Priest Tier 8 Previews

I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but the crew at MMO-Champion’s just released screenshots of a bunch of tier 8 gear.



No wings this time. But we do look more Rogue like. They have Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Rogue and Warlock Tier 8 previews.

The Hunter set looks incredibly bad ass. Some of the Ulduar weapon previews are out as well. The 1H is almost as large as the 2H. Check out the rifles at the bottom. Talk about packing serious heat. No caster weapons as of yet, however.

What do you think about the Priest Tier 8 look?

16 thoughts on “Priest Tier 8 Previews”

  1. Priests look like Ninjas… makes me want to get to leveling my alt!

    Needs more Warrior, and also – I’m gonna enjoy dual wielding that 2 hander.

  2. Mattycus thanks for the preview notification through Twitter, I’d have never come across it otherwise. Makes me wish I had more raiding time again! I like the look!

  3. As always the hunters look good no matter what, but the crossbows are creepy. I like the aesthetic of the new swords and guns. Can’ t wait until they release screenshots of the other classes.

  4. Well the looks isn’t exactly news, is it? We saw these back in May already when it was datamined from the alpha. But back then we had no idea what set it was supposed to be. Speculation was that it could be the upcoming tier 7 but now we know it’s the set from the Ulduar raid. Personally I don’t like the looks that much. It’s kind of ok but the head with roguemask and ugly yellow eyes is awful. But on the other hand I really appreciate the warlock set that everyone seem to hate so I’m probably alone on that opinion.

    Anyway, Here’s a link to the video that was made back then from the datamined files. The hunter shoulders didn’t have any textures yet at that point so they look a bit bugged.

  5. Blakkeyes, Bacclor: No, they’re not “new” news. But there are still a lot of players who have yet to see them (as evidenced by several of the comments above). MMO Champion placed them up and I figured I’d just refresh it and point it out to the ones that haven’t seen it.

  6. Oh crikey, I just realized we get icky yellow eyes. Man…. 🙁

    *hides helm*

    I will just upgrade my helm last. I love my halo right now. I think we should, as priests, have a default halo graphic that we can show. Or a “show halo” option instead of showing the helm graphic. /sad

  7. I am ok with the darker look. Priests really shouldn’t have the holier-than-thou look because we represent many different beliefs (Pallies should). Shadow priests with halos make little sense. Same goes for a priest preaching strict adherence to an absolute life (disc). So I think its nice to see a set that reflects a side really only hinted at before (with T6). As a holy priest, I will be happy to be a bit more menacing.

    No T6 but not too bad.

  8. My Priest is a male Troll, this set looks awesome, but I’m scared my toon is gonna look ridiculous in it. It’ll be T5 all over again. Woe and alas.


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