posts every day.

    My main toon is Liaris on Thorium Brotherhood

    SE Carr

  2. @Stu Carr: Don’t worry, it’s in progress. It’ll be done by the time most players are about to hit 80. Rest assured, I’ll be there to tell you how to find the best fashion for your Priest =D.

  3. Matt,

    Just wanted to say I’ll be appreciating your list for gearing the holy priest as well.

    I got a lot of use out of the list when I was leveling towards 70 and then the list that dwarfpriest had set up of kara and post-kara gear as well.

    You’re the best!

  4. oooohhhh now I actually can doing something useful in pvp 😛 actually i’m not giving up meditation for it, but maybe if they don’t hotfix it before 80?

  5. @Allindra – Smolderthorn – Alliance: Thanks! I’ll do what I can! Keep in mind the goal of my list is to have you up and raiding in no time. Less emphasis on RNG, more emphasis on crafted or quested items. They may not be the best you can get before raiding, but it’ll get you started and going.

  6. Yes…although my priest is now my main, she was originally my alt (go go boomkin!!).

    But with all the help from your list I got her the best quest/crafted gear I could and was able to start raiding easily to help my guild out with healing.

    Never had much time to do instances waiting for the best drops. 😛

    Thanks again, I look forward to it.


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