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I mentioned it briefly before, but it’s official now. There is a new World of Warcraft podcast in town. I’ve always had my sights set on expanding to podcasts and videos. Dawn Moore, the host and producer (Spiritual Guidance on WoW.com, discipline) will be regularly joined by Kinaesthesia (vodka’s ace priest, holy) and myself (some guy with multiple blogs, who plays both).

Now to be fair, we’re all priests. There will be times where we make efforts to discuss healing from perspectives of other classes. I suppose you can call us the Circle. Or something. Once get a little more established and comfortable, we’ll be bringing in some guest healers and specialists.

We’ll be recording new episodes twice a month.

What this podcast is

  • Healing discussion: We’re going to be talking about healing stuff. Expect to hear our thoughts and opinions about any and every aspect of healing.
  • Question and answer: Have a healing question? We might have a healing answer. These can either be fictional or real. But we figured someone out there will benefit from it.

What this podcast isn’t

  • It is not a WoW news show: Don’t expect us to be providing news or opinions on general WoW changes. There’s enough podcasts out there that do that already.
  • An update on our lives: We won’t be talking about what we did today or that week. We’re trying to keep a tight schedule so it’ll be straight to business. Although random interjections and tangents may occur, it won’t be a regular occurrence.

Why you should listen to it?

  • How many other WoW related healing podcasts can you name?
  • An educational experience (we hope)
  • Stuff that no other podcast has
  • Kinasthesia’s wit
  • Dawn’s on it
  • Me being… me (that’s not a selling point, is it?)

Oh but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a former guildmate of mine had to say about it:

“Great insight from some of the game’s leading minds in Priestlyness. Hoping to hear more from them in the future!”


Okay, enough of that. You want to listen to it and you want it now.

Episode 1: Introductions

Introductory podcast where we discuss our backgrounds, our thoughts at the current state of the healing priest (comforts and discomforts), and these blue posts about healing.

Mirror 1: Circle of Healing Podcast
Mirror 2: World of Matticus

Episode 2: Priests, Masters of Tangent

Big news for this episode? Cataclysm priest talent previews are available. I know that I didn’t put up a post yet detailing my thoughts on it, but you can hear my take on some of the talents here.

Mirror 1: Circle of Healing Podcast
Mirror 2: World of Matticus

The site for the podcast itself is still being developed, but the podcast episodes themselves were ready. Figured we may as well push them live.

Remember, we’re just starting out. Feel free to hit us with feedback, what you liked, didn’t like, want more of, and healing questions are always a plus.

28 thoughts on “Enter the Circle of Healing Podcast”

  1. Awesome! Only constructive thing I can honestly say is that I can barely hear Dawn and Matt and Kinasthesia are loud when I turn it up to hear Dawn.

  2. Think its great that there is a new healer podcast.
    Hope you will keep doing it, Aliena of tankspot did some, but it was more of a help the new guy, where you sound like you are more for the hole of the healing group.

    But one thing, sit still 😀 There is a lot of noise in the bagground.

    Hope to hear more from you, awesome work 🙂

  3. *sigh* Javascript ate my uberpost 🙁

    Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who feels Priests are fine. I am competitive on the healing meters, I am competitive on the dps meters as shadow. We currently don’t have an AMAZING resto Druid, although our resto Shaman is quite competitive. I’ll take your word for the penance issue because I haven’t been Disc in awhile.

    I hope Chakra works like serendipity does now – you can stack it up while casting other spells. If it works that way, it could be a great talent. However, they need to put a different spell than Prayer of Healing as the AE chakra – I’m pretty sure Matticus is just about the only Priest who spams that as holy – yuck 😛

    @Matt – Talents are a zero sum game. Consider the Fury Warrior from a design standpoint (in other words, ignore the fact that rage is broken at the moment – Fury Warriors are *supposed* to do as much damage as other hybrids and the fact that they do more than pures half the time is irrelevant to my point). Fury Warriors need Titan’s Grip to be as good as everyone else at DPS. They are balanced around it. What advantages does Fury gain from the Titan’s Grip talent? Nothing. It is mandatory just for them to stay competitive. It is actually a disadvantage to the Warrior because he needs to get TWO 2 handers just to do as much damage that, say, a Ret Paladin does with ONE 2 hander. That’s twice as much loot (in that slot) a guild has to spend gearing up the Fury versus gearing the Ret. That is most likely what Chakra will be for Priests – the Titan’s Grip of Priest, you have to get it and use it just to be good as everyone else. Priests will have to ramp up just to be competitive.

    what I find most interesting about the talent preview is how Blizzard seems to be *forcing* Holy Priests to take talents the community currently finds questionable, like Lightwell and Chakra. I think Holy is a spec Blizzard finds frustrating to develop and balance, because there are so many different ways to spec floating out there. They have a hard time predicting what we will do with certain talents and want to build in a bit more “cookie cutter” into the spec so that it is easier to balance. I know that seems backwards from their design philosophy, but then, so does Chakra.

