Guest Post: A Micro Level Look at a Priest’s Trinket Usage

guest-post This is a guest post from Calogero

Hey all , this is Calogero, level 80 discipline priest from Lothar. A little about me before I begin: I am currently raiding with ‘Legion’, a guild that has pushed through all of Naxx 10 up to Sapphiron in the past two weeks. My raid experience includes everything up to AQ 40 in vanilla, up through Black Temple in BC, and now through most of Naxx and Sartharion in WOTLK. I actually only started playing the priest about 3 months ago, when a friend asked me if I wanted to roll on his server (Lothar). Outside of WoW, I’m a 20 year old guy from New York, I go to school and do data management for a hospital.

Topic of the night: Trinkets

I recently picked up the Spirit-World Glass from Gothik in Naxx-10 and the Majestic Dragon Figurine from Sartharion-10. These two can make a wicked regeneration combo that should not be overlooked for longer fights. Any and every spellcast will trigger the Majestic Dragon figurine. Cheating the 5SR with this trinket can regenerate a lot of mana. In addition, Inner focus triggers the figurine, and all ticks of the following spells will trigger the figurine: Hymn of Hope, Penance, and Mind Sear.

So, in a perfect world, to regenerate the most mana, I’d do the following, assuming I had 10 full ticks from the figurine:

FYI: O5SR means out of the 5 second rule

Don’t cast for 5 seconds, then pop Spirit-World Glass. Stop casting for 4 more seconds, cast Inner Focus, which renews the Figurine tick. Wait another 9 seconds, cast Penance, which renews the figurine tick 3 times. Wait another 9 seconds, cast Hymn of hope, which gets 8% of my mana back, and the last tick will renew the figurine, which gives another 10 seconds of extra mana, O5SR. If this was at all possible to pull off uninterrupted, I could get 12 ticks of mana regen O5SR, which, at my current gear level, gives me about 1300 Mp5 when raid buffed with the Spirit-World Glass in action, and a little less than 1000 without it. This all would come out to around 13000 mana over 60 seconds.

Matt’s included a little diagram to help illustrate this better:


Obviously, in a raid situation, it’s near impossible to get all of these off in a row. This is where trust comes in. If you have another trustworthy healer or two, let them know, and see if they can keep an extra eye out. See how much of this you can play with and manipulate to keep yourself out of the 5 second rule, while keeping the Figurine ticks up. You can throw a shield, renew, PoM, and pain suppression on the tank before you start. The penance will heal your target for around 9k health on average. It’s very possible to get a few ticks off if you’re prepared.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Micro Level Look at a Priest’s Trinket Usage”

  1. First off, good post. Managing cooldowns and regen is paramount to quality priest play. I always like to see stuff on these topics.

    Next, let us assume the spirit trinket is maxed(10 charges). You get Holy Concentration proc – or Surge of light – could you do similar things there? Incorporate Inner Focus, the glass, etc. – to max your O5SR regen? I always led into my regen with the first proc I could use (Inner Focus on the first Holy Concentration proc combined with the earring use, so on and so forth.)

    It seems that trinketing as Healers follows the same DPS trinketing procedures. Trinkets are also in my cooldowns classification – so I consider them exactly the same as my Inner Focus/ etc.

    1.) You get the most effect when you chain them all together at the same time. Try to blow the glass with inner focus, the hymn, etc. chained together for sweetness regen.

    2.) Try to blow cooldowns as early as possible when they aren’t wasted. This allows time for them to come back. I don’t condone necromancy – but this touches on a topic that Wyn covered way back in the day.

    I also wonder if the Heroism is a good time for priests to regen? It’s a big boost in HPS – so if you have a Paladin or two on staff not wasting alot of mana to begin with perhaps their HPS could cover you stepping out to regen.

  2. Prayer of mending will proc the trinket, and I heard that HC and SoL will too, buttt im disc spec so I only used definites (therefore I’m not depending on PoM ticking while i’m regenning) and I didnt count for SoL or HC because I dont have them 🙂

  3. Hmm..people keep going about spirit, but…to have the most effect of any of the mana regeneration effects in the game you want your max mana pool to be as big as possible.

    Hymn of Hope, Shadowfiends, and Replenishment are all based on a % of your max mana pool. So the larger this mana pool the larger the return of these effects.

    And not only that, in the mana regen formula, int has become more important as well since the weighing of spirit has been changed:

    5 * 0.005575 * Spirit * Square_root ( Intellect )

    So, while I do understand that holy priests are still completely of the wahoo for spirit (spirit of redemption combined with spiritual guidance makes for a nice spirit combo) why are disc priests still going completely bonkers for it?

    Disc regen comes from casting with rapture, big mana pools and big spells. The more spellpower the more your shield absorbs, the more mana you get returned. And with enlightenment you should of course not neglect your spirit, but I’m not sure why people are still this completely focused on it, even in disc spec.

  4. As for trinkets, I haven’t found much better in forms of regen than these two. I’ve got a whole bunch of spirit gear, mainly because I haven’t found much better in terms of Int. Yes I agree that int is more important, because it gives you crit as well. But using these two trinkets give me around 8k mana back when I need it, and it doesnt cost me a mana pot or a shadowfiend cooldown. When I replace most of my spirit gear w/ high intellect gear, I can see these trinkets getting replaced by spellpower trinkets and whatnot.

  5. I wonder if WWS backs that up (Sfiend/Replenishment/etc. being a large portion of your regen). Seems likely, but looking at the numbers is always fine.

  6. Old news Majestic Dragon Figurine nerfed to oblivion in 3.0.8 No longer crits from any instant or channelled spells , nor from buffs. Useless now for druids and holy/shadow priests. There are now at least 5 better trinkets 🙁
    From now on please do not report the good priest trinkets or blizz will nerf them 🙂


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