Minimum Class Stat Requirements for Karazhan

A dear friend asked me for some help a few days ago. She wanted to know what the minimum requirements are for new players looking to enter Karazhan. I’m not looking for numbers that will take down Prince on the first try. What I want are respectable numbers that players of any class can shoot for. I’m looking for ABSOLUTE MINIMUMS HERE. These are the kinds of numbers that will down Attumen after one try, Moroes after three, Maiden after two, and Curator after fifteen because they don’t have the gear for it.

These are the numbers that she has so far. Any recommendations or adjustments? I’ve modified the numbers for opinions on Holy Priests and Shamans. When I get a chance, I’m going to begin perusing the blogs of my other colleagues to see if they have any information that I can add to this list. Even a simple confirmation of numbers would be nice to see, so don’t be shy! (Note: Don’t mind the colors. I copied it directly off a forum)



12000 Armor, 12000 hp, 490 def., 15-30% Dodge/Parry

1700 ap, 70 hit, 33% crit


415 def with 3/3 Survival of the fittest, 12000 hp, 30% Dodge, 20k armor
(As suggested by Karthis)
600 dmg, 15% crit (caster form), 75 mp/5, 75 hit

+1000 heals, 100 mp/5


1300 – 1400 ap, 90 hit, 20% crit
As suggested by mesczante


6000+ health, 7500 mana, +1000 healing, 100 mp5

6000 mana, +650 dmg, + 3-5% hit
(As suggested by MK)


8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1450 ap, 17.5% crit, 75 hit

8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1750 ap, 17.5% crit 75 hit


950 – 1000 heals, 110 mp/5, 10% crit

+500 dmg, 20% crit

1000 – 1200 ap, 20% crit, 8% hit


+600 dmg, 90 hit, 25% crit, 6000 hp and 7000 mana
(As suggested by Calandris)


102.5% Total avoidance (dodge/parry/block)
490 def, 10500 hp, +100-150 dmg

1000-1200 heals, 80-100 mp/5, 8000-9000 mana, 15-20% holy crit


Affliction: 7000 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit

Destro/Demon: 7000 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit, 20% crit

Again, your comments and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. damage hit and crit for mages looks about right. HP for mages should be around 6K and mana around 7K

    this can vary but i am going on the assumption of fire raid spec. Thats about what I entered Kara as.

    Calandris – Priest
    Necroleanan – Mage

  2. Druid Tank:

    Post suggests:
    > 415 def with 3/3 Survival of the fittest, 12000 hp, 20% Dodge

    I would recommend the following to start Kara:
    415 defense (SotF is a must), 20k armor, 12k health, and 30% dodge

    That’s about where I stood in mostly dungeon blues & quest greenies. Enchants may be required to hit the dodge…. but it’s needed.

  3. I would suggest that all Hunters have at least 75 Hit

    With 0 or little hit Hunters will see a significant decrease in Boss DPS

  4. I think the MP5 is a little high for bare minimums for a HealPriest. I’d say 85-90 is a bare minimum and 120 would be good for the first half. The 1k healing is good.

  5. The AP for BM hunters seems a bit high – though if you’ve stacked AP and neglected hit rating I suppose it roughly evens out.

  6. I would drop all the healing numbers down to 900, and prolly drop the mp5 numbers as well to around 75-80mp5 for Paladins. Resto druids also don’t need nearly as much mp5, since, especially if they’re trees, they’re stacking a lot more spirit. You’re talking about “bare minimums here,” and if you go by blues and stuff, which is what most people are going to have when they first go in. The numbers you’re talking about look more like what people that have been doing heroics or Kara already would be around. We’ve been bringing in a lot more new healers into Kara recently and we’ve been doing just fine with people starting around at the 900 +heal range.

  7. Thanks for all the input, guys! I’m going to make a few adjustments to the post later tonight and update it with your numbers. Still need a Warlock, a Rogue, Shadow Priest, and some others to confirm the numbers here…

  8. As a relatively fresh level 70 Holy Priest this subject that occupies me. Not been in Kara and not attuned for it but I am building for it and running all the attunement dungeons I can.

    Why aim for the minimum? I am working my way through your gear building list and love the +heal I am starting to generate (so thank you). Elitist Jerks opts for +1400 heal as a rule of thumb which sounds a sensible target for me.

