Matt’s Secret Project Needs Help

Can’t disclose anymore at the moment, but I’ve decided to turn to public appeal as a last resort. Here’s the scoop. I’m working on something special but I’m not going to disclose what it is.

I’m looking for two players to talk to. They have to be willing to discuss their UIs. But there’s a few things that you should know.

a) I’m not looking for a Grid/mouseover healer. Yes it’s popular. Yes it’s effective. I already have someone who has discussed their UI with me that involves Grid and macros.

b) If you’re a raid healer who does not use the above combination to heal, look me up anyway. Your interface might be sufficiently different enough.

c) Do you heal in PvP? Either arena or battlegrounds will work. I’d like to have a chat.

d) 5 mans and heroics. If you heal 5 mans extensively, I’m also looking for you.

Use comments below to illustrate interest. Make sure you leave your E-Mail. Alternatively, you can email me directly ( and yes, that’s 3 Ts. I do have GChat and I’m on practically all the time).

Those of you that do know what I’m secretly up to, don’t publicize it any further.

Submissions closed! Thanks for your help everyone!

43 thoughts on “Matt’s Secret Project Needs Help”

  1. Hey Matt

    I heal with Healbot (having tried Grid many times, but can not get over the learning curve.)

    Wintergrasp is about as much PvP and I get into but I do run lots of heroics and raids. ( as raid and tank healer on Shaman and Druid.)
    .-= surly´s last blog ..Terrific Job in ToC! =-.

  2. My UI is very close to stock except for healbot, which I only use for raid healing. For tank only healing, I stick to focus + hotkeys. I actually use stock raid frames from time to time when dealing with specific tank rotations & pre-buffing. I use various macros, but none of them are mouse over. I’d be happy to chat over gchat/email if you’re interested.

  3. I play a shadow priest with my off spec as holy. I regularly heal 5 man heroics, and the occasional raid (my holy gear at times is better than my shadow gear).

    I never set my system up for anything like a mouseover. It would confuse the heck out of me. I’m afraid my ui might scare some, but you’re welcome to ring me up 🙂

    shawndrakai at gmail dot com or grab me on Twitter @shawndra 🙂
    .-= Shawndra´s last blog ..Who? What? Where? Why? How? =-.

  4. I heal on my Druid using X-Perl unit frames (yes… that is all). No mouse over macros. Just use regular keybindings like I do on my lock – I know, I am a bad bad healer. Probably not different enough for you, but it’s different to most healers (and hell, my Druid is virtually my main now in a lot of ways). You know how to find me if you are desperate and need the scum from the bottom of the barrel (ie – me). 🙂

    Good Luck!
    .-= Saresa´s last blog ..Raid Leaders Suck! =-.

  5. I heal 10mans, arenas and bgs on my priest and shammy with pretty much nothing but x-perl.. Everything is souped up with macros, but I only use mouseover for dispels.

  6. As so far, Im a lower level healer (39) But I do regular 5 mans / BG / etc with my Holy priest. I do not use any healing Addons, if you think Im someone useful, get back to me at my email or at my toon on Cenarian Circle (RP / Horde) Gologer.

  7. I use Grid but don’t even have Healbot installed. I use Clique only for dispels and disease removal. Everything else is done using Belkin Nostromo n52te game controller.

    I’ll be happy to talk to you if you want.

  8. I do use grid to heal, but I don’t use any mouse overs or macros. I heal raids quite a bit, but I also heal 5 mans and heroics quite a bit. I’m also a PvP healer. I don’t have a reputable arena record or anything, but I have been high rated before and I do BGs a lot.

  9. I use Grid and macros but not with mouseovers (ewww). I do a combination of target and focus healing with an “oh crap” button for healing myself. I do A LOT of battlegrounds and 5 mans so my setup is both offensive/defensive disc healing.

    When 5 man healing or raid healing I will use something like the following macro:

    /cast [nomodifier=ctrl] Power Word: Shield
    /cast [modifier=ctrl, target=focus] Power Word: Shield
    /cast [harm] Mind Blast

    I have a 4 button mouse and one of the buttons is mapped to CTRL so the above macro lets me heal the tank or my pvp partner without changing targets. This setup works EXTREMELY well when healing two tanks.

