Matt’s Mailbag: Aldor or Scryer? Hunter for Priest?

love reading you blog, thank you very much for such insight into the World of Priests. I’m an Alliance 63 Shadow Priest and leveling as quickly as possible. At 70 I want to go the Holy route though. I don’t want to take a mass of your time, but should I go Aldor or Scryer?

Many thanks for you time,

Thanks or the kind words. I won’t tell you which faction to go but I will tell you what faction I chose and my thought process behind it. Check out WoW Wiki’s Aldor or Scryer Comparison page. Its a detailed list of the rewards and items each side offers.

Let’s examine the items first. You get a great healing staff that you can go into dungeons with if you choose Scryer. But if you end up Exalted with the Aldor and you’re not packing anything but a blue neck piece, take a good hard look at the neck offered by the indigo skinned ones.

Shoulder enchants will continue to go a long way. You have a choice between 33 healing and 4 mp5 or 22 healing and 6 mp5. I took the extra 11 healing. I didn’t think the 2 mp5 was going to make that big of an impact. I’d like my heals to have a bit more “oomph” to them, so to speak.

Lastly, I am also a tailor. Scryer tailors can create spell damage leg patches and Aldor tailors can make healing leg patches. By picking out Aldor, I did not have to shell out copious amounts of gold for a Golden Spellthread. I can simply grab the mats and create them myself at my leisure.

I tend to be a “big picture” thinker. I like to think about where my character will be 3 months for now and how much replacement my gear and such will need. In the long run, Aldor was the route to go for me.

I was wondering if I should trade my main, 70 Nelf Hunt, for a 70 full merc shadow priest. I have just really gotten bored with my hunter as it turns into the same tactics with raiding and PvP so I would like to try something new. If I did do this would it be fair I would be trading my WHOLE account which is a 64 pally 70 Nelf hunter and various alts 20-. My hunter is decently geared has 2 peices of glad, 3 vindicators, and veng war axe, rest misc. blues from instances and T4 gloves. I am just really confused about this and did not know anyone else to ask but a priest. I will not get jipped off or anything since I know this person in IRL. I would just like to know your opinion on this matter and if it will be worth it in the long run.

P.S. I am only 14 so my grammer and writing sucks really bad I know.

– Anonymous

First off, I want to point out that your grammar and writing are a lot better than many people I know my age.

Second, you should know that I am a holy priest not a shadow priest. I have never played my priest as shadow so I cannot offer any thing close to advice about this.

Third, I believe you are asking the wrong question. You have just told me the reason why you feel like trading your account. You are bored of playing your hunter. I think the real question you need to ask yourself is why you are bored of playing your hunter. I’ve played WoW for almost 3 years and a majority of my time is spent healing. But it’s what I do that keeps me busy and interested. If you pick up the shadow priest, I suspect you will get bored of that eventually because you’re acting as a mana battery for the other casters (VE, VT, mind flay, etc). If you think trading accounts will help ignite your interest in the game again, then by all means go for it. But it sounds to be like a short term solution to a potentially long term problem. A lot of players I know have a case of altitis. Perhaps you should see them and get infected?

Readers, feel free to chime in on either of the questions. Have I forgotten to mention something? Am I clearly deluded?

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  1. Being a mana battery is far from boring. It is quite demanding if you’re doing it right.

    That’s like saying you suspect you’ll get bored of the game ’cause all you end up being is a healbot.

  2. So I come here, I read the blogs…I know Matt is a pillar of knowledge. I come seeking advice unrelated to the post above.

    Here is the scenario:
    Guild leader (GL) gets long lost main tank (MT) to return to the guild. MT promptly begins taking charge of raid runs as he has been asked to. GL starts working overtime and is not online very often, most senior officers are never online and do not raid, GL shows up one day and checks in on MT…MT tank decides he does not want to have someone looking over his shoulder anymore because he’s virtually running the guild. MT asks the best people/raiders in the guild to start a new guild with him and obtains many followers. A new guild is pending, but there is concern. Word is that usually the GL will pay for the ventrilo server, and yet, this MT doesn’t have a job.

    So the real question: who pays for the vent server? LOL…options please. 😛

  3. Anon: Whoever has the money and is willing to pay for it. No one should be forced to fork out dough for a vent server even though it is a necessity. Your new guild doesn’t seem to have the former GL in it anymore. There is no point for him to pay for a vent server in a guild he isn’t a part of.

  4. Thanks Matt..yeah, I wasn’t real clear I guess. The new guild GL is the old guild MT.

    We worked around it…different officer pays each month. 😛

  5. Hi, This is the Shadow Priest that asked question #1. Thanks for your response, it’s given solid insight into the factions for me. Becoming a Holy Priest is my goal (made my Primal Mooncloth Belt 2 days ago in preparation for 70) so Aldor it is for me. Moz.

  6. I respecced CoH two days ago, last night I dual healed Kara bar Prince and Netherspite.

    Maybe it’s the novelty, most fun I’ve had raiding Kara in ages.

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