    The real minimums are not a question for the priest or individual character, but one for the whole raid. It strikes me (if Kara is like any other instance) if you are running with experienced geared Kara farmers you could go in fresh and green. If your party are mixed and fresh to the instance then you had better be well prepared gearwise.


    That’s my recommended gear list which sports about 1700+ healing. I’m attempting to build a list that shows what the minimums are for each class. This assumes a new Guild who does not have Kara on farm or anything like that. Chances are, there are some Guilds out there who have just formed and started raiding. Obviously the higher the numbers the better. If you’re running in with geared Kara farmers, you could run in there with grey’s (but I wouldn’t suggest it) =).

  10. The rogue reqs. are WAY off for hit rating, i got through full kara with 120, starting is around 80-90, fairly easy to get with blues, i tried to get 220 without kara gear and its tough without sacrificing much damage

  11. Finally got around to reading this. I’m okay on everything except Health. Somehow, need to trade some mana for health (no WONDER I always have so much mana left when I go *squish*).


  12. I’d put a disclaimer at that top specifying that this is all for UNBUFFED stats (no self-buffs!). And you should clarify if hit ratings are with or without talents included (or state where hit talents are required).

    – I’d bump shadow priests up to 650 shadow damage.
    – For warlocks: try to break it down by affliction and destro/demon. Affliction would be about the same as shadowpriests (but with more health, 7k). For destro/demon: 7k health, 600 dmg (fire or shadow, depending on spec), 20% crit.

  13. Eh, I was thinking about putting a disclaimer up there but then I realized does it really matter? As long as you hit those numbers buffed or unbuffed you can do Kara either way.

    I’ll ramp the SPriest damage.

    I know next to nothing about other classes. I’ll split up the Warlock stuff as well.

  14. Well, it matters because the only way I can meet the minimum is if I have a clear understanding of what it is .. ya know? 🙂 For example, if I am a warlock wanting to know if I meet the minimum, then I would want to know if the numbers you are citing include Fel Armor (which gives me an extra 100 spell damage) or not. If I am a priest, I want to know if it includes fortitude or not (1k+ health is huge).

    As for spell hit rating, it seem a bit inconsistent. Some spell hit can come from talents. Shadow priests (for shadow spells), locks (for affliction spells ONLY), and arcane mages (for arcane spells) all have a talent to increase spell hit by 10%. Fire and frost mages have 3% (for fire and frost spells). Balance druids 4%. Elemental shamans have 6%.

    For shadow priests, I would require, at minimum, 4% (51 rating) plus full Shadow Focus (the talent that increases spell hit). Or you could go the route of saying: 14% spell hit including gear and talents. For affliction locks, I’d say the same as shadow priests. Demon/Destro locks want a bit more, so perhaps 90 for them? I really do not know enough about them, balance druids, or elemental shamans to say.

    As for mages, arcane would probably be about 3% hit from gear, and fire and frost would be higher … so 90 for them (assuming spell hit talents are taken)? Again, I do not know enough to say for sure.

    Good luck 🙂

  15. Hey mattikun, 30% dodge for druid MT’s is way high for a Beginning group going into Kara. I say more like 25%..I know with Sami I was MTing just fine at about 25ish. Also 30% dodge is extremely hard to hit, with my current set I am only at 29.5, and thats with Dawnstone Crab and Moroes, mind you I can get it up to 65%, but thats only with the use of both trinkets. If you were able to get that up to 30% with the 20k armor and 12k health….damn show me where you got them, because I completely missed things.

    2 cents

  16. you know Matt for the Prot Pally specs you have 102 avoidance. I dont know how you are getting those numbers most pally tanks I see when i add Parry/block/dodge are around 60 percent or so. Am I not adding right?

  17. The druid tanking looks a little over the top. Druid tanks should have at least 12k health but only around 25% total dodge. I was always taught get an average of 25% chance to dodge unbuffed in bear and then stack stamina like crazy. Feral DPS: 2.2k minimum AP, 65 hit rating, 20% (MINIMUM) crit%, helpful to stack some expertise

  18. You should specify if the 12K health for Druids is bear for or not. If it’s caster form I would say it’s too high (should probably be like 10K), if it’s Bear form I would say it’s too low (14-15K probably).