  10. Due mostly to having a very crummy computer, I’ve always tried to keep my addons to a bare minimum… During my main raiding in BC for example, I only ran with Omen and DBM and use the Blizzard default raid frames.

    However, since starting the harder LK 25 mans, I’ve had to adjust things in order to have my performance not ruined. I started using VuhDo a few months back, and have loved it. (Had to lower a lot of settings to compensate for the extra memory usage, but worth it.)

    So, in short, if you’re looking for someone used to running with close to the default, I should be able to help you out some =)
    .-= Khi´s last blog ..< Raiding Guild > LFM! Have tabard. =-.

  11. Due to Blizzards almost fanatical devotion to improving its standard UI, and my dislike for an exceedingly cluttered screen I run almost completely modless. I have DBM and had Omen for a while, but after Blizz added the in-game threat meter and I started raiding/dungeoning with better tanks I didn’t even need Omen any more.

    Actual Healing:
    Healing-wise I love to heal battlegrounds and arenas, in fact thats pretty much the only thing I do during Arenas and during battlegrounds apart from a smite/SW:P/holy fire here and there. I suppose it doesnt appeal to many, healing in battlegrounds, but keeping someone insane at PvP damage up long enough to kill everyone around them is just so fun. Other than that, PvP wise its just fun to be the one healing, not just going bat-crazy on everyone like a giant button masher.
    I also run 5-mans religiously, both before the Conquest in Heroics patch and after. I’m currently in a dynamite guild so I have plenty of people who want to run and nothing gets badges faster than chain heroics. I run both standard and heroic though prefer heroics for the badges and better rep. I seem to fit the bill, so if you need me, email me and ill get back ASAP.

  12. Pure, unmodded, WoW druid healing. Standard party frames, raid frames, etc, …and usually the best healer in the bunch. It’s about the healer’s skill, not how many addons they can squeeze into their UI to make up for it.

    5 mans, 2v2, 5v5 arenas, bg’s, 10 mans, 25 mans, you name it. Who needs all those fancy bells and whistles to heal? Not this guy.

    .-= Sedgewick´s last blog ..The Art of /Gkick =-.

  13. Unfortunately I am an insert-unit-frame-here-plus-Clique healer, but at the moment the ONLY thing I run is pug 5mans, in the process of leveling up my third (yes, I have a healing fixation) resto druid. I do love talking about mods and UI layouts and such, though. I haven’t done a terribly great deal of PVP since vanilla, but I have been a BG tree off and on since mid-BC and still display my Sergeant Major title with pride.

    bagelscanbesoevil at gmail dot com is my email.

  14. Matticus, I would love to talk to you about my amazing ui for arena/bg’s. I use grid, but w/o clique or any mouseover macros. I’m only at 1750 in twos atm, but me and my rogue are generally around 1850+. My threes hasn’t started up yet, but im generally 1850+ there too. I use an extensive amount of addons but none of them suck up too much memory ^_^

    I also run a lot of five-mans, but generally a lot at a time, and then I take a break for about a week.

  15. Hey Matt!
    Since you’re getting a lot of offers I thought I’d tell my situation as well and if you’re interested I’d tell more about it.
    I do use grid, but I hate mouseover, I tried clique but I just can’t work with it.
    My PvP healing experience is quite casual (2v2 for fun once in a while, the bg’s when I’m bored or a wintergrasp to get VoA) . B
    ut I do heal 5man instances daily (about 2 instances a day -Healing one as we speak xD). And also 10m and 25m instances quite intensively (only priest in the guild ftw…).

  16. Hey Matt

    I am Holy (MS) / Disc (OS) Priest, and mainly raid 10s and 25s and do the occasional BG. I’ve been doing a lot of 5 mans too recently. Never done Arena – well once or twice at level 70.

    I used to use Grid plus Clique then moved over to mouseover macros. I have now moved onto VuhDo+mouseovers but can happily switch in between Clique (but get a sore hand with so many heal combinations) and mouseovers and between Grid/VuhDo.

    Looking forward to finding out about your new project.

