Prayers Were Answered


We prayed long and we prayed hard. Even though it took 9 attempts, I had a feeling the big loot god in the sky smiled upon us (after deciding to slap us around a bit). But then he pulled the rug out from right under us. What a cruel joke. Like honestly. First he picks the same guy like three times in a row. This is a guy who has NEVER seen the fight before and JUST got briefed on it 5 minutes after we got there. Not only that, after kill him we only get one real piece of loot.

Sure enough:

Totem of Ancestral Guidance
Shadowmoon Destroyer’s Drape


I look forward to seeing the Twisted Blades of Zarak drop next week.

I’d also like to point out that I did 2860 DPS on that encounter and was 2nd on damage meters. 150 APM (actions per minute) helps a lot. I will definitely have to make a video for this stage. This is like the only encounter in the entire game where I get to DO something aside from healing! *squeal*

11 thoughts on “Prayers Were Answered”

  1. Grats, It is all about if that 1st guy is that guy! we still have people who havent been ghosted even once. Oh and a 100% drop rate on Soul Cleaver for us.

  2. I’m curious, you said you used bongos2 to manage your action bars in your UI post. How do you bind your ghost skills? Did you change your pet keys to something different or did you make macros for the skills and just page to that action bar when you’re about to die?

  3. Ngita: Yeah, that looks like a pretty mean axe.

    Pellegri: Instead of using Ctrl, I remapped it to Shift (Shift 1, Shift 3, Shift, 4, Shift 5) to the appropriate actions on my pet keys.

  4. Just an fyi matt, I personally said 10 Our Father’s before the raid so i’d like to give credit where credit is due *points at god*

  5. Gratz!! We first killed him yesterday too 🙂 I use bongos to manage the ghost action bars binding some macros to 1, 2 and a mouse button.

  6. Grats on the kill mate.

    In reality, noone should be worrying so much about binding the spells … it’s easy enough to click them. If you’re not getting it right it certainly isn’t because you aren’t casting spells fast enough.

    I find it very easy to click the mobs, and click the spells as my pet bar appears close to the middle of my screen.

    There’s definetely enough time with GCD to target each mob and cast your spells. It’s about keeping them slowed and trying to get their aggro on you.

    Unfortunate about the poor loot mate, on a side note, we downed Mother Shahraz last night, 3 attempts on our second night of attempts, seems to be some kind of a trend for us hehe

  7. Grats on kill!

    Being the ghost is fun, but its one of those fights where one person can wipe the raid.

    Everytime I do this fight, I always hope that I’m not the first person to get the ghost.


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