    Also I think the dodge number is too high, I have been through kara 3 times now and my dodge still isn’t that high.

  19. The PROT PALLY 102.4% avoidance numbers is totalled by adding up total miss/dodge/parry/block stats while Holy Shield is UP. 🙂

  20. Quote:

    12000 Armor, 12000 hp, 490 def., 15-30% Dodge/Parry

    That means a combined dodge + parry percent of 15-30%, right? So a warrior with dodge at 11.54, parry at 11.13 (combined 22.67) is good, right?

    To put the tank requirements in other terms, the tanks need to be uncrushable and uncrittable on top of all that other lovely mitigation. Is that about right?

    -Dacio 70 afflock

  21. OK. So I’ll admit that I don’t know that much about classes outside of Hunter but them I know well. The numbers that you have up there for hunters kinda overshoot the mark me thinks. I 13 epics and the rest all high end 70 blues and I don’t stack up with those numbers yet lol. The AP on hunters can be dropped by prolly about 100-200 and the crit chance down to 14%. Also hit rating can come down by half, hp and mana by 1000 each. Hunters are effective DPS almost no matter what their gear is and the hp really doesnt matter much since if they pull aggro from tank their dead in one or two shots anyways even at 10000 hp. Also BM and MM dont need that vastly different AP. Yes BM do more dps due to stronger pet and faster attack but MM is good to have along despite reduced dmg for silencing shot and such. Also i recommend MM Hunters get some points in Survival for things like improved trap and such. Almost useless in PvP but nice for CC in instances and Raids.

  22. The warrior dps req’s are wayyyyy off. You’re never going to see 33% crit before kara unless you’re full out pvp gear.

    I think 25-27ish crit is more inline for a fury warrior with 120 hit would be much more inline for starting stats.

    Leave the 2h at home, Fury for raids

  23. I found it interesting that under Paladin requirements, the Retribution spec wasn’t even MENTIONED! Please don’t ignore ret pallys for a source of dps, which can be quite good. Not to mention valuable buffs and ability to rez and DI.

  24. Lol, Conor beat me to it by a couple of days. I have a friend who’s a Ret Pally, and I was wondering what recommendation you would have for him. Whaddayathink?


  25. conor/Daxenos: There’s a reason why I haven’t listed Retribution Paladins yet. It’s because I don’t know :(. I’ve got my own ret pally in the works and I’m working on her to get some gear and such. I’m averaging about 390 DPS so that needs to go up much higher. I can’t offer any solid numbers yet, but see if you can shoot for 450+ DPS.

    Until then, much research and referencing must continue!

  26. I have a ret pally with PVP gear and I can easily do 500-600 DPS on a heroic boss using SoV but I cant get in on Kara to save my life because nobody is willing to give a ret pally a chance and Im too stuborn to go holy. ha

  27. The reason why folks are talking about ret pallys, or arms warriors, or demon locks, etc. is because they are most interested in PvP or solo-ing than being with a group. Seriously.

    A ret pally or arms warrior is not going to touch the DPS numbers of a similiarly geared mage, rogue, or lock. But the second part of DPS is CC. Whenever I’m looking for a group to hit heroics/raid- I look for real healer (holy priest/holy pally/resto druid), a real tank (prot warrior/prot pally/feral druid), and the rest DPS and CC. Notice the ‘and’.

    If you are just a DPS, then that slot could be used for someone that does the same damage you do, plus can take a mob out of the picture. As long as there are two CC folks in the group, its great having them. Less than that, they become a liability. The healer has to then heal THREE off tanks, and that usually spells disaster.

    I have a holy priest and a afflock. I picked these specs so that I can help out whatever group I’m in. And my play style has always been for whatever is best for the group. I’ll give up my big dam curse (CoA) and suffer the DPS loss- if my Malediction buffed Curse of Elements or Shadow means more DPS overall by debuffing for others. Sometimes that person picking who goes on the raid is looking at what else you bring to the party.

  28. To Zerefin that thinks that the Fury Warrior is way off :

    I have a Arms specced Warrior and he crits for 26%, and I don’t have the top +Agi items. I aim more for +Stamina and +Strenght. So the 33% crit suggested is pretty reasonnable IMO, if a you get items with +Agi.

