My First Date with Vashj

As with most of my past dates, it didn’t turn out so well =(.

It all started after we cleared out the keep. We slept through the Voidreaver job and took him down without breaking a sweat. Solarian took a bit more effort but she was down after the fourth try. People still weren’t realizing that they had received the explosion debuffs even with people screaming at them to move. Therefore, the third attempt we took a page from operant conditioning and punished people with DKP removal if they didn’t move. It generated immediate results. She went down thereafter.

There were another three hours to kill in the sunday evening. Instead of going after Mag, we took a jaunt towards SSC and gave the Lady herself a few tries. The DPS’ing down to 70% was not a problem. Phase 2 is a whole new story. She put up this shield around her which can only be removed when an item called a Tainted Core is placed in one of four shield generators. But all four generators need to be deactivated before her shield goes down. Tainted Cores drop randomly from spawning Tainted Elementals (Theres a Tainted and an Enchanted Elemental). Not only that, when you pick up a Core, you cannot run with it. It’s a giant game of European Handball which involves players passing from one another until it reaches a person within range of a shield generator who can then deactivate it.

Now how’s that for a PvP sport?

Unfortunately I had to leave part way through the encounter. I had family over for dinner and I could no longer stretch the playing limit.

Anyways, keep an eye here during the next few days…

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