Guest Post: Mana Tide – To-do List for the Level 80 Resto Shaman.

This is a guest post written by Devon.

guest-post Prologue

Click the link above fellow totemites, let the rejoicing begin. This position of power ensures Shaman buffs in the future (and hopefully a college football playoff); not even Blizzard can tell this guy “no”. Damn government just can’t keep its hands off, but in this case I’ll keep my trap zipped.

In preparation for the shaman revolution and my PvE aspirations I’ve compiled a quick gear list and to-do list for the chain healer in all of us. This can, and should, be started at late level 77 and 78. The goal is not to make heroics manageable, but to make you one of the best resto shamans in your guild regardless of your time in Naxx.

Print it out, tack it to your wall, and let it do the thinking for you. You know you want to.

*Steps 0-0.5 are preliminary. The rest should be completed every day until your desired epeen loot level is achieved.

Step 0:

Get your freak spec on.

Before respeccing I suggest getting your Icecrown quest achievement. It will get you the Cannoneer’s Morale trinket, Knights of the Ebon Blade rep, and Argent Crusade rep. Searing totem just doesn’t kill as fast as ye ol’ Stormstrike. is my recommendation.

The 16 points in Enhancement are very solid. The following build has the restoration tree must-haves, everything else is just gravy (or filler you pessimists):

Must have talents click here.

Head over to the AH and grab your Glyph of Chain Heal, Water Mastery, Earth Living Weapon, and Water Shield. You should have already had the latter Boudreaux.

This oh-@#^& macro free of charge from

#showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness


/use 13

/use 14

/cast Nature’s Swiftness

/Cast Tidal Force

/cast Healing Wave

With this and rip-tide I’ve had no heroic troubles. This has the over-zealous rogue seal of approval.

Step 0.5

Where the little guy gets his totem.

Grizzly D. Adams will give you Totem of the Bay.

Dis one, it’s da best. Get 30 of these.

Step 1

What’s with the fat guard standing on the quest giver? Go do your Wyrmrest Dailies everyday until you are Exalted for the Grips of Fierce Pronouncements.

Drake Hunt at the Nexus. Raelastrasz 33, 34 coords. The harpoon has ridiclous range. If you don’t have your flying mount I recommend the western platform.

Defending Wyrmrest Temple at Wyrmrest Temple. The quest-giver is on the MIDDLE level of the temple. As with all dailies practice makes perfect, but I recommend renew and the sprint (press 4) every time they are up. For those going for time note that it only takes one dot and one flame breath to kill the drakes, pwn and move on. Happy hunting.

– Aces High. See comments here.

Step 2

Knights of the Ebon Blade make me think of emo kids at my high school.

Ebon Blade Dailies everyday until you are Exalted for your Kilt of Dark Mercy.

Icecrown dailies:

Repeatable Quest:

Step 3

Troll Pa’troll everyday until Exalted with Argent Dawn for your Signet of Hopeful Light.

The Troll Patrol quest is given in the Argent Stand of Zul’Drak. 3 of them are very easy, the quest form Alchemist Finklestein WOULD be difficult if you didn’t have this mod:

You get a bonus for doing Troll Pa’troll in less than 20 minutes, there should be time to spare using this mod.

Step 4

No moar dailies, so sayeth my sanity.

All in all I spend about 1.5 hours doing dailies. I try to keep my play time at less than three hours a day for personal reasons so another 0.5 – 1.5 hours lets me run an instance or two (good riddance UBRS). In addition to the loot list below I recommend doing the daily regular or daily heroic instances for the reputation and emblems of heroism. Much of the gear you get in this step each day will be a place holder for crafted epics listed in Step 5. Start with the Wyrmrest Tabard since those dailies require longer flights between quests.

Step 5

Ok, I can haz gold now.

As money permits purchase the following items or their respective mats as they show up on the AH:

Revenant’s Breastplate (Leatherworking): 12 Heavy Borean Leather, 12 Eternal Water, 1 Frozen Orb

Revenant’s Treads (Leatherworking): 10 Heavy Borean Leather, 10 Eternal Water, 1 Frozen Orb

Titansteel Guardian (Blacksmithing) – 6 Saronite Bars, 6 Titansteel Bars, 2 Frozen Orb

I haven’t gotten my guardian yet because I’m scurd of handing a stranger that many mats. Guild blacksmith has a wifey, no chance for me there. The two revenant’s pieces cost me about 1000 gold, which you should have after all that questing you did RIGHT? Quick aside: Lesser Healing Wave and its associated glyph rocks my healing socks.



18 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mana Tide – To-do List for the Level 80 Resto Shaman.”