  29. I’m just assumin that the minimum requirement set for dps warriors is talkin about arms warriors. cause 33% crit is kinda hard for a fury warrior to get unless he’s gemming for crit only and not for AP, which is a no-no. Also, less than 100 hit is not the smart thing for a fury warrior to do anyway. I’d say maybe 1.7-1.8k AP in berserker stance would be good, at least 100 hit, and 22-25% crit and you would do fine, at least 500-600 dps, this is for just startin Kara, not all epicced out or anything

  30. Arms/fury warrior and ret pally rant part two:

    So before I go into this, just want to say that I have guild buddies that are ret pally and arms warrior. So I’m trying to give a more factual reasoning as to why I seem like on bagging on you guys. Here’s what I’m learning from doing heroic PUGs on my 70 holy priest-

    The problem with arms/fury warriors and ret pallys in group is simple. In a ‘perfect’ group- you have a good tank, a good healer, and three high DPS with CC. You CC everything but what you are killing, let the tank engage and get aggro, pour on the DPS, and move to the next one.

    With an offtank you run into a problem. With real tanks, they take the least damage from mobs as anyone else. They are geared and talent buffed as such. If I’m just healing them, my threat from healing should never pass theirs.

    But non prot warriors and pallys is an offtank form of CC that take more damage and require even more healing than the main tank. My HPS just more than doubled, which basically doubles my threat. And since non-prot warriors and pallys have less threat building tools, the mob may pull off them and seek me out. Especially if others start taking damage for whatever reason and I have to PoH or use CoH.

    I learned this just leveling up in Outland long ago, from ‘tanks’ that were arms/fury warriors. It works until it doesn’t, and then I die. I’m talent buffed for 20% threat on heals, and if I can use Fade and pop a trinket and I’m still targetted- we are set to fail.

  31. For starting kara, a pally tank doesn’t need to be 102 avoid. Its nice, but for almost everything up to curator, its not needed. 102 avoidance is IMPOSSIBLE to get with out kara loot for a paladin. I have tried. Played my pally for four months at 70 trying to get 102 avoid for kara, said screw it and went without it. I sit at 11.5k health 6.5k mana 20% block,15 parry, and 17 dodge. 13k armor. Also, to gnomeplace, In a perfect group you have a pally tank, and w/ good heals, You never need to touch a mob w/ any cc to clear it fast and easy. H shatt halls, is paladin tanks dream. One more thing. Hunter stats were a bit high. and for survival, Plan on having the same stats as a BM hunter, but w/ at LEAST 500 agu for kara. 1500 ap is a bit high, but doable.My alt is SV and is always second in damage for our kara clears.

  32. This is gonna seem funny, but you left out moonkin tanks. The req’s are basically 10k hp, 20k armor, 500 bonus spell dmg, 220+ resil (makes the moonkin uncrittable in kara), at least 8k mana, 90+ mp5, and I haven’t come up w/ a good spell hit rating. other than that, stack stam.

  33. Just wondering about the 90 hit for warlocks. It count for both affliction and destro? Even if Affliction locks can get 10% spell hit from talents? 12.6 hit = 1%@70.
    10% spell hit is the same as 126 hit rating, personally I have 6% with talents, and 44 hit rating atm. That sums up to 120 hit rating for affliction spells, but only 44 for my shadowbolts.

    I use shadowbolts if there is no other lock in the group, if there is, I use drain life(more dps if there is many affliction dots), and only use shadowbolts when nightfall procs(procs more often when I use drain life).

    My question is; Is hit rating requirements equal for both afflicion and destro locks?

  34. The Enhancement number on AP is a Bit off, I run Kara w/ 1200 AP and 25% Crit, only the fully Kara epiced Combat rogue out DPSes me (Thanx to my buffs of course 😉 ) It should probably be straight 1000 AP and 20% Crit, the melee buffs enh adds (10% AP increase in 10 yards, Agility/Winfury Totem, and Strentgh totem) usually make a huge difference in the whole melee group

  35. This is for fury warriors, which most dps warriors are.

    DPS warrior numbers are way off….Hit should be 95 minimum if you have 3/3 precision talent in the fury tree, 142 without. AP should be around 1550-1650. Crit should be 26-28%. 33 is completely unrealistic.

