New Priest Glyphs implemented: Val’kyr, Lightspring, Levitate, and Confession

Morning everyone. New beta build finally made the new glyphs purchasable from Flaskataur, Esquire. Here’s some screenies for you to enjoy.

The title picture above shows the Glyph of the Val’kyr. It’s that minor one that changes the appearance of Spirit of Redemption. I know some of you think it’s bad form to encourage people to die to get a new aesthetic perspective.

But seriously, it’s a minor glyph. Get over it. It’s not going to affect any self-respecting Priest’s performance. Anyone that wants to die repeatedly and enjoy their new death form can just jump off cliffs if they want to see it in action. There’s other things to pick apart.

Like Power Word: Shield getting buffed to 187% of spell coefficient (Buff from 87%).


That’s the new Levitate glyph (Click through it for full size). It leaves the trail of clouds on your character as you float around.


Here’s the Confession glyph. You can’t see it, but it shows up in the chat window. Every 30 minutes, you can cast Confession (new spell) and the character confesses… something. In my case, I forgot the Sunwell.


And lastly, here’s the Lightspring glyph in action. Can’t interact with the Lightwell directly. Ticks of around 10000+.

You know, I can’t confirm this right now, but it seemed as if I was receiving multiple Lightwell charges automatically whenever I constantly remained below 50%.

4 thoughts on “New Priest Glyphs implemented: Val’kyr, Lightspring, Levitate, and Confession”

  1. I’d rather the assets wasted on aesthetics of improved death were put towards giving us a holy form aesthetic.  At least that would be something we could move around and enjoy.


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