Obsidian Sanctum with Drakes Up

Tonight Conquest is going to take a shot at Heroic Sartharion with one drake up. For those that have done it, I have a few questions to ask:

  • Which drake did you leave up and why?
  • Did Death Knights D&D (due to the visual similarity between that and void zones)?
  • How did you set up portal groups?
  • How many healers were sent down low into the portal?
  • Did Firewalls affect those in the portal?
  • Any other last minute tips or insight that you can offer?

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  1. 1.) First time we did it with a drake up, we left Tenebron up ( the one that summons whelps). With him up, we didn’t have to deal with portals at all since we let him hatch the eggs, and AoE’d the whelps.

    2.) At first, melee were having trouble with the D&D and the void zones, but after a few attempts, you could tell the differences pretty easy. It is still tough though on players with lower spec computers.

    3.) No portal group needed with Tenebron

    4.) ” ”

    5.) Yes it CAN affect players in the portal, but only if they happen to be leaving the portal right as a Firewall comes by (which happened a lot for us). You will NEED someone on the outside still calling out Firewalls so the players in the portal knows where to stand when they come out. But again, if you are doing it with Tenebron up, you won’t have to deal with portals. Also in an upcoming patch, they’re making it so players in the portal are immune to Fire and Shadow damage for like 3 secs or so after they leave the portal.

    6.) There’s something about tanks being able to back up into the lava to avoid Firewall damage. You may want to check that out.

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  2. Leave Tenebron up and just DPS him down while an off tank picks up whelps and blazes. Clean up whelps once the add-dragon is down. Dodging lava walls should not be an issue if you tank sarth against the far side (tank stands in the far right corner as you face sarth’s platform when you enter) and just side step to a gap in the lava wall.
    DK’s D&D animation is quite different than that of void zones. We had more trouble with hurricanes blocking field of view for melee than anything else. If you are having trouble with enraged elementals, remember: fan of Knives with Anesthetic Poison applied will remove the enrage effect from elementals. Rogues can have stand by weps with anasthetic poison and macro switch weapons when needed. The trick will be for healers to keep up with healing the MT when moving for lava waves since the tank will take very spikey damage. Good luck 😀

  3. Tuna & Shadow pretty much describe what we did. Tenebron up, OT whelps and blazes while nuking Tenebron, no one in portal. We tried most of the raid into portal to start on whelps, it took too much time and coming out of the portal with a wall of fire up was deadly. We refined things to the above tactics, worked on getting the raid to one of two positions to not stand in fire and the kill was relatively easy.

  4. Definitely the biggest mistake we made the first time we did it was going in the portals. Do not go in them. Tenebron seems like the ugliest one to go after, but he actually isn’t since you’ll already be using an offtank to pick up Fire adds so it’s natural to have them pick up whelps too. Since, it’s the 25-man version, don’t be afraid to use 2 tanks for adds as an enrage fire add can start wrecking house pretty fast.

    Ultimately, just don’t stand in red circles of death and you’ll be fine.

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  5. For the second Drake, the one on the right I think. It is the one that goes Immune and you have to kill the guy in the portal in order to be able to damage the drake again.

    Only one healer needed in the portal. One tank and all dps (EXCEPT your fire elemental tank and some ranged for the maintaining hold on elementals).

    We did it with 2 drakes up last week. It’s important to note that there is a DELAY of time (I think a minute or so) between when the first drake lands and the second one arrives. Your dps should bring enough pain to kill the first drake while the second is flying in.

    I hope this helps.Good Luck. =)

  6. Oh yea also:

    We timed our kill of the guy in the portal to coincide just after flame wave was done. You will NOT have to do this after the next patch because of “Twilight Residue” which makes you immune to the fire damage for a short time after you emerge from the portal.

    No firewalls in the portals.

    We turned down spell effects and lowered gamma in order to see difference in the DKs Death and Decay and the fissures.

  7. We decided that learning with 1 or 2 would not really help with 3 (as the 3rd changes the whole fight) so we just did it with 3 right off the bat. Took 2 nights, but we got it. Some pointers:

    1: Have everyone turn spell details down to the lowest settings. This makes it so the red circles of the void zones are the only thing on the ground and will greatly assist your raid in avoiding them.

    2: Set your raid so that the raid only hast to move on one flame wall side. We set it so if it came from the right (when viewing form the entrance portal) the raid could mostly stand still, and would only have move for the left wall.

    3: Don’t go into portals, at least not until a minimum of 1 drake is down. And when you do, make sure to let the portal people know when it is safe to exit.

    4: When the 3rd drake enters, have the tank kite the other two to the 3rd one. The drakes do not pull well at first, so it is much safer to take the 2 already engaged in melee to the 3rd.

    5: When the 3rd drake enters chain GS on the MT if you can. We had a bear MT Sartharion. When the 3rd drake enters, he can breath for 40K+ so we used a rotation of bear wall and GS to avoid rng wipes.

    Thats what I can remember off the top of me head. Obviously which tips apply depends on which ones you keep alive. Though, I do think that it was fine just to learn all 3 at once. The fight changes a lot depending on your drake combo, but it is super fun. Exciting to the very end.

    Good luck!


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