  17. Hi Matticus!

    My guild is a small group of college friends, so we only really run 5 mans and heroics. I’m a Druid healer, and though I have Grid set up, I generally stick to using Pitbull. I don’t use Clique, sticking primarily to keyboard healing and macros, and I don’t PvP (world, battegrounds, arena) at all.

  18. Hi 🙂

    I am primarily holy, sometimes disc (usually only for pvp). I use grid or x-perl frames depending on what I am healing, I use no mouseovers. I use bartender bars and I also use the wacraft mouse, but not with mouseover macros. Keybinds are what I use mostly. I have healed all the raids currenlty in game (not on heroic/hard modes for all of them though), and I often heal in BGs, but not arena. I like my ui and think I use it very efficiently and keeps me engaged in the game.

  19. X-perl and mouseover macro keybinds since level 70. I have X-perl changed a decent bit from it’s default look. I just couldn’t get into Grid whenever I tried it. I haven’t healed in pvp since level 70, and that wasn’t much. I was a healer on a quite successful pvp team at 60 though.

  20. Like Sar, I also have a resto druid that uses xperl to heal and no mouseover macros. On top of that, I don’t use any sort of HoT timer addon either. I do have decursive though, but mainly as a consequence of using it on my mage.

    While the druid’s main spec is now feral, I certainly have no qualms against healing pugged heroics, since I do it quite a bit as a consequence of the copious amounts of DPS classes in LFG on my server.
    .-= krizzlybear´s last blog ..How to Beat Koralon The Flame Watcher =-.

  21. Paladin heaer – heal 3v3 and 2v2, and in BGs. Raid heal using grid and heads up healing – and use standard blizzard raid frames on the Northrend Beasts fight because I haven’t taken the time to setup my Grid to show the acid/fire debuff.

    PvP I do the same, with pulled out blizzard frames for my friends/party mates.

    I don’t use clique, mouse-over macros, or anything else fancy. I do use some DBM or Big Wigs custom timer bars for my sacred shield and Beacon – but I’ve recenty found an addon that tracks all the beacons/SS in the raid.
    .-= Adgamorix´s last blog ..A look at ToC and rankings =-.

  22. Hey Matt, I would hit up Teazone from Sinful Intent.

    He has a very bizarre healing style and technique and I can only imagine his UI is strange as well.

    Worth a shot anyway.

    I personally use the Stock Raid UI, Class timers to track Beacon, Sacred Shield etc.
    Class timer also keeps track of anything I put on my focus target.

    Depending on the fight I will either use decursive or hotkeys for dispels.

    Good Luck!

  23. Being an old school healer (pre TBC), I’ve never got into using Grid or the mouseover functionality. I do use decursive (some) and DBM. But that’s it for mods.

    I pull out the groups onto my screen from the base UI raid window and then the 2 tanks we’re using. We run 10 man raids only so it doesn’t take up much real estate. I cover mostly raid healing and the occassional tank healing (when HoTs are in demand). I do alot of 5 man heroics and enjoy the melee heavy runs. Tends to keep me on my toes and keeps me sharp for those last minute emergency cases that might raise their ugly head in our raids

    I’m just starting to get back into Arenas, but I still run BGs and heal in those with the same layout. Larger BGs tend to use up a little more screen with all the groups, but I’m mostly looking at health bars anyway.

    All my main healing HoT’s are keybound as are the most important macros (they need to be to survive on a PVP server).
    .-= Bacon´s last blog ..Grabbing Ash or Pine =-.

  24. I run with grid for unitframes with the mana bars addon (must track the mana other healers have for hymn of desparation). I mainly heal tanks in our raids (disc priest). I run the odd battlegrounds when I can go with a few guildemates (more mounts!). I run with a couple more mods (DBM, omen – in case of going shadow, and ora2).

    I also have a tree/bear who either tanks or heals the alt runs with basically the same set up.

    I have mostly the default settings for grid except to show who has the weaked soul debuff.

    I tend to bind abilities used at similar frequencies to the same keybinds in my different characters (rejuv and shield are both 1, penance and wildgrowth are both 3).

    Haven’t posted anything here before but read regularly. Best wishes on your project.

