Question: Deciding Upon Disagreements

Have you ever been dragged into a discussion between two players? You’re being asked for your opinion or to side with someone, but you just can’t really bring it in you to actually care about it.

Other than flipping a coin, how would you decide and resolve a disagreement when you just don’t give a damn?

“Seriously? You’re asking me to decide which one’s better and could take on the other? Star Trek or Star Wars?”

4 thoughts on “Question: Deciding Upon Disagreements”

  1. Well, you could put aside your emotion response and try to give a rational answer.  And if the question is so meaningless as deciding whether Star Trek or Star Wars is “better” you could simply demand that the parties involved define their terms.  And if it comes down to whether an Imperial Cruiser could take the Enterprise the answer is simple:  “If the writers want it that way, then that’s how it’s gonna be.”

  2. Whenever I have to mediate a situation, I try to make sure both parties feel some validation for where they are coming from (even if I utterly disagree), and then try to frame the conflict as a problem the parties need to work together on. Problems come and go; the people and their feelings though are there for the long haul.


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