Koralon the Flame Watcher: New VoA Boss

Here’s a first look at the new VoA boss.

This what ultimately VoA is going to look like. We have an Earth boss, a Storm (air) boss, and now a Fire boss. I wonder where the Water boss is going to be situated.

Boss abilities

Not sure if there’s official names for them. That video was shot from the perspective of a Warrior (Arms I think).

First ability is the assorted flame patches that drop around. Stand out of the fires.

Second ability is the flame whirl like thing he does where he spins around and unleashes fire in every direction.

Expect this boss to drop tier 9 level loot.


I’m still downloading the 1.15 GB file right now for the PTR patch. I should be suiting up and ready to go within the next several hours.

12 thoughts on “Koralon the Flame Watcher: New VoA Boss”

  1. guessing tank and spank, with don’t stand in fire, and makes sure your healers don’t suck and can heal up the raid, mmm aoe priests and discipline…

    wonder what the enrage is on him and the raid dps needed….

    downloading patch…

  2. Grobbulus, flame version with an added AoE? The hand animations were looking very Slag Pot-ty, but couldn’t tell from that angle.

  3. Archie is definitely more of an Earthen (he tosses rock spikes, after all), while Emmi is Air (vis elementals). If there IS a water boss released with the Icecrown patch, I’d almost expect him to be an unlock in the center. After all, there IS a huge circular empty spot there.

  4. Hmm very similar to archavon. it seems it will be puggable. i hope matticus decides to make a guild in the PTR so we can raid with him 🙂 i think that would be awesome. Matt, let us know if you decide to make a guild in the PTR so we can go and test stuff with you. 🙂

  5. That looks completely undone to be honest. A lot easier than Emalon, am thinking there are a couple of abilities that aren’t showing yet.

    Also, a 1 tank fight after needing to bring 2 tanks for the other 2? Seems strange to me, makes it feel even more as if some abilities are not yet implemented.
    .-= Shyraia´s last blog ..Woopsie? =-.

  6. It looks like there are 2 people in front of him, so its quite possible he leaves some kind of debuff on the tank which requires a taunt.

  7. Ok my guess, kill all 3, water boss will emerge from the fountain in center that we’ve been walking around forever.

    and I think t10 will be in this expansion likely found in Ice Crown Citadel, Its cool they are giving us 4 tiers, I figured we’d only see 3

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