  36. Rogue’s:

    U should change the needed hitrating of the rogue to 142, 142 HR is needed to cap out the special (yellow ) attacks, crit id change to 22-24 range as its easy to achieve for a rogue, and gives u every 4th instead of 5th hit a crit (theoraticly). I hope this helps, greetings Aelynn (EU-Karazhan realm, u can /w me anytime if u need advise.)

  37. elemental Shaans

    I think the crit is little 2 much – Without enchants i get up to 700 spell dmg, but with crit strike rating on all my items but 2 i get hardly 19%. And no – i got no green items, only blue and 5 epic.

  38. OK. Here’s the thing. The Dodge/Parry rating requirement for Warrior tanks is inaccurate. You need to factor in your Shield Black rating as well. The total Dodge/Parry/Shield Block should be a minimum of 45%. If not, your healer will never keep up unless they have at least +1500 bonus heals.

    Also to clarify, just in case someone isn’t sure, these are UNBUFFED stats. A Warrior Tank after buffs should be around 14,000 to 15,000 health, and at least 13,000 AC

    Don’t forget, tanks, there are wards for the chest and shield that absorb a lot of damage, and food buffs are a must for all party members. I use spicey crawdads which give a 30 Stamina boost. Every little bit helps.

  39. For Rogues The 1300 – 1400 ap and 20% crit are about right but your gonna need at least 150 hit rating rather then the 90 that has been suggested.

  40. Nice thread Matt. My season 2-3 + fully kara gear enchancement Shammy just cracked 1250 AP. I’d say a more realistic number would be 875-950 AP 20% crit. 6.25k health (all unbuffed). +6% to hit is easy with the right talent spec.


  41. ya i would definitely bring up all lock dmg to 650-700, especially self-buffed. This is easily hittable with a few epics, and it really doesn’t take much at all to get it up to 600. Aff locks only technically need 80 hit as that brings us up to the cap after talents, unless you are the type that uses shadow bolt alot, in which case 90 might help. Otherwise looks pretty good as a MINIMUM.

  42. pally tanks CAN hit uncrush/uncrit before kara…i have a gear set that proves it, and i never took a tank piece of out kara.

    And I do raid kara as Ret…and typically finish either second or third in damage, depending on how hardcore the mage and warlock AOE everything.

    Not QQing at anyone — just my two cents.

    And for christ’s sake, let the Ret pally raid — especially Kara! Everything there screams “Smack me with your holy goodness, paladin”.

  43. Hit is too low for warriors and AP and crit are probably a little on the high side for most of the preraid gear available, I run ~1750 AP, 150 hit and 26% crit (unbuffed) and make a fine showing (anecdotal obviously, generally 600+ dps and beating mages, sometimes locks and any rogue that isn’t full epics, spec is 17/44 fury.)

  44. I’m a dps warrior, and the kara requirements for them are:

    1400 AP, 95 Hit, 20% crit, your numbers are way too high for anyone at that level

  45. This should be my most updated armory… give this a look and let me know if you have any suggestions.

    I will say that I have yet to enchant most of my items. I plan on mixing the remaining enchants with the glyphs plus stam/agi/AP enchants and upgrading my gems using a few blues that need to get cut.

    When all is done it looks like my AP may be on the lower side, but my hit and crit will be pretty solid. Is that a good balance?

  46. id say hit for mages is a lil high i have 35 spell hit and i am about top 3 dmg done total, and usually top 1 or 2 for DPS

  47. … a paladin who knows how to play retribution, does well damage. im a retribution specced paladin, and im always high up on the damage meter, still if there is someone other at my gear lvl in the group

  48. I didn’t see anything for Retribution spec Paladins. While I know that they’re not in demand (or even liked), I still like using one.

    Since they play more or less like a combat speced rogue I assume the stats are roughly the same. On difference is that Ret Palys only need ~100 hit to max out our accuracy with a 2-hand weapon.

  49. continuing on the ret pally discussion, i’ve run one for quite a long time, and they contribute alot to raids, especially if u spec improved judgement of the crusader, everyone attacking the enemy the judgement’s on gets a crit buff. Most of their judgements contribute much to the raid, such as healing on each hit, or mana on each hit. plus in kara, they rule at dps cause most everything in kara is either undead or demon, which we specialize in killing. the only reason i respeced to prot is because people wouldn’t stop saying that we’re worthless to raids and only good for pvp >=(

  50. Great resource…I’m going to start vetting partymates against this page, for sure.

    How come no recommendation for feral druid dps? I’ll float 2,300 AP, 28% crit and +70 hit as the price of admission. There’s a comment above recommending 20% crit, that’s way too low.

