Matticast Episode 11: Tough Conversations: Kicking, Demoting, Replacing.

Welcome to Episode 11 of The Matticast. This week BorskMatt, Kat, and Brian, discuss:

– How To Have Tough Conversations

– Kicking Someone, Demoting Them, or Replacing Them In Raid

– Dealing with Couples and “Package Deals”

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8 thoughts on “Matticast Episode 11: Tough Conversations: Kicking, Demoting, Replacing.”

  1. So you approached how to have tough conversations from the leadership point-of-view. But what about guilds where the officers and GM have been in place for 2-3 years and refuse to listen to any thoughts/ideas from the guild? They are content with the guild’s place, yet, a good majority of the guild would like progress (whether it is PvP, PvE, whatever) further in the game. Yet, when ideas are brought to the leadership they flat out don’t listen or worse chastise you for trying to “rock the boat?”

    Is it as simple as just quitting the guild or is there a way for the guildies themselves approach the officers on Mt Olympus without being struck down by lightning?

  2. A 10m raiding holy pally officer eh?

    What if i’m a 10m raiding resto shaman officer with a level 63 holy pally alt? HMMMMMMMMM?

  3. As I was listening to your part on package deals I realized that you may not have a good perspective on it from the package deal side. My wife and I are a package deal, essentially if we both aren’t raiding at the same time we just aren’t raiding at all. WoW is essentially our hobby that we do together. Doing it apart kinda defeats the purpose. It is not as though she or I am bad and the other is good, its more of a “we only play together” deal. There may be some package deals that are abusing the system but another possibility is that they do this to spend time with each other enjoying something together. If the raid sits one it effectively sits the other (or horrible consequences will ensue *ooOOOOOOoooOOooOOooOo*)

    From a GM/officer perspective I can see how this is a huge pain in the but. I heal regularly so my spot is a little more safe then her dps spot.

    • Absolutely, Korban. We actually picked up a couples package the other day. Both are solid status players and have certainly earned their keep. If two people can hold up their end of the bargain, no problem at all. The trouble comes when you have 1 who is amazing and the other is only sub par.

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