  1. For those who are cheap like me consider:
    The mace from heroic nexus (War Mace of Unrequited Love). Not quite as good as Titansteel but does have a good chunk of mp5.
    The helm from heroic UK (Battlemap Hide Helm). In this case you lose mp5 but it’s still good.
    The chest from heroic UK (Dalronn’s Jerkin). Lose haste, gain mp5.

    So I hope you like heroic UK and Nexus because they are about to become your favorite instances with 3 drops each.

  2. Good stuff… I enjoyed reading it. The guardian is one of the best investments you can make. I haven’t seen anything better after clearing all 10 man wotlk content.

  3. Excellent! That’s really all there is to pack in one single post and get your shaman fresh and shiny.



    /cast blood fury

    to your NS macro if you’re on the orc side of life.

    -And if you’re just starting out grinding your way through heroics, pick up healing focus, even with changed pushback mechanics.

    drugs last blog post..Raiding in Northrend

  4. Also! it’ll be a good idea to buy the enchant that Wyrmrest offers on reverded. And the enchant Sons of Hodir offers on Honored, and the better one at Exalted.. just keep in mind that they only have dailies and no tabard.

  5. Looking at this and at my character sheet I’m wondering if I’m remiss in stacking mp5 over haste and crit?

    But that chain heal glyph…TOTALLY forgot it existed now that I’ve specced for raid healing and not heroic healing. <3

  6. I love you 😀 Seriously… I tanked up to Sunwell on my warrior and i’m now switching to my shammie so i’ve been looking for something besides Elitist Jerks to get my shammie info… this helps me out sooo much, thanks!

  7. I have a question about the “oh shit” macro. When I click it, it never casts Nature’s Swiftness. It uses a trinket, casts Tidal Force, and then starts casting Healing Wave. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for all the healer love! Great website!

  8. A few things I would add…

    1) Over the offhand, I’d take the 35-EoH shield, Protective Barricade of the Light. the intel, spellpower, and mp5 are about equal (little more, little less)–but the shield offers more stamina, crit, and enchantability with +25 intel. You’ll want to be running heroics to get some of the aforementioned gear (heroics also offer mad rep with tabards, so you don’t have to grind out QUITE so many dailies), so after you get the healing neck, you’ll probably be able to squeak out enough emblems for the shield.

    2) If you can get the War Mace from Heroic Nexus, I’d take it over the Titansteel Guardian. What you lose in SP can be re-enchanted, but you’ll gain intellect and mp5. The guardian has SP, stamina, and crit; since mana pool rules all, when I had it I enchanted it with intel. I prefer the mp5 to crit, since neither the crafted mail boots or chest has it.

    3) For the recommended spec, it is more or less what I chose–but, elemental weapons in the enh tree will increase your bonus heals by 10% from earthliving, so it’s also a nice talent to pick up.

  9. Wonderful Information! Had a few adds that may help on gearing

    *One Handed Maces
    Gavel of the Fleshcatcher from Heroic COT Strat
    75 DPS, 49 stamina, 33Int, 355 spellpower, 13/5 mps

    *Two Handed
    Staff of Draconic COmbat- HC Oculus
    Staff of wayward Principles HC UK
    Staff of sinister claws HC Old Kingdom

    *Off Hand
    Look on the AH for Prison Manifest- 33stamina, 42 Int, 34 Spirit and 54 Spell Power
    Zom’s Crackling Bulwark – (Shield)- zone drop, or Naxx – frequently on the AH-
    7530 Armor, 211 BLock, 44 Stamina, 36 Int, 20/5 mps, 58 spellpower

    Darkmoon Card: Greatness- Crafted or AH
    Darkmoon Card: Illusion- Crafted or AH
    Je’Tze Bell – Random world drop (more in Icecrown and Storm Peaks areas)
    Forge Ember -HC HOS
    Spark of Life -HC HOS
    Winged Talisma -HC HOL
    Soul Preserver -COT Strat
    Tome of Arcane Phenomenon -Oculus
    Cannoneer’s Fuselighter- Icecrown quest

    If you do any PVP you can get the *Titan fused Rune of Audacity for 111 spellpower and can remove movement imparing effects 3 min cooldown) for 25 Wintergrasp marks of honor. There is also another you can get from the pvp vendors for honor points-Sergeant Thunderhorn In Oggrimar Has the trinket of Battlemasters Bravery which adds 111 spellpower and can be used to increase health by 3385 over 15 sec (3 min cooldown) -49600 honor points- if you do nothing but Wintergrasp you can get these pretty quickly.

    The Relic vendor in Dalaran sells the Totem of Forest Growth which reduces the base mana cost of chain heal by 78.- I think it’s cost was 15 emblems of heroism.

    Hope this helps and thanks for the great info!

  10. thanks a lot for this post!!
    got the items within a few days and now have a regular raiding spot ^^
    now with 13k chain heals, so cheers again

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