    Feral druid tanking stats are fine for offtanking which is all you’d be doing upon entry anyway. Might be hard to hit 30% dodge, but it’s a good goal. 28% at least.

  51. right now, my hp is around 10.5k unbuffed, block+parry+dodge+holy shield is around 70-85%, and armor around 11.8k…i know i can’t tank all of kara’s bosses right now, but how far can i get through the bosses until it becomes a problem?

  52. Hunter AP is kinda high only rly need 1350 AP for BM and 1550 for MM ( unbuffed obviously). And u dont need that much health u should not b getting hit i started kara with 7k health and its never been a problem

  53. Those healing only apply IF there are three healers! Many groups attempt Karazhan with 2 healers (or maybe 2 and some offhealer) depending on the healer deficits on the server or on that day. If there are 2, a minimum of 1400+healing would be a requirement.

    As for confirming how successful these stats would be… well I was never irresponsible enough to attempt Kz without vastly better stats than these 😛

    I know for a fact you’ll get people looking at these numbers, being 10-20% below on each stat and thinking they just about meet the requirements for jumping into Kara. I think you need more bold caps underlined text stating that those people will let the group down! With these stats they should be doing more 5-mans (not even heroic worthy!!) and gearing up that way. It’s completely possible to gear up to a ZA level without setting foot in Karazhan, and people must take responsibility for gearing themselves rather than waiting for a raid group to do it for them.

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  55. For Enhancement Shamans:

    Enh. Shamans do not need quite as high of AP as other mele classes will to succeed in adequately DPSing Karazhan. Because of our Wind Fury (which is MUCH better than the WF totem we give to potential group members), we can throw up huge numbers with much lower AP. WF instantly hits two additional times with bonus 475AP on each hit. For this reason, I would suggest Enh. Shamans to work towards 900-950 AP for a starting point, which would put your WF AP around 1400 when it procs for you (WF has a 3 second cooldown and cannot proc again until the CD has expired). Stats are important, but stats will only compliment your skill and ability as a player. The know-how is the key to an enh. shaman.

    What is much more beneficial to understanding how to properly DPS as an Enh. Shaman is using suitable weapons and the correct spec. First is the spec. Enh Shamans DO NOT need any +Hit rating. If you spec correctly, you can reach the cap of 9% (142 hit rating) without any additional hit rating gear. This is achieved at 6% from the enh tree and 3% from the resto tree. This is a MUST have. Additional +hit is not a bad thing and will bring up your overall DPS largely, but the base amount can EASILY be reached through proplerly specing. As the gear comes, you will get more +hit which is a very good thing to have, but NEVER NEVER socket for +hit as a shaman. Put all your sockets into +Str and +Crit as these stats will soar you up to the top of the charts in no time flat.
    Secondly, obtain and use proper weapons. Enh Shamans that are not using two slow, hard-hitting weapons are going to screw themselves in a very major way, and you’ll never keep up with other mele classes. A fast off hand has a VERY high chance of procing your WF and putting you into WF cooldown for the next 3 seconds. WF’s from off hands that are fast barely do any damage at all and will gimp you from the opportunity of maximizing your beautiful WF’s by having them hit with the main hand weapon instead. Also, two fast weapons will not proc more WF’s… they go on a 3 sec CD and CANNOT proc more than that, period. On top of that, fast weapons don’t hit hard and won’t do much damage by comparison. Get the slowest and hardest hitting weapons as you possibly can in BOTH hands and let your flurry speed up your attacks. WF is your ticket into raids and high damage. Don’t gimp it, but rather, maximize at all costs. Having trouble getting weapons that meet this criteria? Season 2 weapons are FAR better than anything you will get from Kara and/or Heroics and easy to to get your paws on.

    For the Crit, 20% isn’t bad for a starting point. I’d suggest working toward something more along the lines of 22% if you can. Please remember, ALL of your bonuses will come from a mele crit (Unleashed rage, Flurry, Shamanistic Focus). Crit is abesolutely crutial to contribute to the mele group (you BELONG in the mele group due to these things and your totems), and will also really make your WF’s shine. Because of the two extra and instant attacks we get from WF, we Enh. Shamans really have a high number of hits and really need them to crit as often as possible. Crit will help you stay in the flurry and U.R. range and this will boost your DPS greatly.

