Monday Midnight Musings (Patch 3.2 and Exploits)

It’s not often I do late night posts. They usually come out all funky and misunderstood or full of typos and other clerical errors. At the same time, the evening is when my mind is at it’s most active. This is going to be a fairly decent sized blog post about some big changes that have been announced.

Yogg Saron

Tonight we managed to kill Yogg-Saron on 25. It took us around 6 weeks (or about 12 hours total) to clock him out. Previous weeks involved the melee clicking and the ranged DPS still struggling or some melee players having portal difficulties and the ranged just killing tentacles one after the other. I’m proud to say that everything came together tonight. I believe that this was one of our most complete attempts and kills. I felt like a hockey GM in the week leading up to the trade deadline. Trying to add the pieces and classes that would help us cash in on a playoff run (Raid bosses are my playoff series). Syd did a beautiful job looking for diamonds in the rough. It took us two shots tonight. I’m extremely proud of the players in the raid tonight and grateful for the players who weren’t there but helped contribute to the learning process over the past few weeks.

Hard mode attempts begin this week. Leaning towards Flame Leviathan first. Just found out that it’s possible for a Demolisher to have a driver, a gunner, and a player loaded and ready to fire at the same time. This presents some intriguing possibilities.

One buys all

Universal armor tokens. I’m surprised this wasn’t reported earlier. My colleague Mike Sacco mentioned this during the day and it took me a few seconds to realize what it meant. You won’t have to fight specific bosses for specific tier tokens anymore. As in, there is no more head token, chest token, or shoulder token to cash in. You get one tier token of your armor set (Protector, Conqueror or Vanquisher) and then it can be used to buy whatever piece you like.

And I know someone’s going to come in here and say something about catering to the casuals. But hell, this caters to everybody. Loot council’s going to have a fun time assigning these tokens. Sacco presents some great arguments in his post that I will reiterate briefly here:

  • Upgrade sets at your own pace: Several players in Conquest have held out on tier pieces until they acquire a certain amount stating that they wouldn’t use them right away because their current items were better. This change allows players to specifically target which pieces benefit them the most.
  • No wasted tokens: Mix and match your 10 and 25 man tokens. You don’t have to feel empty for replacing your Valorous gloves with Conqueror gloves.
  • You’ll get your 4 piece… eventually: At the rate you’re organization is going, it really is going to be possible to get it.

Many of the Triumph and tier tokens are functioning as a partial gold sink. Not only do the tier 9 pieces require a Regalia token but you’re going to have to shell out some coinage to pick them up. They’re in the neighborhood of the 50 to 70 gold range. Doesn’t seem like the gloves have a monetary cost.

But, it’s the PTR and nothing’s ever finalized.

Priest tier 9 pieces

I wrote about that on You can find my thoughts on it (and a history of the names) on there. Wyn seems disappointed at the 4 piece bonus.

Triumph vendor items

Here’s a few screenshots for you to check out. I think images are worth a thousand words.

shoulders-triumph trinket-triumph

Pair it with the Intellect trinket from Mimiron (Pandora’s Plea) and you’re good to go.


Hit rating helm, I know. BoE though. If it wasn’t for the hit, it’d make a fairly juicy helm for Discipline Priests.


(Am I going to want that Libram on my Ret Pally if I have the one from Naxx that increases my Crusader strike damage or should I pursue other items with badges?)


I managed to replace both of my rings tonight. Packing both Radiant Seal and Lady Maye’s Sapphire Ring now. I wonder who Lady Maye is.

Exodus exploit thoughts

Ingenious. The method used to down the boss was absolutely brilliant! The idea calls for something like a Warlock and a Paladin entering the brain room. You’re relying on healing aggro to cause the outside mobs to evade bug. So the Warlock soulstones the Paladin, the Paladin DI’s the Warlock upon transition from phase 2 to phase 3. Paladin pops up, warlock clicks off DI, starts casting Life tap like crazy while the Paladin bomb heals him for an insane amount causing the outside mobs (the ones that are piling up) to immediately aggro on to the Paladin (who is untouchable as he is inside Yogg) and trivializing the encounter.

There’s some comparison to the method that Ensidia used to exploit for their Hodir hard mode kill. It involved kiting and tanking plant trash from Freya to Hodir. Mages would spell steal that buff and proceed to use it in the encounter. While it wasn’t exactly causing mobs to bug out, it’s still an unintended side effect. Of the two exploits, I have to admit that the Hodir one is a little more impressive.

These upcoming weeks are only going to get busier. Actually, the next few months are going to be flowing with news and features. If the faction change is something they announce in a blue post, it makes me wonder what else could possibly be announced at Blizzcon.

Heading to bed. It’s 2 AM.

12 thoughts on “Monday Midnight Musings (Patch 3.2 and Exploits)”

  1. There is a big difference between bugging adds and getting a few extra mobs that need to get tanked for buffs. Biggest thing is that hardmode Hodir was killed by several guilds when the timer was at 3 min, it got reduced to 2.5 and a bit later to 2 mins with hotfixes and as it was pretty much impossible to kill him in 2 mins they had to come up with something if they didn’t want to fall behind guilds who were able to kill Hodir pre-buffs and they did. They also said immediately how they managed it and why was it needed.

    Exodus on the other hand first claimed that “they had incredible luck and help from gods”, they didn’t admit to abusing bug until they got banned.

    I know that the predecessors of Ensidia have used some shady things before in the past but that doesn’t mean anyone else should hide the fact they are cheating just to claim world first kills.

    As for other changes in patch, I’m seeing only good things so far. If now dots would finally scale with haste properly I’d be a happy player 🙂

  2. I’m not used to comment things like this, but grats to YS.

    Actually there’s a bit selfish point in it (miracle). I’m quite curious what will happen to the guild now, as “shall we go for hard modes or easy loot” can cause large drama.

  3. > Ingenious


    Oh well, it’s not the first time when WoM staff condones the usage of exploits. Not saying that you’re all cheaters, but, c’mon guys, you should know better than that.

  4. Gratz on the kill !

    Just a little thing : try to make sure next week, you will have those who weren’t in the raid this week. It comes from a simple guildie who missed the first kill because there was not enough room in the main raid. I was really happy for the guild but a little disappointed after having wipe numerous hours on that ugly mollusc like everyone else. And guild chat is disabled during raid so no “gratz” or nothing on the green channel except the achievement spam…

    The next week, I was there, like many of those who missed the week before, and we killed him again ! That was great. Make sure to congratulate them too, like the one who did the first kill.
    .-= Nefernet´s last blog ..Summer festival funnies… =-.

  5. Hi Matt,

    Would you be able to share with me what mod do you use that tells you the stat changes that will occur if you replace an item.


    • @Okupa: In the screenshots with those stats?

      Here’s the beauty of it. Those shots were taken on the PTR. _Without_ any mods loaded or installed. Yeah, that’s right. Item stat differences are being rolled as a default feature within the game!

  6. @Matt

    Yeah, sorry I guess I should have been a bit clearer 😉

    Now i can say: bring in 3.2 asap. One less mod to worry about and less time spent in RAID distributing loot when half the peeps don’t know if it is an upgrade or not.

    I is very happy 😀

  7. As of right now on the PTR, the Libram of Valiance is incredibly good. Its proc rate is quite high with no internal CD, so it is effectively a constant 200 Strength buff. Expect nerfs before it goes to live, because as of right now it adds about 200-250 dps at high gear levels over the 3.1 BiS (Furious Glad). It’s awesome, but almost certainly not intended.


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