You Screwed Up

You let the tank die.

You missed the interrupt.

You didn’t line up your cooldowns properly.

You died to the fire.

You dispelled the frost bomb in the wrong place.

You got hit by the ball.

You hit a healing cooldown on a purple ooze.

You faced the boss and it cleared the whole raid.

You didn’t hit the Heroic Will button.

You want to quit the raid in shame and disgust at yourself for failing so hard.

No way. No how. Not a chance.

You learned something that cost the guild bank hundreds, possibly thousands of gold.

Make that gold count.

Look, I get it. You screwed up.

You can punish yourself, if you want to.

You can deposit money in the guild bank, if you’ll feel better.

You can apologize profusely to the raid, if you think it will help.

Everyone deals with personal failure in their own way.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you learn from it.

5 thoughts on “You Screwed Up”

  1.  @captivehearts 
    Not at all.  That’s what I immediately started doing.  Doesn’t help for me that I recently really screwed up

  2. As long as something was learned, in the end it really does not matter the screw up, real life or in game. I’ve learned that 99% of the time, the person that did screw up, knows it as soon as it happened, as a raid lead I don’t need to bash them about it, they know it, they admit it and as long as they learn, or ask for help so that they can learn, all is good. In the end we all grow and maybe others will learn from it with out having to go thru the same mess up.

  3. I shared this with my whole raid team.  Lately we’ve been having some transitions and having to re-work to the level of progression that we’ve had in the past.  I hope this will serve as an inspiration to my BS Crew. 🙂


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