    I have an enh. shaman named Striffe on Cho’gall – Horde. He’s at 1276AP, 26% crit and 100+hit on top of my 9% spec. I’m working towards gettin my expertise capped so mobs and bosses can’t parry or dodge my attacks as often. I have never been beaten in over all Damage in Kara except by very geared Locks that rape Illhoof. We roll with two rouges too whom I regurlarly beat by 2% damage and both are well over Hit Cap and have 2K AP. If you have questions, make a toon on my server and ask away. I’m glad to help where and when I can.

    One Love

  56. I hope Enh Shamans find good use from my post just above, however I have a question of my own:

    I don’t see much information about hit rating for tanks. My pal is a Druid tank and would like to get into kara. I think he’s very ready to do it in all aspects, but he’s not too confident about his +hit. Anyone able to shed a little light on how much +hit a feral tank would need to successfully hold aggro? He’ll likely start out as our off-tank.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  57. “Destro/Demon: 7000 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit, 20% crit” That crit chance.. is that with or without devastation added?

  58. Svog:

    As stated above, these are the bare minimums for Kara. It’s really just a guide or list of the base stats to be minimally effective in Kara. However you reach these stats – if it comes from your spec or from raid buffs/flasks/potions – isn’t of any consequence. Reach the numbers however you need to, honestly.

  59. What is the best mage spec for Karazhan, and what is a good set up for a good starting Kara group to it least get up to Maiden.

  60. I think those fury warrior stats are a bit high. From personal xp. and from what i’ve read a fury warrior who wants to go to kara and not be dead weight for guildies tp drag around should aim for something like this:

    Attack Power: 1450+
    Hit rating: 90+ = never miss with yellow damage
    Crit %: 25% out of Zerker Stance

    I think those are easier to aquire but still efficient to raid Kara. Good site, alliance FTW!! lol

  61. Warlocks:
    I would lower the affliction hit to 76 (that is where the affliction spell cap is with suppression). And raise the Spell Dmg. To 700. Also, this needs to can be shadow dmg, as immolate will only lower your dps/mana pool.

    As far as destruction goes, I would again push for 650-700 damage and lower the crit to 18%. This number should be before your hidden/talented 5% buff.

    I can comfortably raid T6 content 21/40 with something like 18.25% Crit. Not at the top of the dps but usually top 5. Although, I do have like 1079 dmg in raid gear so that might make a difference. I wouldn’t recommend that build for Locks until they have solid T5 stats. You will do more damage as affliction or deep destro.

    And thanks for the info, I am trying to gear some other toons for kara, and this list really helped me!

  62. The one about a MT as warrior seems abit low on hp and dodge/parry, when i first entered kara (very undergeared for it) i had about those numbers, before i could MT i was up at around 14k hp, 30+ dodge/parry so i would suggest a raise on that (oh and for prince fight, if you have less then 16k hp and or less then 20% dodge don’t go over 17% in parry becuse of hes riposte)

  63. I’m surprised by your BM hunter requirements. 1450 AP? We had Prince on farm by the time my Hunter (as BM) had that much AP, and I was topping the DPS charts at somewhere around 800-1200 (including pet damage)… The HP and MP seem right on track, but a BM hunter that is using cooldowns and trinkets should be able to more than pull his own weight EASILY with 1450 AP. That is, if you’re getting 1450 AP without Aspect of the Eagle on.

    The reason my DPS was topping the charts with only 1450 AP is because I popped all my trinkets and Bestial Wrath whenever they were up on a pull where the duration of the fight would be greater than the skill’s duration (we did some pretty big trash pulls).

    But the MOST important element to Hunter DPS is Shot rotation. If you don’t have a good shot rotation, your DPS will suck. If you have a good Shot rotation, you can out DPS people in purples when you’re just in blues. I remember going into Heroics with nothing but blues on and hitting the 800-900 mark and either tying or beating out people in full Heroic epics.

