Matt’s Three Stars: Week Ending October 26

[Matt’s Note: I finished this yesterday. I didn’t hit the publish button. Fired.]

Ten Commandments for Casual Groups: Kestrel’s Ten Commandments deserved first star honors this week. I think that they are excellent principles to abide by for all players. I daresay that it would stretch outside of most instances and can be applicable to other activities in game as well. Breaking CC’s is especially fatal during the 25’s (wretched sporebats).

Trusting the Leadership: I’ve been on both sides of the officer wall. I’ve served my time as a class lead, an officer, an adviser, and a raid leader. It is not easy at all to execute those types of leadership roles. My hats off to those who are able to handle the pressure and flourish under the conditions. Galadria’s post on recognizing and respecting the leaders in Guild for a reason earns her the second star. It’s not always possible nor is it practical to keep everyone informed about everything that goes on. Sometimes, it’s best if certain information was best left within the upper tiers of the organization. Leaders need to think in a certain fashion and faced with tough decisions. It is not a position to be envied.

There IS No Tanking Shortage: The last star goes to newcomer (to me anyway) Galo who supplies a list of reasons about the seeming shortage of tanks. Even on a server as large as Ner’Zhul, tanks can be hard to find. Personally, I think the reason it’s so hard to find them is because they simply choose not to make themselves available for various reasons. Maybe Paul Tankiya’s forming up for a raid. Maybe Joe Hallentank doesn’t have time to last a full instance so they don’t bother. Jarome Tankginla’s possible undergeared. They want to spend their time efficiently and going into that particular instance is inefficient because they have everything needed.

Or they’re just lazy bastards =).

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  1. A reader on my blog just recently linked me this post in comments about the “There Is No Tank Shortage” post. I had by blog get read that far and wide. Yet thanks for the post mention as its the first time ever been to this blog also.


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