  25. I heal Disc with VuhDo + click binds (Shift, alt, ctrl + 5 button mouse, no Mouseovers or Macros), I heal alot in WG, ppl love heals no matter what in BG’s so its a good stress free training ground. I do heal 5 mans but due to RL responabilties rarely have time to commit to a 2 hour stretch to raid. Have used Grid in the past but found Vuhdo a much simpler all in one addon. In addition to Vuhdo I run POM Tracker and decursive (I dont like to decurse from the vuhdo frames since Im clicking alot in there already.) I hope you much success in your project and thanks for all your info over the years. You have made me a better healer …….Cheers

  26. I applaud you all for your ability to heal without healbot or grid+clique, but there’s something about this that really bothers me. Those of you healing with mostly stock UI wont be running LibHealComm or healbot’s equivelent, which means that other healers aren’t seeing your incomming heals.

    I don’t use healbot, but I keep it loaded and hidden anyway so that the other healers in my guild who are using it can see who I’m healing and we can avoid overhealing.

  27. Hey Matt,

    I heal on a resto shaman with mostly Ulduar gear and up. I heal 5-man (Heroics only), 10 man (hardmode and non-hardmode) and 25 man (hardmode and non-hardmode). I also heal the occasional BG, but I simply do not have the time to Arena these days. Raid + work is tough enough to keep up with while still having a life ;D

    I use Grid and Dominos. Haven’t really tried any other addons as those two suffice me quite well. Lemme know if you think I can help ya out 🙂

    God Love and Game On

  28. Volunteers have been selected. Thanks to everyone that has volunteered! Hopefully I’ll be able to publically share what I’ve been working on soon.

    Hint: Its something I do a lot of but have never done before professionally

  29. Good Luck Matt! Will be interested in what you write as I have been a holy priest for the past 3 years and it has only been THIS year that I switched to grid. Until then it was oldschool and even now i dont clique or click or whatever, I still old school heal so if your contacts don’t work out give me a holler.


  30. hey, i think i’m near all those topics you posted. only miss out on the pvp one, i think. i nearly don’t do any pvp. sometimes, a friend might ask me to give it a try and see what comes out of it, but it normally nothing comes out at all! l0ol
    i simply don’t like the pvp side of the game. mainly arenas. i might eventually go cruising on a BG or two, but with pugs and… with all the typical disorganisation we kinda end up losing most of the times, if not… all of the times, l0ol.

    anyway, i have no idea what you’re “secretly up to”, but i match most of the topics you stated.

    be glad to help you out on anything you need. i like to come to your website from time to time, since there’s some good players around here, i’ve learned a few things. 🙂

  31. Looks like you have a lot of responses, but I fit your bill pretty well here. I’m a Disc priest, by the way.

    I use Grid, but not Clique, and I don’t use any mouseover macros. I click raid frames and cast using hotkeys. I heal mostly 10-man raids and lots of 5-man heroics. I generally find that a global cooldown (or a heal cast time) is sufficient time to click the next heal target and figure out what I’m casting next.

    My website is my UI blog, and I’ve worked on my UI extensively.

    I do heal the occasional Wintergrasp battle as well. I’m not extremely experienced in battlegrounds, as I’m mostly PvE-oriented.
    .-= Daedhir´s last blog ..DaedhirUI 1.3 released =-.

  32. Raid heals disc here 🙂

    when i’m in a group of 5 or less i just stick with the F1-F5 keys + macros…. and hardly ever use a mouse unless targeting something specific when there’s many mobs around.

    when i’m in a raid, i use wow’s raid frames + clique + keyboard. not every spell i normally use would fit with my 5 button mouse.

    and i heal any and everything. arena, battlegrounds, dungeons, heroics, 10, and 25 mans…..

  33. oh yeah also @ChiperSoft
    wouldn’t it be wiser to just heal someone if their health is low anyway? if you see that someone is casting a heal on someone and decide not to heal them… what happens if they (healer) has to move out of fire.
    if target goes out of range? if healer gets silenced?
    if someone’s low cast a heal on them, if they get to full health… jump, move, press escape, anything to stop the cast if you’re worried about mana.

    wouldn’t over heals be better than no heals and dead?


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