    Also, as a note, I ran Kara with blues intentionally even though I had several purples as replacements that had dropped in Kara just to stack more +hit. I had higher DPS than Mages, Warlocks, and Rogues fully decked out in T4 running around with at least 5 blues. The Blues definitely didn’t work for ZA, though, as I needed a lot more stam, int, and MP5 to maintain DPS, particularly because our Ret Paladin respecced to Prot for tanking and so we no longer had a mana battery via Judgement of Wisdom.

  64. wtf 1700 ap fury warr never hell no ffs 😛 1500. u cant get so much ap from doing hc dungeons. ffs got full pvp gear brutal vindicators and 2 veng 3 gladiators and i have 1567 and 2 kara epics. never 1700 34 c

  65. Anna Moreno:

    You were asking what a good raid set up would be for a starting group going into Kara. I’ve noticed that no one takes the time to answer questions, but rather they prefer to talk about their characters that nobody cares to hear about. For that reason, I’ve decided to take the time to answer your question:

    Good set up looks like this-
    -2 Tanks. Pref different class (ie War & Pal)
    -2 Healers 1700+heals (or total of +3500 healing)
    -1 Mage (fire suits the roll better for raiding)
    -1 Warlock
    -3 Melee (good enh shaman is a must for this grp)
    -1 of anything. Likely another healer for pug grp

    This gives you the ten maximum ppl you can bring to Kara. For the one random spot, you’ll be better off getting another healer if you’re pugging Kara for the first time. If you can pick up two solid healers, you will be better off with an extra DPS instead of another healer for the random spot. Many of the bosses in Kara have a rage timer and will go into berserk thus resulting in an unavoidable raid wipe.

    In Short:
    you must have 2 tanks, at least 2 healers (about 3500 total +heals) and you have to have a Warlock if you want to take out Illhoof – he’s an easy boss if you have a lock in the raid and pretty much impossible without one. You can fill in the rest as you please. Melee DPS is important, so don’t forget to bring them along as they make Shade of Aran a much easier fight.

    As for the preferred mage spec… can’t help ya, pal. Hope the rest was helpful.

  66. Fury Warrior:
    1500 AP (Always gem for strength!, Hybrids are possible if needed, but never gem for hit.)
    95 Hit <- Bare minimum if you’re lazy, but aim for 120+ you will enjoy the dps boost.(Yellow Attacks do not miss at 95.)
    31% Crit <- Fully raid buffed, zerk stance, etc. I think 26% is the marker unbuffed, add in kings and GoW, elixir of the mongoose is also a possibility.(This is needed to keep rampage up.)
    Spec 17/44/0.
    Also, do yourself a favor and build up a decent OT set, doesn’t have to be perfect, but somewhere along the lines of 10.5k+ hp(buffed of course) and 490 def. rating. Chances are you might do a lil’ Moroes mob or two. Won’t be that bad. ;D

  67. i heard that some people prefer a hunter to hit every time with a bit less AP than someone with good AP and misses loads. so crit maybe higher and AP a bit lower

  68. ok, since the stats arent up yet, i might as well list the stats for ret pallies that i see and heard from my friends as the pure minimum requirements

    1500 ap

    5k mana

    25%critical hit rate

    I dont exactly remember wat the hit rate needed is, so any1 who knows, plz tell me.

  69. lol 8% sham hit rating comes from Spec so shammys need Little or NO hit rating to cap for any instance. When LK comes out Natures Guidance is going so they will need some hit rating to cap.

  70. This list of numbers is what my guildies have been asking for.
    I have copied the list and numbers into a stickied forum post on my own site, ordered it a little, and put this site up as linkage.
    Also, i wrote that i have the numbers off this blog.

    Extremely helpfull list for people wanting to gear-up for kara, but have no clue on what to do. Thanks 🙂

    Sastiquanto, Guild Master in Shades Of Hell – Twisting Nether – EU

    1400 AP, 24% crit (29% crit with axe spec’), 70-120 Hit rating

    these stats seem acceptable on my server.

    Pittens (70)

  72. Is this where we sign up for the Kara?

    I’m in ATHF…….

    I’m BM with just over 1K attack power, 99 hit rating, and 21 crit…

    I just wanted to say if you need a DPS I can go…but not if I don’t get my BG bow before…Hopefully I will..cya tonight.

  73. That’s all nice that you listed the minimum requirements but if you add all those people up with those shitty stats they will never down anything inside of Kara I don’t care how good you are period.


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