Patch 3.2 in Brief

So I’m a little long-winded. My typical posts run somewhere in the 2000 word range, with the longest of them hitting a staggering 4000 words. As a personal challenge, I am going to provide a little commentary on multiple aspects of Patch 3.2 . . . in two sentences or less. Patch changes are listed in descending order according to the very scientific standard of my personal interest in them.

Coliseum Raid Instance

Five bosses is far too few for a new raid dungeon, regardless of how many times we can play through it in a week. Also, if Blizzard thinks I’m going to be satisfied fighting a Jormungar that looks like every other big worm just because it drops Tier 9, they are fooling themselves.

Normal and Heroic Versions for both 10 and 25 players

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really don’t enjoy killing the same boss repeatedly–regardless of the “extras” in hardmode–in the same week. I used to really, really hate the 3-day reset on Zul Aman for that reason.

New Druid Art

I applaud any and all new artwork in game, including the pink kitty. Now, if I can have one of these forms, I might just go feral myself.

Resto Tier 9 Bonuses

Lackluster compared to Tier 8. HoT ticks that can crit will have less impact than a small front-end instant heal on Rejuvenation.

Three Flavors of Tier 9

They had better not be Rum Raisin, Licorice, and Bubble Gum. In all seriousness, the designers need to take care that the color mix doesn’t make us all look like clowns.

Lifebloom Nerf

Wait, didn’t they realize that the Bloom is nearly 100% overheal anyway? This spell’s now awkward mechanics and situational use have already minimized its place in my rotation, and I’m quite sure that we don’t need it at all as things stand.

New Resto Idol

This will be the new must-have Resto druid accessory, more stylish even than a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Changes to Mp5 allocation

It’s about time! Even in BC this stat was too “expensive” for its value.

Upgrades to Profession Bonuses

These are all fantastic and I applaud them, but I had really wanted a new alchemist stone. I just really like the idea of manufacturing my own Pet Rock of Uber.

Epic Gems Available

There goes all my hard earned flask money! Seriously, did we even need these?

Reuseable Flask of the North

Why haven’t they thought of this before?

New Moonkin Idol

Probably not as good as the Resto idol since Moonfire is a low-priority spell.

New Heirloom Item

With this stacking bonus, my baby priest will be leveled up to . . . 40 in no time, before I forget her again.

Streamlined Emblem System

Golf claps. The system as it was could be pretty awkward, and at this point in progression it’s appropriate to use emblem gear to facilitate a reroll.

New Pets

I want a baby raptor, especially if he makes a cute squeaky noise.

More Argent Tournament Dailies

I wish I didn’t have to have exalted reputations to unlock them. Dailies are a nice thing to do on alts, and I’ll be stuck doing them on Syd–I just can’t really see myself getting the Argent Dawn/Crusade rep a second time.

More Argent Tournament Mounts

The dailies didn’t hold enough of my interest for me to buy even one of the mounts yet, so I’m indifferent. I still have two pets to go as well.

More Tasks For My Argent Tournament Squire

I love how Averna calls him her pet boy. I humiliate mine by making him carry the Gnomeregan flag, and I can’t wait to make him fetch my dry cleaning.

Changes to Mounts and Mount Prices

I am extremely puzzled by anyone who opposes these much needed quality-of-life changes. To them, I will only say that every generation, as it ages, always claims that when they were young, things were “much better” because they had to work “much harder”–It’s annoying when Gramps says it, and it’s annoying when you post it on the forums.

Venomhide Ravasaur for the Horde

That’s just ducky, but why doesn’t Blizz let everyone get both this mount and the Winterspring Frostsaber? I have never understood the resistance to cross-faction mounts.

Changes to Shield Block on Items

This is not a genuine fix to warriors and paladins, and is barely a bandaid. I still foresee a day of reckoning ahead for tank balance.

New Battleground

Funny, I still haven’t managed to visit Strand of the Ancients yet . . .

13 thoughts on “Patch 3.2 in Brief”

  1. “I’m quite sure that we don’t need it at all as things stand”

    I suppose you don’t play a lot of pvp then? Where if you get in a stun, the bloom can be your lifesaver.

  2. “Funny, I still haven’t managed to visit Strand of the Ancients yet . . . ”

    Disregard my previous question, I just skimmed over some of the headlines =)

  3. “Funny, I still haven’t managed to visit Strand of the Ancients yet . . . ”

    I am with you on that one.

  4. “Probably not as good as the Resto idol since Moonfire is a low-priority spell.”

    Isn’t moonfire the backbone of a moonkin rotation? So much that many use two of their glyphs (moonfire and starfire) to prop it up more? In any standard rotation you always keep moonfire going as you nuke. Even if you get bloodlust its a good idea to throw one out before you go to town chain-casting starfires.

    And since Eclipse is changed in 3.2 so both versions can proc in sequence, other idols that favor only wrath or starfire are diminished in value.

    I guess a tree-type would want to avoid anything involving fire 🙂

  5. I’m very sceptical about the resto druid set bonuses also! I still think this patch is coming way to quickly – I’ve only just equipped myself into 4 pieces of tier 8, I’m not ready to give up my instant rejuv heal yet!

    The best part of the patch so far is the cute vanity pets (omg that raptor is adorable) and the yummy spell power idol.

  6. As much as I look forward to many aspects of 3.2, I do see your point with the new raid. 4 separate lockouts is great in theory, but it will be sorely limiting to many people who will simply have to cut other parts of their WoW time down just to make time to kill the same boss 4 times. I hope Icecrown doesn’t follow the same system.

  7. Re: Normal/Heroic splits for 10 and 25 man instances.

    I’d seen this as a way of addressing the “second class” nature of 10-man content, if you see what I mean. If you have 10-man Normal and 10-man Heroic, you get internal progression in 10-man raids, without needing to get 25 guys together.

    I might be wrong, though.

  8. So many quick comments to the 3.2 patch. For starters the new druid art makes me want to resurrect my old druids! The new experience gains from battlegrounds make me want to “squee!” because I won’t feel guilty about loving BGs as I’m leveling my priest.

    But there are some “Oi” moments… Not major of course.
    Penance: Cooldown increased to 12 seconds, up from 10 seconds. I was really starting to enjoy my dual spec Disc because of this spell.

  9. I wouldn’t really consider MF a low priority spell, especially glyphed. IMO the only time I would ever let it run out and not renew it right away would be midway through an Eclipse proc. It will be interesting to see what the iCD is of the new idol because Eclipse as of now is so RnG, the extra crit should help alot when it comes to proccing. Also, I’m curious to see how the change to Eclipse will turn out with solar and lunar on different cooldowns.

    And good god that LB nerf sucks for pvp…good bye 12k blooms while stunned 🙁

  10. My xmute specialist alt will actually have a purpose??? No…… really?
    His cooldowns will actually be worth something???
    OMG let me go stock up on blue gems and eternals so i can then turn them into purple sweet candy.


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