Healing Roundups and We Got Our Drakes!

Not quite sure where to go or what to read? Feeling overwhelmed? Yeah, I feel the same way too. Don’t worry though. I’ve got all the healing related stuff right here for you to brush up on. Next few weeks will be exciting with all the new systems.


Lissanna’s restoration healing guide (Restokin)

Keeva’s restoration 4.0 guide (Tree Bark Jacket)


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No Stock UI has a nice compilation of addons that healers and raiders will find useful. Bonus: Updated for 4.0.1.

Beru’s Addon List

Don’t hesitate to suggest other resources that you think other healers might find informational.

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We scored our ICC 25 drakes last night!

And one of my hunters accidentally cast a buff which automatically knocked him off his mount. Extremely comical moment, actually. My timing was pretty good.

I originally planned on healing the entire encounter with three healers, but the current raid composition didn’t allow for it. Instead, we used our previous 4 healing setup. It consisted of a holy priest (me), discipline priest, holy paladin and shaman.

The first clutch moment of the night occurred during the defile phase. Valks were inbound. I was busy stacking the raid with Renews before I realized I lost all mobility.

“Matt’s picked up.”

I looked up at the second valk, and noticed it zeroing in on the other discipline priest.

“Ann’s picked up.”

At this point, I was thinking to myself it couldn’t possibly get any worse. Two healers out of four locked out?

“Rykga picked up.”

Crap. There goes our holy paladin. Wait, that’s three healers! I barked out for an immediate use of defensive cooldowns. Barkskin and other such skills were used while the DPS desperately muscled to get us free as quickly as possible (and to their credit, they did).

After something like 25+ attempts over the past few weeks, we were able to secure our drakes. Only took us something like 5 sets of Vile Spirits. Did it with 3 Boomkins. That helped immensely.

Still recruiting for Cataclysm. May not have any immediate openings now, but if you’re looking for a raiding guild, look me up.

9 thoughts on “Healing Roundups and We Got Our Drakes!”

  1. Two things: (1) grats on the drakes.
    (2) Do you know how (if?) “Holy Word: Catchall” works in macros/addons (since its name changes along with its function)?

  2. I have to say props to our shaman healer who kept her cool through all that- especially since it was one of her raids with us AND she wasn’t very familiar with the LK fight.

    Of paladin 4.0.1 guides, Rohan posted one: http://blessingofkings.blogspot.com/2010/10/holy-paladin-spec-and-glyphs-in-401.html (Blessing of Kings)

    And El’s list of glyph conversions was a huuuuuge help to me: http://www.elsprofessions.com/inscription/cataclysm.html (El’s Professions or El’s Extreme Anglin’ – not sure which name she uses for her site these days)

  3. Nice job on the drakes, congrats!

    We were playing with Arthas the other night on 10 man trying to get some more folks their Kingslayer titles. I think I got picked up every single time the Valks came out. Good times.


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