Disc Priest Tip: Professor Putricide

You know how on Professor Putricide, a player needs to inhale a potion and they turn into this Abomination thing which controls all the slimes, oozes and crap? In order for Abominations to do that, they run on something called Ooze energy (It’s basically like energy). The only way to get such Ooze energy is by (you guessed it) consuming Mutated Slimes nearby.

Actually, that’s not quite the only way.

You know that Discipline Priests have this talent called Rapture which feeds energy, rage, or mana back to the target if the shield wears off.

It turns out the Abomination works the same way.

In other words, if your Abomination needs a quick burst of energy, have a Disc Priest shield them and the Abom can just sit and chill in a slime pool for a second or two in order to trigger the effect before eating it for more energy.


Note: This actually isn’t my parse. Someone sent this in anonymously.

As you can see, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t offer much. But it’s nice to have for an initial energy boost when starting out.

If Druids have that Revitalize talent, it also provides a really strong energy boost as well.

Conquest will be taking cracks at him later tonight once we take down Rotface on 25.

12 thoughts on “Disc Priest Tip: Professor Putricide”

  1. As a disc priest I tried this last night (Jan 11th) on 25 man & was not able to shield the Abomination or the toon in the role of Abomination. I tried every which way I could think of to try to shield him but I just kept getting a prompt that said it could not be done.

    Is it possible they nerfed this? Anyone else able to as of this date?

  2. Mindalen: That’s really strange. I was able to do it last night and I know I talked to a few Priests about doing that last night and this morning.

    Possible that you have another Priest in the raid that beat you to it? ^^

  3. I’m glad to hear it worked for others. Guess it was just bugged for me. I spent an entire attempt trying to get it to work with no luck. I was the only priest in the raid. I was able to shield everyone else that need it though.

  4. We made 1 attempt, our first ever, on the Professor last night on 10 man. I was running Disc and the only Priest in the raid. I don’t remember which but some spells I tried casting on the Abom wouldn’t work while other would. I think maybe it was PW:S and Renew that worked but not Flash Heal and Penance. We should be at it again tonight so I’ll make better note of what can or cannot be cast on the Abom.

  5. seems like i was unable to cast ANY spell on the Abom thru Healbot…not even my Disc Shield. Why can some and not others? (only priest in the 10 man Prof fight)

  6. It appears to be a mod issue. Last night I was able to manually target & shield the abomination, but it was the only way I could shield him. I could see the shield on the tanks Ikon but not on the abomination itself. Why I couldn’t do it one day, but I could the next I’m sure is add on related.

  7. For those who were able to cast PW:S on the Abom, did your tank provide any feedback about the energy return. This concept is a new discussion in my guild’s healer forums, and I’m curious to see how it worked out. Can’t try it ourselves as all our groups have already downed him.

  8. Like others have noted, I was unable to heal or shield the Abom through my healing grid (I use Vuhdo) but could hit him with anything if he was directly targeted.

    I ran one night as Disc and did PW:S on the Abom every time the debuff came off. The next night I went as Holy and ignnored the Abom. The guy running the Abom didn’t notice a difference and he didn’t have any problems with having the energy to slow the slimes. We still haven’t got Putricide below 50% so keep that in mind for my observations.


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