    • @Felade: Haha, yeah ignore me. I’m getting some practice time in for if they ever make Prayer of Healing a desirable, repeatedly casting spell ^^. If you want to be a good holy priest, do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I do. Interesting points you make about Chakra though.

  4. Well then…it’s taken me the better part of a half our to get the feed straight and get my comment working. And that’s a bit of /fail.

    But Yay! I’d adore a healing cast going on, and you got the right people and charm to make it work. Please do get things in order so that it’s easier to download/listen to.

    .-= Ecclesiastical Discipline´s last blog ..Links =-.

  5. I only listened to episode one so far, but I wanted to get some thoughts down before I get distracted and have to do real work or something.

    a) I wasn’t a big fan of the idyllic wandering music in the background. At times it was distracting, and at times it just kinda lulled me into a graceful daze where I basically stopped listening (usually snapping out of the latter would cause a period of the former as I was overly vigilant against future musical incursions). In general, I like podcasts that use music, but I tend to prefer short clips of something snappy to indicate breaks and help refocus the listener.

    b) Do you think you can find one or two repeatable exercises or mini-topics that can appear in most every show to help lead into the main discussion? Especially early in a podcast, I like something juicy where the hosts can toss out opinions and make you think to get you engaged. I guess the first podcast has to have the obligatory introduction section. Still, I think it’d be fun to have a “How do you do healing assignments given the following situation…” section, or maybe a “What hypothetical situation makes X lackluster talent/spell really good for progression?” or something.

    In general, I am excited about the potential and possibilities. Kudos!

  6. Awesome! Is it on iTunes yet? Maybe I’m just missing it there. Of course, I can download it via the links, but I do find podcasts overall much easier to deal with on iTunes. Anyway, I’m excited to listen… should be interesting!

  7. Dawn is by far the best member of this group at keeping the conversation going. After listening to the first episode, I would recommend coming to the recording better prepared with talking points. Matt seemed like he was doing homework or something else very distracting while Dawn was talking. It seemed like every time Dawn threw it back to Matt, he was not paying attention and didn’t have anything to add.

    But, I know this is probably a first for everyone involved and will only improve with practice and time. Keep it up! As a priest healer, I’m stoked! 🙂

    • @Aaron: I was doing my accounting homework 🙁

      Nah, I kid. True though. I didn’t do enough preparation beforehand. Most of its like skimming our stuff about an hour before the shoot. Sometimes not even.

  8. @ Jean and rest. The Podcast feed has been submitted to iTunes, and after they process it, you should be able to find it under the Video Games category of Games & Hobbies.

  9. I listened to both episodes today and definitely look forward to more. I really enjoyed the discussion about the talent tree previews, in which everyone brought up some really good points.

    I would like to echo the suggestion about *not* having music in the background during the discussion, as it is a little distracting and it feels like you guys are competing with the music somewhat. Also, I found Dawn’s voice a little quiet. I hope you take these comments in the constructive light in which they are offered. 🙂
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..Cataclysm Priest Preview, Part II =-.

  10. Amazing idea guys I re-started playing wow 2 weeks ago and this is exactly what I was looking for, a podcast dedicated to healers. I hope we see tips and tricks about healing in the future as well as discussions about all the healing classes and not just about priests!

  11. Matt and Kinasthesia’s thing about holy nova at the end of the second episode was hilarious. Kinasthesia is a funny guy not at all what I expect out of a healer from Vodka.

    And I totally agree with the lack of thoroughput disc priests have. I’m very excited that they are moving Empowered Healing up to near the top of the Holy tree. I’m also super stoked for casting Penance on the run and while in angel form (Spirit of Redemption).

  12. C/P from Discopriest.com:

    You can now subscribe to the CoH Podcast via iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=378377008

    Supposed the podcast should show up in a search in 1-2 days. Just testing out the iTunes feed for myself, I’ve noticed that episode 2 does not show up on the page, but if you hit subscribe, episode 2 automatically gets downloaded. Bizarre.

    If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast RSS feed through another application, you can use this feed link: http://www.circleofhealingpodcast.com/podcast_feed.xml
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Circle of Healing Podcast Feeds: iTunes and RSS =-.

  13. Enjoyed the shows so far. I’ve just started leveling a discipline priest, so I’m interested in what you guys are saying. Quick question: With the new talents like Atonement, Evangalism and Archangel, do you think that discipline will be a good questing spec or will these talents only be useful for PVP. Thanks looking forward to the next episode.
    .-= Strumwulf´s last blog ..Achievements in Warcraft. =-.

  14. Hey did this thing die or something ?
    Waiting with excitement for the next version.

    Hope to hear more from you guys and girl..


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