Matticast Episode 8: Patch 4.0.6 and Listener E-mails

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Matticast. This week MattKat, Brian, and special guest Veronica from Ask Mr Robot discuss:

– How Patch 4.0.6 effects healers

– Listener e-mails about raid issues, gearing, and judging tank performance.

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9 thoughts on “Matticast Episode 8: Patch 4.0.6 and Listener E-mails”

  1. So much to reply to hehe. Thanks again guys, I look forward to this each week.

    Freakin’ love the suggestion for using officer channel for suggestion. I’m going to try that out. Would be curious, however, to hear about any negatives people have experienced with this approach. My primary concern would be it being abused, but I guess that comes down to the maturity of the guild.

    When comparing performance between different classes, there is a great site to use that offers a general benchmark: Gives an idea of what raid leaders can expect from the various classes/specs.

    • I think one way to keep the officer chat option from being abused is to either only turn it on for raids. Or make a Raider level in your guild and only give them access. That way alts/non-raiders can not spam the channel.

    • Yeah, if you find that certain clowns in your guild are abusing the priviledge, you can just drop them down to a rank where they can’t use it. Voila, problem player isolated.

  2. I’m in a guild where we can type in officer chat, it’s great imo. I can let the officers know I’m afk a min without encouraging others to afk, and sometimes just to let off a little steam if someone is being a little/lot annoying…
    On a more constructive note, it’s great for pointing out things you might have noticed, and people can quietly make suggestions without being disruptive to the raid. We also use Officer chat for Loot Council (linking the item to be replaced), n it’s working well

  3. I think Resto druids need a new creative ability. We got Tree of Life form with Cataclysm – what else? Effloresence?- Yipeee. Priests got new Chakra stuff, Life Grip = Awesome. Pally’s got new abilities. Shaman’s got Healing Rain and errr, Cast whilst walking thing. Castable Barkskin for druids sounds a bit boring and a cop-out.

    • It is interesting that going into Cata, Blizz said Resto Druids were not getting a lot of new things because they liked the toolset that they had. We haven’t even gotten to the first content patch and that has already changed.

    • I don’t know if i would say druids got “jipped” out of creative abities. All 4 classes got their “ground” aoe heals and one other new ability. Tree of Life is your new ability.

  4. I suppose it is a new ability, although it’s only an ability that alters current abilities. And it’s not all that great.

    I don’t really use Tree of Life as a “Oh Shit” cool down, it’s more like a mana conservation ability. I use it half way through a fight by spamming life bloom around and using instant regrowths to refresh it.

    The days of using Tree Of Life to see if you could use all your mana in a fight by spamming as many instant regrowths as you can are sadly gone.

    I think when you use Wild Growth in ToL form it also puts a lifebloom stack on the targets… maybe a bit OP though 🙂


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